A Perfect Essay Example on Ideal Body

Ideal Body Image

The concept of ‘ideal body’ is a key concern that affects many people from all over the world. This is a contentious issue since different races and tribes hold different believes as far as ‘ideal body’ is concerned. The phenomenon has called for in-depth research by archeological pundits who have studied these different believes as pertains to different people and groups.

This chapter has not been left out in this enquiry and has done an in-depth discussion in regard to body image. The central point in the whole chapter has been an investigation on the social, economic, and cultural perspectives that have a great impact on an ideal body. Despite concentrating much on women, the chapter has also touched on men trying to maintain epitome body images.

The chief idea covered in this chapter mainly discusses on the ideal body image that many women are largely fighting hard to maintain. Many females, including teenagers spend much money in an attempt to maintain their ‘body figures.’ The paper has mainly focused on this concept where the American ‘ideal image’ has been treated as being the superior ‘body shape.’ However, the author has continued to highlight on some African and Asian cultures, which are of the idea that fat females are the best. 

The chapter also discusses on eating disorders with a key focus on the Americans. An American child at the age of seven can make a judgment on their self-worth in reference to her body size. Identity issues, cultural expectations, and body image have a great effect on eating disorders. People have starved themselves in order to try maintaining ideal bodies. Others have eaten excess and later engaged in self-induced vomiting in an attempt to maintain their body images.

However, according to the paper, not everyone is obsessed to maintaining thin bodies. For instance, unlike in the case of the North Americans, other people such as Tuareg, Florence, and some other Italians have a big value for plumpness. Fatness is also highly valued in some West African countries such as Nigeria and Mali. Fat women are seen to characterize idealized body images in some of those areas. In fact, according to the chapter, there are also some fattening programs meant to ‘increase’ the body size of the ladies.

Finally, the discussion has looked into the concept of body modification. This is a situation where a certain group of people may engage in specified body alterations. By so doing, the groups’ intention is to identify themselves in terms of age, sexual orientation, power relations, ethnicity, and gender among others. It is thus clear that the discussion in this chapter is all converging and directed towards the discussion of ideal body image.