Theories Explaining The Disappearance of Dinosaurs Essay


One of the most compelling theories explaining the disappearance of dinosaurs is that an asteroid or comet slammed into Earth and wiped out nearly all life. This theory, called a bolide impact event, was proposed by Walter Alvarez who found a layer of iridium in the sedimentary rock around the world which coincided with the time when many dinosaur species disappeared. However, other scientists have pointed out that this theory doesn’t explain why some smaller animals also went extinct at this same time period.

Polarized opinions exist to explain the view of what caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Over the years, controversies have not arrived on any affirmations because of puzzling information that points out contrasting directions. Fortunately, discussions on the same have not halted the study on the extinction of dinosaurs.  The views are wide and varied, though the common consensus is that dinosaurs were once successful animals about 160 million years ago. Yet, they ultimately died out, actually marking the most significant debate in evolution.

It is not easy to comprehend the same, or even to imagine since dinosaurs, like is exhibited on the media, are probably gigantic, how could they disappear? Of the many questions related to dinosaurs, their disappearance remains a mystery. The mystery is heightened when you realize that dinosaurs were widely distributed and firmly adapted to their environment. Thus, the demise of dinosaurs is generally hard to comprehend.  I guess that is why so many theories have been spawned up to help perhaps delve into the mystery. Most of the leveled puzzles on the extinction of dinosaurs have generated multiple views, some plausible and some outrightly entertaining.

For many years paleontologists held that geological and climate changes caused dinosaur’s extinction; these theories speculate that dinosaurs died from overheat and another postulate that they died from the cold. The other hypothesis is that dinosaurs could have starved to death because of nutritional problems. It is speculated that the plants evolved to be poisonous, thus killing the dinosaurs. An existing variant on the contaminated theory is that poisonous insects evolved to sting the dinosaurs to death.

At the same time, others purport that the water becomes poisonous. Another imaginative twist is that moths and butterflies evolved to strip off the leaves, thus demising the herbivore dinosaurs.  Others theorized that the herbivores evolved to be carnivores yet others postulate that carnivores annihilated the herbivorous dinosaurs.  Geophysical and astronomical changes have also been leveled up. For instance, it is purported that a difference in the earth’s gravity or a change in the earth’s magnetic field caused sudden radiation. Another ingenious hypothesis claimed that volcanism in large quantities’ and radioactive elements spewed up to kill the dinosaurs of radiation. Finally, various theories suggest that the earth’s atmospheric pressure changed to kill the dinosaurs, such as decreased oxygen and carbon dioxide due to planktons and changes in plants ecology.

There are countless theories, but the ideas that gained acceptance are the meteor and volcanic views. The meteor theory advances that a giant meteor strike the earth, injecting so much debris and dust blocking sunlight that consequentially altered the earth’s climate to cause an equivalent of the nuclear winter. In retrospect, like a domino effect plants, the dinosaurs that ate plants could all have died, so the predatory animals ate the herbivore dinosaurs. It is believed that this happened relatively fast to thwart the evolution mechanism of adaption. Another theory proposed by a team of scientists in Sandia National Laboratories purports that an asteroid impact could have caused massive volcanic eruptions that may have killed many plants and animals


Unfortunately, paleontology doesn’t appear to have conclusive research on the cause of dinosaur extinction. For instance, while the theories explain why dinosaurs died, they don’t attempt to explain why some inhabitants like crocodiles, birds, and marine species survived through such harsh conditions. However, one thing is clear; polarized opinions on the extinction of dinosaurs are set to continue since research in this field is progressive. As a result, we may never know what happened to dinosaurs since ingenious twists in theories explaining the demise of dinosaurs continues to be proposed and argued.

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