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how to write whom am i essay

How to write who am I Essay:

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The first thing that you want to know about personal essays you said’s it’s personal. It’s about you. So you don’t want to write a short story. You want to write a story about yourself, still keeping it very personal. So the tone is unique that is very important. You have to keep that in mind. The entire time you’re writing, so many students have a problem knowing the difference between a short story and a personal essay. So if you are by writing a personal essay like you 17 18 years old, you are writing about yourself. So many people find it hard, like what is it about my life that can be personal. But engaging the thing is we don’t want it to be as attractive as a short story. That’s why you’re choosing to write a personal essay. Because we want to know who you are, about your life, about what you’ve.

How to write an essay about who am I? 

An essay about myself it’s probably one of the most popular kinds of college and scholarship application essays, and that’s for a good reason.  Because it allows the examiner to grade your writing skills while also getting a bit of insight into who you are. However, while we all know who we’re, not everyone knows how to transfer that information into paper, ordering things into a decent academic essay.  In this article, you’ll get the help you need.

Breakdown the topic in questions:

When it proceeds to write an essay, the first thing you want to do is break down the topic into more minor questions. These smaller questions would make it easier for you to think and do research. And would also make it easier for you to get enough information to write an academic essay of a decent length. For an essay about yourself, some of the more minor questions you should ask yourself. The questions include:

  • What’s your background? What experiences in your life? Would you say define you?
  • What are your preferences, and where do you perceive them?
  • Are you a spiritual person? Why or why not?

If you fully flesh out these answers, you’ll start to see your essay come together.

The basic structure of an essay:

Before you begin to write, you want to have a structure.

A standard essay should have the following things

  • An introduction
  • A body
  • A conclusion

Words division in the Essay:

Suppose you’ve to give a maximum number of words. You want to decide how many of those words will cover in the body of your essay. And how many words will be left for the introduction and conclusion?

Think about solving the questions:

You also want to decide:

  • How the answers to those questions you thought about will fit into the body of your essay?
  • Will they each have their paragraphs, or will some be subsumed under one section?

Deciding all these before you get into writing your essay will make the actual writing process a lot easier.

Think about your audience:

One other thing you want to do is find out about your audience. If you’re writing for college, meet with people who have gone through this class and this lecture. And try to find out what the lecturer likes to see in personal assets. And what elements would get you marked down? Paying attention to those things would help you tailor your Essay to that particular lecturer while still staying true to yourself.

Alternatively, if you’re applying for a scholarship, do some research on the scholarship provider? Find out what they stand for. If there is any particular product or service that they provide, If possible, you could plug this into your Essay, of course, while staying true to yourself.


Finally, please proofread your Essay. Never submit any essay without having read through it first. While some of us proofread do it right after writing, that is usually not the best idea. You just wrote, and you might be too tired to pick out the mistakes, or your head may too occupy with the things you just wrote that you end up reading what you intended to write instead of what you wrote. So what you want to do is wait an hour before proofreading your work. Or you can have someone do it for you. That said, when you proofread, be careful that you are not only looking out for typos and grammatical errors. You’re also looking to ensure that your sentence structures are correct, that your paragraphs are appropriately structured, and that your asset generally flows. Do you see why you need to take a break before doing this? It’s some serious work, and that’s it. After that, you’re good to write a killer essay about yourself.

Ten ideas for who am I Essay:


1.      Be Honest:

Use your personal accurate and genuine information because the college or school staff will not accept your false statement. So don’t use your fantasy. Instead, just use that truthful information about your name, age, father name, mother name, Father Occupation, or any other information about your life.

2.      Share interesting story:

Suppose you want to discuss your experience in any field. Tell them a story of your life that can motivate the readers. That story should be exciting and relevant. Don’t use the boring and irrelevant story of your life. First, select the topic for which you want to discuss the story. Then share your exciting story.

3.      Write about your passion:

Suppose you have any passion in your life. Or, if you are successful in achieving your passion, you should share it with readers. If you need to write an essay on yourself, you should discuss your passion. If you fail to achieve your passion, you should consult the reasons for failure. And it would be best if you examined the things you learn from failure. If you are a school or college student and have a passion, you should discuss it. It can engage your reader and motivate them. In this way, you can give them a lesson for their life.

4.      Share your creativity:

If you are a creative person and there is a story of your creativity, you should discuss it with your essay’s audience. Every person has some qualities. Some person has the capability for creativity. So in the past, if you create something or win any competition of creativity, you should discuss it with the audience. By your creative experience, readers will motivate or impress. It can impress your examiner or teacher. He may give you some extra marks.

5.      Tell them more:

In this, you should explain yourself more. A just human being is not the exact definition you want to present much about yourself. Write about your hobbies, your thought or about your life. First, select the goal or questions you want to explain in the Essay, then write about yourself according to that question or topic. Finally, you can discuss some issues and your solution to that issues.

6.      Use makeup:

Use metaphorical makeup in the who am I Essay. You should hide or smooth your weakness and highlight your strengths. It can make your writing more effective and readable. It’s like a professional makeup artist makeup that your inner beauty also emphasizes.

7.      Avoid boasting:

Would you please avoid too much fantasy? It would be best if you described yourself as exactly you are. Not use a lot of your thinking fantasy or boasting. It can give a wrong impression to the reader. Tell them only the truth. Truth is always mind-catching. You can impress your reader by telling the truth about your life. You can write about your success or win history but avoid boasting. Don’t use arrogant language because that can affect your reader negatively. From your pompous language, he will lose interest in your Essay.

8.      Show perspective:

In who am I? Essay, you should write about your thoughts or feelings. Avoid adding someone else thought or quotes. Because who am I? The Essay is totally about you. This Essay requires knowledge about your life and personal history, so don’t use other quotes or someone else’s life experience. Instead, show your life thought experience or different perspectives.

9.      Think about impression:

Being honest and talk honestly about yourself in who I am essay is a good habit. But it would be best if you also took care of your impression in the Essay. If you discuss your failure, explain how this failure impacts your life in making a good person. Share the lesson which you got from your loss. It can be a good impression of you as a reader. And the reader will impress and motivate by your failure and get lessons from this.

10. Demonstrate your potential:

Your examiner will always be interested in your thoughts and aims. It would be best if you wrote down your dreams for your life. You should explain which goal you want to achieve in your life. And also, explain your efforts for your destination. In this way, your reader will take an interest in your Essay. Who am I? The essay requires complete detail about you.

Five best topics for the Who am I Essay:

1.      About fixing mistakes:

If you want to write an essay about who I am, you can discuss your life mistakes. You can focus on your life’s errors. You can also tell the reader about the lessons you get from that mistakes. It is the best topic for writing who am I Essay. From this concept, you can write a lot of things. You can write about your mistakes and their solutions in life.

2.      About achievements:

Suppose you want to write a perfect essay about who am i. Then you can write about your achievements in life. If you have any achievements in your life, you can discuss them. Discuss unique achievements. Avoid everyday achievements like GPA etc. This topic can become an excellent topic for who I am. Essay.

3.      About leadership experience:

Suppose you have the quality of leadership. Or you have any experience of partnership then you can write about it. Your examiner will impress you with your leadership experience. It is an excellent topic to explain in the who am I Essay.

4.      Dramatic Change:

If there is an essay, start with “My life-changing twist” that can create interest for your readers. Readers will want to know about your turning points that your turning point can change another life. So it’s also the best topic to write an essay about who am i.

5.      Questioned belief:

You can write about questioned beliefs. There is a lot of doubts in the world. According to your life experience, these doubts can be clear. You can discuss these doubts in your Essay.


With the planning done, you can go ahead and write your Essay. Remember that you’re writing about yourself. And there are nuances to you. There is the good and the bad and probably the ugly while you don’t need to spew all your dirty secrets. Writing only about your strengths and why people love you will make you come off as obnoxious.

So go ahead and write about the weakness you are willing to share. However, you do not want to go in the exact opposite direction and write a self-deprecating essay. You’ve done some good things in your life. There is nothing wrong with praising yourself a little to make your Essay much better using personal examples. However, you don’t want your writing to end up looking like a fact sheet about you.

Infusing personal standards would make your Essay read better. For example, instead of just saying I hate bananas and end in it, consider adding a story probably about what caused your hatred of bananas or the time you decided to give bananas a chance, and they failed miserably.

However, do not get carried away with personal examples. Use them here and there, but they shouldn’t form the bulk of your Essay. In addition to that, please write about yourself in the first person singular. You are writing about yourself in a formal paper. There is no other proper person to write in one of the things.

We love a personal essay because it is one of the few kinds of academic papers that allow you to show character. So take advantage of this. You are a person. Go on and tell some jokes if that’s your thing or infuse. Your pet into the story here and there or make some spiritual references. If that’s who you are, this will help your Essay stand out instead of blending into the sea of hundreds of other unique articles.

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