Reading Response example Essay: You Are Triggering Me!

“You Are Triggering Me! The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma,”

Jack, in his article “You Are Triggering Me! The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma” talks about memory triggers and the feelings attached. After reading this article, I get the impression that what he advocates for is not idealistic and applicable in the real world. I also think that his article is more of self-centered, maybe because he has not come face to face with the issues he is talking about. The claim of getting offended by the word ‘tranny’ instead of focusing on more real issues such as discrimination attributed to gender and sexual relations shows just how rhetoric the whole article is.

The article lacks emphasis on the feeling of the individuals who have been through the worst. The author assumes that it is easy to create quick remedies to victims of social injustices. Suggesting that a rape victim of a man on wheelchairs can walk head held high is a far away from practicability.

I however support the suggestion that modern justice groups and movements should work together instead of pointing fingers to each other. This is true as having one accord will make these groups more audible and may characterize changes in the system in terms of social norms and laws. However, the LGBT class is often characterized by intolerable amounts of hostility and violence. Most of the members of this group of persons are often denied their basic rights.[

The writer tries to create the illusion of the world as a safe space. He thinks that the world will create such a place where individuals will be able to lower their defenses and forgets that change is very uncertain.

Triggering Me, Triggering You: Making Up Is Hard To Do

This post is derived as a reply and follows up from the first post. The author tries unsuccessfully to apologize for the mistakes made from the first post. The language used by the author still does not consider the feelings of the oppressed. The author continues to use sarcasm and absolutely dismisses the rights of those groups of people that have been subject to social injustices based on their person.[

What Causes Campus Censorship and How to combat it

For the first paragraph, I beg to agree with the authors’ view of the current state of censorship in campus and how certain ideologies are not supported amongst those in the leadership. This is a caution measure against growth and development of the same. The freedom of freethinking and expression on matters very critical to leadership and the society has not been very free in these places .campus censorship has been quite retrogressive on issues of women, children and the gay minority groups of the modern society.

However, the emergence of technology that has initiated the wide use of social networks has brought a platform where people with similar ideologies meet and exchange their thought without much censorship interference. Censorship and discrimination has been gradually peeling off for the last few years as there are fears that the oppressed can be listened unlike it was in the begging of the last century.

Emergence of rights groups in the 1980s where the rights of the women and gay people was thought to bring an end to the domination of speech but hate speech was categorized broadly. Free speech was characterized as a language of oppression and therefore censorship was paramount. Unethical measures have been used for years to deal with rebellious students in campuses. Liberty and free speech had to be traded with the ultimate prize of academic excellence.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack

In this article, the author discusses the influence of white privilege that has been dominating and corrupting the societal system. I would refer to white privilege as a creation of mind that occurs unconsciously in the way of thinking. For ages, there has existed the feeling amongst the majority groups that they are much superior that others in the society. The feeling of entitlement to more rights, especially among the white does not take into account how the system drains off the rights and privileges of others. Despite the human development, the urge of association and attachment to one’s own kind has been developing.[

Fighting for the rights of the minority groups has been challenged as seeking equity requires balance. To acquire a balance, it implies that some of the rights possessed by the male gender, that has been predominant, need to be sacrificed or fore gone in favor to those of the women and other minority groups; this is practically impossible.

Ignoring the presence of such forces in the society does not however help solving then, acknowledgement, though bitter may be a better approach. The key to fighting this vice is underlined by our education system which has literally given a blind eye to the needle poking the society. Acknowledging the presence of the menace amongst us may serve as an amicable remedy to what is ailing the society.