Brand Analysis Essay: Andy Warhol, For Brand Extension

Develop a leading brand, Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was a leading art figure in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The good works that he did enabled him to develop into a big brand that can sell even after his death. The majority of Andy Warhol’s revenue is obtained from the sale of his story “Warhol Ethos” instead of the products that are marketed on his foundation website.

Transparency in marketing

Through the foundation, Andy Warhol devised ways in which he let people understand what he was doing and why he was doing it ( This helps in making people understand one’s brand better.

Work with people in implementing ideas

Andy Warhol worked with different people. He believed in the people that he interacted with and confided in them. This explains why there is so much information about him and his foundation is still operating even after his death.

For brand equity

This is based on subdimensions of brand equity block. The graph section has different blocks including:


This is mainly about the relationship that customers have with the products and services offered by the Andy Warhol brand. Over the years, customers have shown resonance to the Warhol brand through loyalty and attachment (Baig, Tahir, Shahzadi and Azar 148).


Warhol’s legacy shows that his products have satisfied his customers (Kapferer 56). When compared to other brands, the Warhol brand is superior.


Warhol brand’s customers have a good feeling about the products and services offered by the organization (Boone and Kurtz 382). Feelings can be experienced in different formats like approval, excitement, warmth and fun.


Despite the fact that there are many artists, Warhol brand has not failed to meet the expectations of the customers. It can be seen that the brand has scored highly on different performance measures including reliability, durability and efficiency.


Warhol brand’s customers view the brand on a positive note. Imagery is used to represent how customers view products or services offered by an organization (Boone and Kurtz 383). The history, reputation and experience of Warhol brand has helped in promoting the image.


This is the quality of a product or service that enables it to stand out (Ferrell 331). Warhol brand’s customers have had a lot of satisfaction from the products.