Management Essay on Management Principles

Management Principles

A manager is a person given the responsibility of being in charge of a certain task. This entails leading all other employees in achieving the said tasks. Some managers are quite good while others not so. This all trickles down to their management skills and attributes.

Management Skills and Attributes

Among the attributes of a bad manager are being resistant to change, arrogance, intimidating, taking credit for the good and passing blame for bad and being uncaring to the welfare of those under him.

Among the most horrible experiences I have had is one not being given sick leave by the manager for no apparent reason. At the time, I was suffering from flu and my temperature was a bit high, and the doctor recommended I have a day’s rest as I recover. On passing this information to my manager, he refused to grant me a sick day off and threatened to take further disciplinary action if I took a day off. The manager was unaccommodating and refused to take ideas from his juniors since he saw us as inferior to him.

On the contrary, a good manager should listen to views from the people he supervises and act on them. Furthermore, he or she should show care and compassion for the welfare of his or her employees and treats them as friends. Moreover, he is able to lead and take credit for not only the good but also the bad. It is therefore clear that a good boss is caring, assertive and accommodating while a bad manager is hostile, arrogant and uncaring.

Ways In which Employees May be Rewarded

Apart from monetary compensation, there are other ways in which employees may be rewarded. Using Maslow’s hierarchy of wants, the employees’ higher orders needs can be fulfilled; these are self-esteem needs and self-actualization.

First and foremost, it is important that managers recognize the role that employees play in ensuring the success of the organization. Through this, the employees would feel like they are part of the success and feel that their efforts are being valued by the organization. This can be done by recognizing the small things to the larger things like the most hardworking employee within a department or an organization. The most hardworking employees should be given some rewards for their efforts. Merit should be the only parameter in determining the most hardworking employee. Through this, other employees will be motivated to work hard.

Values That Every Manager Should Observe

The six important values in order are freedom, happiness, family security, true friendship, inner harmony and self-respect. On the contrary, the six least values in order are a world of beauty, salvation, national security, mature love, social recognition and an exciting life. I think that my selection of values shows that I do value true friendship and am not so into being recognized. It shows that I do value life and aim to always be happy thus avoiding confrontations of any kind.

Due to such values I feel I would be a successful lawyer in that for one I value freedom and would fight for the freedoms of the oppressed. In addition, I do value self-respect and harmony and through law I could help build a society that is harmonious. However, the fact that I am hardly emotional may affect my love life especially in the future when I will be married. I will therefore aim to build relationships and value love to prevent problems in future.

Through my choices of valuing friendship and respect, I believe I would get along well with my fellow workmates. Moreover, not valuing social recognition will aid in rising through the ranks behind the scenes and maintaining a low profile which would keep my private life also under wraps.