27 Examples of English Educational Websites

There are many educational websites that are emerging in the internet from the recent past. The websites contain information from different fields and are broadly categorized in fields  such as language, employment, online degrees, publications, mathematics, parenting, life skills, blogs,  courses, games, E-learning, products, teaching etc.  Therefore this paper seeks to evaluate and analyze three English websites that are meant for educational purposes. 1 .The first website to be evaluated was the Babbel Integrated English Language Learning website found on the link http://freelanguage.org/learn-english/web-resources/websites/english-educational-websites. 2. The primary purpose of this website is to help people learning English language to improve on the grammar and vocabulary. However, other languages such as Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish can be learned through this website. 3.This website was created by an organization known as Free Language which offers applications, lessons, video, audio, podcast, courses, articles, learn, study, translation, teach and children/adult options in their menu. 4. The other purpose of this website is to support the online learning efforts in English which has been made easier through mobile applications (ipod and iphone), desktop goodies and social networking. 5.The Babbel Integrated English Language Learning website has got some bias in that for one to access the information through subscription; one has to pay in order to go through the resources online even though it claims that it charges its clients fairly and the quality of learning is same as that in the classroom. 6. Other reference sources have been cited on this website which are also web based and they include EnglishPod.com, iTunes U, EnglishPod101.com and Englishclass101.com. 7. Other organizations that link to this site is the BBC Radio Online or can also be connected socially through facebook and twitter. 8. The author of this web page is not defined therefore the credentials of the author can neither be determined. 9. However the web page consists of a place to sign in so that an individual subscribes for the services provided. This makes it easier for feedback of any query by the subscriber since he/she fills in the details therefore he/she can be contacted at any given time. 10.This information on the website Babbel Integrated English Language Learning is almost one year old (since it was submitted on 28th April 2010) therefore it is worth to conclude that it is up to date and can be helpful to a teacher because it has an option on the menu that contains information about teachers. 11. The second website to be evaluated is known as the British Council Learning which is found on the website www.britishcouncil.org/learning-english-gateway and found on the link http://www.educationuk.org/english. 12. The main purpose of this website is to teach and improve English among the people and it involves speaking, writing, listening and reading and it also offers courses in English. 13.This  website was created by an organization known as the British Council that offers English courses which include vacation courses for both young and adults, general English, one-to-one tuition etc. 14. This link does not have any bias so long as you have subscribed for the service you are entitled for the information available on the website. 15. Other references sited on this web page include only other website source such as www.englishuk.com/en/students . 16. The author of this web page is not defined therefore the credentials of the author cannot be determined and it follows that the web is managed by an organization. 17. The website page http://www.educationuk.org/english has a place to sign in therefore registration of members is done and any feedback is channeled towards the provided email address. 18. The validity of the information on the website cannot be determined because there is no date showing when it was last updated. 19. The website might be useful to teachers and students of English language. 20. The last website to be evaluated is known as English as a second language website found on the link http://www.rong-chang.com/. 21. The primary purpose of this website is to help learners to study English online and it was created by an individual known as Ron C. Lee, PhD. 22. It has some bias in that it is only beneficial to members who have registered for the service. 23. Other sites linked to this website are Practice Free Writing with a Robot, Daily Lessons, Free 365 ESL/EPL short stories, Google Translations, Special English and Advanced English Lessons. 24. The author of this web page is clearly outlined as Ron C. Lee ph.D therefore the author of this website page has a valid credential. 25. The author himself has provided his email address (Email: leerc8rong-chang.com)in order to receive feedback from the users of the website. 26. The information on the website is updated since the copyright is of 1994-2011. 27. The information found on this website can be useful to both beginners and intermediate learners. In conclusion, the above highlighted English websites are of extreme importance to the learner of English who can not access the classroom lessons. Therefore it will be of good value if the concerned policy makers will encourage such websites to come up and thus provide the support on efforts of learning English.