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How To Write a Five Page Paper Fast

How To Write a Five Page Paper Fast?


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Are you looking for tips on how to write a five page paper fast? You’re in the right place. I’ve got a fail-proof method. Maybe you’re thinking, well I need a research paper tomorrow like it’s due tomorrow.

I’ll give you a few tips for that. But I highly recommend not waiting until the last second. Save yourself a ton of stress and get a better grade just by starting five days earlier. I will break this down into five sections corresponding to the five days. You’ll need a couple of things to get started first. It would easy if you had a computer. You’ll also need a pdf reader that allows you to save highlights. And a citation manager, you can get by without the last two, but they make your life so much easier. The length of the paper and the number of sources you need don’t matter for this method. It works whether you have a 20-page paper or a five-page paper.


Five Sections for writing a five-page paper fast
Review and Read
Read and take Notes
Organize Research
Time to write
 Tips for writing the content of the paper in a short time

  1. Do a rough outline
  2. Introduction
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion
  5. Structure
  6. Strong introduction and thesis statement
  7. Three main points as your intro citizens


Five Sections for writing a five-page paper fast

Review and Read

Let’s get started on day one. Before you do anything else, review the assignment instructions for your paper. Understand what you’re supposed to write. Around most of the time, you get a topic, a problem, or a question. If you can, try and think of a rough sketch in your mind of how you could see the paper going just from your assignment.

Usually, I can plot a thesis and three supporting points from the assignment itself. So the assignment for the pretend paper is going to be this. The extensive use of social media has caused controversy for its supposed adverse side effects. Yet, some believe its benefits outweigh the potential pitfalls. What has been the actual effect of social media on society?

Be sure to discuss its impacts on adolescent economic activity and politics for this assignment. Our thesis could be social media has positively impacted society. And our supporting points could be how social media has positively impacted adolescent’s economic activity and politics. That’s all from the assignment itself, and I’m just making this up as I go to give you an example after you’ve done that review your coursework if your paper is based on some required reading.

Do it today, day one. It might mean several hundred pages of reading. The trick here is to skim before you start the reading, refer back to the assignment for the paper, only spend time reading what relates to the assignment. If you can do the reading on a pdf, that would be ideal, but you’re going to go through your assigned reading. Make sure to highlight the essential parts you think would relate to your paper later.


In the second step for this assignment, I’m assuming you need to include outside sources or Research. It is all about finding it. The most straightforward process to do this is to go to your school’s online library or google scholar and start searching keywords. So if your paper is about how social media positively affects those who use it regularly.

You could use search terms like social media use effects positive side effects self-esteem economic growth. Those are just remarkable ideas off the top of my head. Another idea is to use the words from your thesis or search for the exact question from your assignment. Go crazy, but not too crazy. The point here is to collect relevant, high-quality sources. As you get back results, look through the titles when something looks relevant. Check out the summary or the abstract. Does it fit in with what about which you’re looking? So stop, don’t read anymore.

Grab it. Download it. And file it under one of the points for your paper. If you’re not sure where it fits yet, put it in a general section. A citation manager comes in handy, Zoster and other citation managers. Like it can grab the pdf from the website. Download it. Put it into a folder that you designate, all with a couple of clicks. It’s fantastic, and it saved so much time. It’s effortless. It would help if you used it. Do this until you have maybe 25 to 30 more sources than are required? If your paper calls for 10, get 13 or 14.

Read and take Notes

Step three is when you go through all the sources you found in step 2. Again don’t read everything. Read-only the relevant parts. Look for sections and articles and books you grabbed called results, summary, discussion. As you’re going through your pdfs and reading through all of the information you saved yesterday.

Be sure to highlight any of the information you think you could use in your paper. If you get an idea, also make sure you add a note that you can come back to later. If you get into an article and realize that it’s not relevant, get rid of it. That’s why you got some extras in the second step. Once you’ve gone through all the articles you saved, make sure you have enough sources, and you didn’t get rid of too many.

Organize Research

It is all about organizing all the Research you’ve read and highlighted. By now, you should have a good idea of what you want to say in your paper. Or at least some prominent points and your Research should be filed under those points. Now is when you extract all those highlights and comments you’ve added into your pdfs Zotero. Among other applications, you can pull out all the highlights and comments.  Do that now with all your Research if you’re using Zotero.

You’ll need a plugin called zot file. Once you’ve got all your Research imported, you need to organize that information. I like to use a program called Scrivener. But you can use anything that allows you to make digital note cards. So you take one highlight and put it on your notecard and Scrivener. Under the point that you’re trying to make. Once you transfer all of the highlights to Scrivener, then organize them in the order that you want to write them. Look at all the notes for a section. And see what goes together and what information agrees with and disagrees.

Time to write

Suppose you followed all the other steps. It can be the easiest part. You already have your Research lined up and arranged. Now you have to use your own words. Don’t plagiarize. Use quotations when you take something directly from a source and always add attribution whether or not. It’s a direct quote. The paper essentially writes itself, and that’s it. You’ve written your paper, and you didn’t lose any sleep.

It is a foolproof method that you can use for a 5-page paper fast. This method works typically. This method is scalable if your assignment has fewer requirements. If you have a more extensive assignment, you’ll have to spend more time on each step. You could do all of this in one day, but you might lose your mind. But some people do it.

Here are some ideas that get you started if you have one day or less to write your paper

  • Don’t expect to get a fantastic grade. Make your goal to pass because you can’t do your best work under 24 hours.
  • Focuses on the wave tops of the readings. You should take only the main points from your assigned readings and Research. Use your time as efficiently as possible.
  • Pull out more extended quotes from your Research with proper attribution, of course. Then talk about those for a while, like using a couple of pages and talk about a lengthy quote. Professors don’t generally like this, but at least you’ll have a paper to turn in.
  • Number four last tip if you have an assignment due tomorrow. You could always ask for an extension just. Please don’t make a habit of it using these methods. You can get your paper done.

Some Tips for writing the content of the paper in a short time:

Don’t be stressed. Be blessed with these simple tips to help you write a last-minute paper

1.      Do a rough outline:

So tip number one is to do a rough outline. Now, this doesn’t have to be a fancy traditional outline. Unless you want to, this is a way for you to structure and organize your thoughts.

a.      Introduction:

So what I like to start with is my introduction.  I like to start my paper out with a quote death on a line or a general statement for my introduction—that kind of gets to me to set up for the paper. Then after I do that, I like to give supporting statements. I got my introduction or my supporting beginning statement. I like to move from general to specific. That way, I go from a general perspective to a specific point of view that ties into our topic. And then, I have my thesis statement and do not make my thesis statement that sets up my paper.

b.      Body:

I had my body paragraphs. For example, my first topic might be teacher interactions, and then after I do that. I like the support of my body paragraphs with examples or supporting statements that kind of back it up with evidence. Then once I do that, I do all my other body paragraphs.

c.       Conclusion:

Then the last part is the conclusion, here on the conclusions where you do. You’re restating your thesis statement that you did in your introduction. It is also where you reiterate your main points that you talked about in your body paragraphs.

2.      Structure:

So number two is structure. It is very, very important. We think you spend days writing a paper, even an all-nighter. If your paper doesn’t have an organized layout, it will not get a good grade. It would help if you had the following things:

  1. An introduction
  2. Your thesis statement
  3. Body paragraphs
  4. Conclusion

So you should follow this structure.

3.      Strong introduction and thesis statement:

So step number three is having a solid introduction and a thesis statement. So having a solid introduction in a nicely written thesis statement helps draw the reader in and sets them up for the rest of the papers. Some of my favorite things to do for the intro are that I honestly find intro is hard. I’m good at like the body and a conclusion. So I could use quotes from online or maybe like a word or a definition or perhaps a statistic.

4.      Three main points as your intro citizens:

Step number four is to use three main points as your intro citizens for your paragraphs. I suggest using two or three examples in your book or a research article or just anywhere online where you can find evidence that can support your insurer paragraph statement.


If you want to write a Five-page paper fast, you should follow the five steps. These five steps are Review and Read, Research, Read and take Notes, Organize Research, and time to write. It is a foolproof method that you can use for a 5-page paper fast. This method works typically. This method is scalable if your assignment has fewer requirements. There are some tips for writing the paper’s content in a short time. These include Make a rough outline, Structure, Strong introduction and thesis statement, and three main points as your intro citizens. So from this way you can write a five-page paper fast. Follow these tips and write your paper quickly. It will be helpful for you and your career.

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