Essay Case Converter Free Tool To Help You Write Fast

Do you want to stop ever pressing a Caps Lock button to change from upper to lower case? Now you can use our essay online case converter to convert any text to either capitalized Case, lowercase, proper case or sentence case.

Online Case Converter Free Tool for Your Daily Tasks

The case converter by EssayMojo is utilized by millions of individual worldwide. If you are a student or doing any writing service, we can offer you this new and reliable instrument. Thus, you can include it in your customized tools list.

How Our Essay Case Converter Instrument Operates

If you have written a large piece of essay an accidentally included uppercase or lowercase words, you can copy and paste it into the working space and make all necessary corrections with just one click. You can utilize this handy tool provided by EssayMojo if you have a task that need to be formatted. For instance, if you need your text to be capitalized just put the required part on our platform and it will be changed based on the requirements in your work.

Furthermore, this text converter does not require you to have special skills or knowledge. You just have to copy and paste your text into the empty window for instant transformation. You can choose one of the four simple options found under the window.

Do You Need to Convert Lower Case to Upper Case?

There is a phrase “Type or Paste Your Text Here” that you may use to check all available functions that our essay case converter offers without even pasting your work. Feel free to use this case converter!

The following functions can assist you to change the case of your text:

Upper Case – this function will enable you to change the pasted texts so that they can be displayed primarily in capital letters. There are some types writing work that need the case to be converted, so if you have derived the information on the internet, they will be no need to rewrite.

Lower Case – it allows you to change all words in small letters. Please not that punctuation marks are ignored by the case converter.

Proper – it can change your text to capital letters.

Sentence Case– changes all letters to capital at start of every sentence.

Why You Should Opt For Our Essay Case Converter Tool

  • It is offered freely and it is easy to use. Users do not have to register and pay for the service.
  • It provides help in the shortest time possible. Our platform has been designed to offer fast service, even if the information is large.
  • It will prevent common mistakes and save time. You will not need to correct your essay manually because you just need to pass your work through our filter and the correction will be done automatically.

After you complete your work, create a new document and insert the corrected work there. The essay case converter allows you to work with any amount of text without restrictions. Furthermore, you can adjust your working area by clicking on the lower right corner of the window and dragging it in your desired location until the size is satisfactory for you. Please bookmark this excellent tool so that you can use it any time, and don’t forget to share it with your friends so that they can enjoys its convenient service.