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How Much Does It Cost To Write An Essay

How Much Does It Cost To Write An Essay In Words


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Are you wondering how much does it cost to write an essay? well, our professional essay writing service will charge about $10 to $20 per page when you buy an essay from us. A page is 275 words

How Much Does It Cost To Write An Essay In Words

 Essays are a really important part of our daily lives. They are present in almost every sector and every field of life that is known to us humans. They can be an important part of your life if you are a writer or a student. They can be in the form of articles or typed or soft copies. There are both formal and informal kinds of essays. The formal ones are mostly academic and will be found with proper writing and referencing style.  You can have them as your assignments, final year projects, daily reports, and feedback forms.

The informal ones mostly deal with writers depicting their thoughts and views on some topic at hand. You might also have to deal with them daily if you are a writer. They can also become a source of income for you if you are an in-depth writer. They can of different lengths and kinds depending on the point of view or idea it revolves around.  Let us discuss the types of essays in detail.

Before we proceed on;

  • How Much Does It Cost To Write An Essay In Words
  • What Determines The Cost of An Essay?
  • Types of Essays.
  • Can I get my essay written by someone else?.
  •  Factors that affect the price of an Essay.
  • Recommendations and research.
  • Experience and Expertise.
     Revisions Policy and Plagiarism..

What Determines The Cost of An Essay?

There are several factors that affect the cost to write an essay or paper. The 4 main factors that determines the cost of an essay are:

  • The academic level
  • Your essay deadline or urgency
  • The numbers of words
  • Type of paper

To stay in the reasonable cost circle, ensure that you order your essay immediately you have been assigned an assignment by your lecturer

Types of Essays

There are different kinds of essays, but majorly they are divided into four major classes that are further divided into different sub-categories.

The four major types of essays are:

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Narrative Essays

These kinds of writings mostly deal with incidents or stories. The main body of the essay mostly deals with the description of an event in the past or currently taking place at the moment. Because of this, these kinds of essays are mostly written in the first-person perspective. The aim behind the lines is to get the reader so much indulged in the scenario as if he were present there and witnessing the whole event. These essays mostly follow the principle of “show and not tell.”

Descriptive Essays

The descriptive essays are almost the same as a narrative essay, except that they mostly press on the importance of emotions that the writer is feeling at the moment. The writer mostly focuses on emphasizing the emotions to be felt by the reader. In simple words, a descriptive essay is not all about describing things but rather getting the reader to feel the whole thing.

Expository Essays

This type of essay is all about a balanced exposure. There is no need for the writer’s thoughts or how he feels. This kind of essay is mostly revolving around a particular subject. For that one purpose, a writer needs to have extensive knowledge of the subject to write this essay. The whole essay is composed of solid facts, stats, and other kinds of scientific proofs while keeping the topic focused. These are more like a cause-and-effect kind of essay.

Persuasive Essays

These kinds of essays are also known as argumental essays. The essay revolves around an argument that is either made by someone or claimed by you. The writer writes the whole thing so that the reader gets persuaded on the writer’s argument to be the best possible one and denies the existence of any other better argument as of the moment. Persuasive essays are dual structured where the writer presents both sides of the picture and then proposes what side is the right one. The fun fact is that this kind of essay holds the writer’s argument in more weight as compared to the rest of them.

Can I get my essay written by someone else?

Now, this is a question that comes to the minds of many people and mostly students. Students are mostly not aware of the pattern and writing styles, and for one reason, they try to look for help but is this even allowed or considered ethical?

The answer is yes.

As you can see, many topics and details cannot be found by a student on a beginner level. This is where a professional writer comes into the picture and gets the essay done. You can also see that several companies offer writing services in different categories and get the essays done with good grades and best ratings.

Having a writer hired for your essay is something to consider when you have a great degree from your college, and it’s completely ethical. However, there are different things you need to keep in mind, like the cost to write an essay and other stuff so let us have a look at the pricing factors.

Table Show the Cost to Write an Essay Against Number of Words and Time

Number Of Words 24 hours 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days +
1 PAGE (275 words) $56/pg $51/pg $46/pg $46/pg $46/pg
2 PAGES (550 words) $51/pg $49/pg $41/pg $41/pg $41/pg
3 PAGES (825 words) $46/pg $43/pg $37/pg $37/pg $37/pg
4 PAGES (1100 words) $37/pg $36/pg $34/pg $34/pg $33/pg*
5 PAGES (1375 words) 24 hours 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days +
6 PAGES (1650 words) $56/pg $51/pg $46/pg $46/pg $46/pg
7 PAGES (1925 words) $51/pg $49/pg $41/pg $41/pg $41/pg
8 PAGES (2200 words) $46/pg $43/pg $37/pg $37/pg $37/pg
10 PAGES ( words) $37/pg $36/pg $34/pg $34/pg $33/pg*

                                                                                                                                                            * – Best Value

*Prices are based on 1 page = 275 words of content 

Factors that affect the price of an Essay (The Cost to Write an Essay)

Academic level

For an essay writer, the academic level is a really important thing. The level of academic studies is a crucial factor, and this decides the worth of an essay. Varying from different academic levels, the prices of essay writing services are also different.

For instance, you need an essay on the general concept of physics. This essay is a simple typing type and can be done easily with little research and concentration. Because of this, the cost to write an essay would also be moderate and could easily be accommodated in a short time slot.

At the same time, if you require another essay like String Theory, it will take a decent amount of the writer’s research and determination to get the material for the essay in hand. It will also take much effort and work to get the essay done, and he will charge much more as compared to a simple essay. It is inevitable and cannot be denied that the final cost to write an essay will purely depend upon the level of academic work and the writer’s control over the subject.

Length and number of Pages

Essays can have different lengths depending upon your school’s demand. A normal essay is mostly 3 to 4 pages but can also exceed if it is the part of a report. Normally colleges are also seen to assign the number of words that an essay should contain. It can be from 750 words to 2000 words depending upon the topic being discussed.

Now, this is something to be concerned about as writers out their charge in both ways. In terms of the number of pages and terms of several words. If it’s in several pages, the cost to write an essay can be a bit cheap as you can tell him how many words to have in a line.

At the same time, the word count can be an easy way depending upon how many words you want to get written and how much the writer charges per word. Both of these options can easily be availed; however, this whole thing depends on the budget. The more budget you have, the better essay you can get at your disposal.

Writing Format and Styles

To every writing, there is a specific style and format that need to be followed. This pattern is mostly told and instructed by your respective college, and you have to follow the guidelines properly if you want to score the perfect grade. Some famous referencing styles are also used, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and many more, depending on the pattern they want the essay to be done. Now it can also depend upon the type of essay. Say your essay needs images to be added to it. They will take a bit of the space, and this can spread your words and eventually increase the page numbers and the size of the content you are typing.

No need to worry about it as this is just a rough increase in length. In reality, the total word count is the same. The writing formats and styles also sometimes get their price quotations from writers. Some styles having higher demands are a bit pricey and get charged on them. However, most of the writers are a bit flexible and can easily get a neat budget for your essay.


This is a really important factor that decides the whole budget in a minute—the deadline for your essay. Sometimes you might get assigned a real quick essay that needs to be done in a single day, and you have no idea what to do except hiring a writer. For that, you all get yourself a writer for your essay, and this surely depends upon the time till the submission.

Now, this is a common feature that quick services require extra charges and one of the reasons the budget goes high. This makes time deadlines are real hurdle while deciding on the cost to write an essay for your essay. A short deadline is no doubt directly proportional to increased budget and vice versa.

Normally writers have already fixed a certain limit to what is to be paid on top of the original amount for express delivery. For instance, if your article was 50 dollars, it will normally cost you as 75 to 80 dollars to get it quickly as possible because of the short deadlines to meet.

These factors affect the budget in both active and passive ways. Still, there are many doubts, such as how we know if the work done by the writer will live up to its rating or not? Several things can help us identify this, and these can also be the things you should keep in mind while hiring a writer for yourself.

Price Tag

It is pretty obvious that a well-versed writer will not be giving his work for some cents or a few bucks when he knows what kind of work he will provide. This can eventually mean that the person you have for the work with a low cost to write an essay cannot be authentic. It is advised to choose from a writer who has an average rate and knows how to get the work done quickly, and get the right money for the job.

Recommendations and research

Once you have a writer in mind, then you should;

  • Search for him over the internet.
  • Look for his past reviews and how he deals with his customers.
  • Try getting your hands on one of the works he has done to get an idea about what kind of service you would be getting. Read his past work and check out the details.
  • Look for his writing pattern on how he deals with additional information and his content management.
  • Look into each detail.
  • Ensure that the writer does enough research that you are willing to pay for.

Experience and Expertise

Now, this is one of the key points that need to be checked thoroughly. Look for how much experience your writer has in his area of expertise. More experience means that the guy has been working for quite a long time and knows the deep-down secrets to the subject and the essay.

Also, check for his area of expertise before hiring him. There is no benefit of hiring a writer who has no experience in the field and gets the work assigned. This can result in a drastic result such as having a really bad essay written and affecting the results.

Revisions Policy and Plagiarism

Have a writer who promises high-quality and plagiarism-free content along with a better approach towards his clients. This can help you get several revisions to your given work. This is important as after submission, you might get asked to make certain changes, and you might not be aware of how to get the work written. Also, try to get a writer who offers you a plagiarism report. This can help you a lot in dealing with hectic situations and dealing with post-submission tasks.

Having a great essay written is something really important in colleges and schools when it is about to get good grades. This can also be considered a kind of investment done by you to obtain your degree with a better result. Hire someone you can trust easily and get your work done with excellence. Look over the internet, ask for recommendations and get yourself the best writer at a good cost to write an essay that suits your taste and style. Happy Writing!

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