Gun Control Essay: Crime Rates In Constitutional Carry States


This is an example argumentative essay on gun control and to answer the question do states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher or lower crime rates? This kind of argument can probably be found in opinion polls websites or in speech writing assignment at college level.

Effects on Crime of Concealed Carry laws

Every citizen has a right to self-defense. The constitution of America recognizes that every citizen has a right to use guns for self-protection.  The back-and-forth debate on carry gun laws has been ongoing for a while. For the most part, more and more states have relaxed restrictions on concealed carry laws. In essence, numerical evidence in favor of carry laws are pinned on lower rates of violent crimes in subsequent years following the adaption of carry guns laws. Research indicates that Arizona, Alaska and Wyoming have recorded declining murder rates since the concealed carry law was passed. Similarly, Chicago has also had a drop in violent crimes since the switch to Illinois carry gun was issued. Florida and North Carolina have recorded lower rates of criminal activities after implementation of carry laws. Apparently, criminals are also afraid of attacking individuals who carry guns.

Reports On Gun Control In USA

For the most part, studies that relate carry gun laws and violent crime have produced mixed results, partly due to differences in research methodology. For example, a study conducted in 2014 by the Crime Prevention Research Center showed that states that had carry guns permits had considerable low rates of violence and murder cases. According to statistics obtained, states that have enacted carry gun laws have been able to reduce rape cases, assault cases, murder rates and robbery. For instance, Vermont State in the USA is amongst the safest states. Laws in Vermont are less stringent; they allow citizens to carry guns without necessarily having to wait, pay any fees or seek permission.

Additionally, FBI reports indicate that the state of Florida have witnessed reduced murder rates by about 52% since the carry law was passed. North Carolina has also seen a decline in violent rates after citizens were permitted to carry guns. The number of crime in North Carolina was at 45,016 in the year 1995.In 2010 the rate had dropped to 34,033. Analysts are convinced that the decline is linked to the fact that most people in the state own guns. On the other hand, a 2003 report presented by the Center for Disease Control showed that studies that examined the link between carry gun issue laws and violent guns were highly unreliable, citing a need for review largely because of in efficiencies in the research methodology. In sum, most studies have been inconsistent and mixed compounded with potential biases in sources provided.

Reasons Why Carrying Guns Help Reduce Crime

Probably the main reason as to why carrying guns help reduce crime is that individuals who carry guns can use it for self-protection. A research conducted by the Clinton Justice Department acclaimed that law abiding citizens who carry guns are able to defend themselves in multiple scenarios. Researchers suggest that individuals who carry guns have been able to defend themselves against robbery and rapists. However, critics argue that states are more likely to increase crime rates when allowed to carry guns.

Carry gun laws argue that although citizens may be able to defend themselves, citizens may lack training on how to use a gun in handling specific situations. Hence, this proves that individuals carrying guns may help promote violence crimes instead of reducing the same.

In fact, reports by police indicate that citizens carrying guns are more likely to kill each other when involved in personal conflicts. Moreover, police are concerned that they may be altogether unable to track guns used in criminal activities. In sum statistics highlight that states that allow open carry guns have an overall lower rate of violence. This suggests that states that have open carry laws are indeed much safer, or at least guns don’t make them dangerous. However, according to research and experts the reality is much more complex.