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Exemplification Essay Topics

70 Exemplification Essay Topics In Different Fields With Examples


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It is a common phenomenon to feel a bit insecure when we come across something unknown. As with every phobia, the fear of big words like exemplification essay topics may seem frightening, especially if you are coming across these words for the first time. However, you will totally overcome any fear as soon as you go through our guide on how to make the best choice from a list of exemplification essay topics.

Exemplification Essay Topics Examples For College Use

There is nothing really difficult about this essay type, but choosing the best out of a list of exemplification essay topics can be quite challenging. Trying to write an exemplification essay without having a specific topic is akin to trying to drive without having a clear destination or where you should stop. You will end up driving around without some sense of direction. It would be an understatement to say that you will be an aimless driver. Similarly, trying to write an exemplification essay without a topic is like being a driver without a clear designated route. If you do not choose a particular topic to write about, there is no way you can deliver an effective essay. Take you time to pick a topic that matches your interests. However, if the topic has been assigned to you by your professor, examine it fully before you embark on the writing process. After you read this guide, you will be in a better position to choose the most appealing topic for your essay.

Table of Contents

  1. What is an Exemplification essay?
  2. Why choose an interesting exemplification essay topic?
  3. Exemplification essay topics
    • Personal Exemplification essay topics examples
    • Educational and Technology Exemplification essay topics examples
    • Health and Nutritional exemplification essay topics examples
    • Business and management exemplification essay topics examples
    • Media exemplification essay topics examples
  4. Conclusion
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  1. What is an Exemplification Essay?

Basically, an exemplification essay is one of those popular essay types that professors like to assign because they know the name itself puts many students off. From the name, this essay type sounds a bit complicated and causes anxiety in students when they find out that they will have to handle one. If you are reading this guide, you will never let the name overwhelm you because you will understand that an exemplification essay is simply an argumentative essay that uses examples to prove a point.

Professors look at the student’s ability to make an argument and support the argument with specific illustrations as far as exemplification essays are concerned. For example, if you are writing about the effects of global warming on the environment, it is not enough to say that global warming has detrimental effects on the environment. You must go ahead and provide clearly documented examples of how global warming affects the environment negatively. You may need five paragraphs with each paragraph detailing a single significant example of how global warming damages the environment.

In the same breath, if you are arguing why higher education should be made compulsory, one example to support your claim would be that 75% of college and university graduates secure jobs. However, it isn’t enough to just give data to support your argument. You need to illustrate how this data supports your claim by painting a clearer picture for the reader. In this case, you may need to show that there is a paradigm shift from an industrial-based economy to a knowledge-based economy that requires more skilled graduates. In the above case, data has been used to illustrate the truth about the author’s claim that higher education should be made available for all. Thus a good exemplification essay will use examples to justify why every sub-point is relevant to the argument and why it is true.

  1. Why Choose an Interesting Exemplification Essay Topic?

If your professor has assigned you this type of assignment, you need to arm yourself with plenty of facts to prove to him or her that you are up to the task. One of the greatest advantages of this kind of essay is that you earn bonus points if you are able to creatively choose creative exemplification essay topics. Choosing an interesting topic that resonates with your interests is enough proof to your professor that you have taken time and effort to find an interesting topic. In addition, choosing an excellent process makes the writing process a whole easier for you.

The reason why you need to be creative in coming up with an interesting topic for your exemplification essay is because nobody wants to waste their time reading a boring topic. Whereas there are plenty of websites online seeking to provide college students with attention-grabbing exemplification essay topics, only a handful of them provides original and interesting ones. A great way to find excellent exemplification essay topics is to go through papers written on a particular subject. It is in such papers that you are likely to find areas that have not been fully covered, so you can expand on them.

  1. Exemplification Essay Topics

If you pick a topic that excites you, then you will have an easy time writing the paper. Always have in mind that an exemplification essay requires you to illustrate your point with valid examples. It does not matter whether the instructions state that or not, you have to exemplify your essay as much as possible. For example, if you are writing about your worst experience in school, your essay needs to include at least three body paragraphs demonstrating how bad that particular experience was, drawing numerous examples from the incident and how it impacted you negatively.

Similarly, if your essay topic is ‘’why Barrack Obama is a role model to young political leaders across the world’’, you need to have at least three body paragraphs each illustrating concrete examples to support this claim. For instance, you may discuss the adversity Barrack Obama overcame during his childhood having been brought up by poor parents. In addition, you may discuss how he had to overcome racism and become the president of the most powerful nation in the world. Therefore, no matter what exemplification essay topic you choose, it is up to you to answer the question why through coherent examples that strengthen your claim.

Something important to always remember when writing an exemplification essay is that the examples put forward should be practical and interesting. For example, when you are writing about a global leader whom you would like to emulate, you can write about Bill Gates. He is a global leader whose contribution to the world of technology is known all over. When telling about his leadership qualities, you can mention all the good things, but you may not need to mention that he is a college dropout since this fact has nothing to do with his ability to lead. In addition, conducting extensive research about the topic allows you to get as many appropriate examples as possible about the topic. When looking for information online, it is advisable to use the latest materials that were published over the last ten years to improve the reliability of your points and examples. Trustworthy sources like educational journals, government websites, public Universities libraries, and e-books will help you with better and reliable information. Avoid using untrustworthy materials such as personal blogs, magazines, and unknown websites as sources of your information. Using unreliable sources only lowers the credibility of your research and the essay written thereof.

Now that you are conversant with the exemplification essay and why you should choose an interesting topic for your essay, let’s consider some brilliant exemplification essay topics. The topics can be drawn from a wide range of categories including personal topics, illustrational topics, social topics, health, education, and technology topics. These topics will help you to come up with great ideas for your exemplification essay and will ensure that you earn higher grades.

Personal Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  • The most memorable lesson that your parents taught you
  • Your best moment in life
  • Your worst moment in life
  • Your best film of all time
  • The greatest lesson you learned during Covid-19 Pandemic
  • The most memorable moment in your childhood
  • A foreign country you would like to visit and why
  • The one thing you wish someone invented
  • One aspect of society you would change if you had a chance
  • The most painful experience in your life
  • The greatest obstacle that you had to overcome
  • A special talent you admire in others and wish you had
  • That one conversation that changed your life

Education and Technology Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  • Should corporal punishment be permitted in schools?
  • Is singing helpful when learning a foreign language?
  • Should higher education be made available for all?
  • Can online classes replace traditional class learning?
  • Should learning a second language be made compulsory?
  • How has technology changed the world
  • Describe how a particular technological invention has affected people’s lives
  • How would life be without technology?
  • Has the internet managed to bring people closer or separated them?
  • The impact of technology on culture
  • The impact of technology on education

Health and Nutritional Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  • The role of nutritional education on health outcomes
  • Should alternative medicine be covered by insurance?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Depression and mental disorders among young adults
  • Application of big data in the healthcare system
  • What can be done to reduce the rising suicidal cases?
  • The potential strategies to prevent chronic illnesses
  • The role of a balanced diet among children
  • Why do teenagers abuse alcohol and other substances?
  • How to prevent teenage pregnancies in schools
  • What measures should be taken to prevent cancer-related deaths?
  • The role of telemedicine and other disruptive technologies in the healthcare system

Business and Management Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  • Should a company hire influencers to market their products?
  • Why do companies get involved in charity work?
  • Does marketing to children have overall harmful effects?
  • Why do companies use celebrities to market their products?
  • Problems facing the global economy today
  • What strategies should companies use to improve employee productivity?
  • Are loyalty programs still effective marketing tools in the 21st century?
  • Is leadership an innate or a learned behavior?
  • Are strict dress codes beneficial to an organization?
  • Is pursuing a course in business considered marketable?
  • Is it important to create a conducive environment in the workplace?

Media Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  • Social media networks and their impacts on relationships
  • Violent acts on television and their effects on children
  • How are businesses influences by social media?
  • How social media platforms are used to spread rumors
  • How social norms influence our behavior
  • How can social media sites reduce online bullying?
  • Should media freedom be limited?
  • How can journalists avoid defamation?
  • Should journalists be allowed to investigate the private lives of politicians?
  • Should journalists always reveal their sources?
  • Should media houses be allowed to publish private information?
  • Can social media negatively affect social image and self-esteem?


Overall, picking an interesting topic from a wide range of topics for your exemplification essay is a task itself. However, if you choose an exciting topic, you stand a chance of earning a higher grade. The writing process also becomes easy when you have a topic that resonates with your interests. The best topic is the one that you are conversant with and which you can get adequate information on the internet. The hallmark of writing an effective exemplification essay is taking a claim and supporting it with appropriate examples.

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Even with this guide and tons of exciting topics, writing an excellent exemplification essay is still not a walk in the park. Our experts are always willing to help you write a profound exemplification essay that will earn you an A. In addition, we work around the clock to provide feedback on the topic you have chosen. If your professor has already assigned a specific topic, we offer insights and the necessary help to deliver a quality exemplification essay. Thus, do not hesitate to reach to us if you are struggling with choosing an exciting topic or writing your exemplification essay.

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