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Computer Network Topics

100 Latest Computer Network Topics For Research and Thesis

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Need Help with latest Computer Network topics for research and thesis? This article provides a comprehensive list of computer network topics for your term paper research and thesis. If you fail to get a good topic of your choice, do not worry, Essaymojo Provides professional Computer Network Assignment Help Online. We hire the best experts in Computer network to write your custom paper.

Computer Network Assignment Help Online

A computer network is defined as a group of interconnected computer systems and hardware whose objective is to share resources. Networks are differentiated from one another by their features. Therefore, if you want to do assignment on computer networks, you need to know all these network systems and how they work. This is not easy for many students who have a lot of assignments at school. Such students are advised to contract the services of a professional computer network assignment help. We recommend that you choose to work with experts from because we have competent writers with relevant experience.

Functions of Computer Networks

The major purpose of any computer network is to link all the computers within a specified area. Other than storing and updating data, Computer network assignment help experts add that these networks are also used to share and classify data. Computers utilize cables and other electronics to create a computer network whose function is to;

  • Enable communication through emails and video conferencing.
  • It also makes it possible for many computers to utilize a single hardware device such as a printer.
  • Makes it possible to share files by computers in the network
  • Some systems are able to allow sharing of software among computers
  • Makes the information easily accessible by computers in the network.

We have experts on standby who are ready to explain to you in detail how you can utilize different computer network system for optimal results. You are encouraged to engage one of our experts at as to get high quality computer network assignment.

Why Students Need Computer Network Assignment Help?

In pursuit of their various degree programs, students are usually given a lot of assignments that have to be written over a short period of time. This leaves the students exhausted from all these exercises. This task is tiresome because not only does it require one to possess excellent writing skills, but also dedicate quality time for research. Therefore, many students contract the services of a competent computer network assignment help so that they can utilise their time in doing other assignments.

Types of Computer Network

There are various types of computers based on their categories:

WAN (Wide Area Network)

This is a computer network that is designed to cover a large area. The area covered may extend to various miles sometimes covering an entire country. This network is mostly used by big telecommunications companies. However, this network is very expensive to contract and the companies have to pay huge fees because of its incredibly high speed. Apart from telecommunication companies, huge business organizations and government institutions such as electoral commissions and security institutions are also known to use this network. In developing the Wide Area Network, there are various technologies such as optical fiber that are integrated. Over the last ten years, WAN has undergone some radical improvements which have seen the network’s speed jump exponentially from 110 bits per second to over 100 gigabits per second.

LAN (Local Area Network)

This network covers a smaller area compared to WAN and it is mostly utilized in a single buildings. This type of network is commonly utilized in academic institutions and offices because they require a single administration unit. In many cases, LAN utilizes a single server whose features are unique to the organization and the storage space is suitable for the organization’s needs. This network can be utilized by two or even three hundred computer users depending on the size of the organization. In this age, WIFI is the most widely used LAN. Recently, wireless LANs have been developed and are more convenient to use and less expensive to procure. There are simple LANs that have two switches which are connected to the internet. However, complex LANs have been developed that utilize the spanning tree protocol which is meant to prevent any overlaps among users in the network.


This is the most common network used today since it utilizes wireless technology. It is used in many private and public institutions such as schools and hospitals. According to Computer network assignment help professionals, the internet is used in the exchange of resources among individuals in the whole world using TCP/IP technology. It is also called the Internet Area Network which is in line with the vision that it will take over the future. The internet is so flexible that it enables the free transmission of data in all countries without having any physical and geographical obstructions. In the last ten years, various computer architectural designs have been merged to develop the Internet Area Network whose basis is cloud computing.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

This computer network covers larger areas than LAN but smaller areas than WAN. MAN is mostly used in computer systems such as the Ethernet and ATM machines. This network can cover an entire city and may be used by local television and radio stations. Basically, MAN uses various transmission waves such as microwave and the infra-red waves to connect LANS from different buildings. MAN has a medium coverage that can be effective within a radius of around forty kilometers thus making them suitable for towns and cities. Today, MAN networks have been greatly improved with some boasting network speeds of slightly under 155Mbps. This is because they use a Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) that comes with an IEEE 802.6 standard of data.

computer network topics
WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

The major difference between this network system and LAN is that whereas LAN requires wires to operate, this one is wireless. Radio signals are a good illustration of how this system works. This wireless feature is very convenient as users can move around within the area of its coverage without losing their network. WLAN 802.11g IS the most effective recent version and divides the usability of WLAN into two ad hoc and infrastructure categories. Whereas clients can transmit data among themselves in the ad hoc mode, the data is sent to an access point where it can be retrieved by any members in the infrastructure category.

CAN (Campus Area Network)

This is a network connecting distinct LAN areas. It has a central server where it is possible for all files to be stored and retrieved by users. This is mainly used in organizations with various departments and allows for sharing of files among these departments. Basically, CAN is a smaller form of MAN in that it can be used by the same organization but among its various department buildings. For purposes of security, the hardware used in transmission of data is owned by the parent organization or business. CAN is very effective within an area of 8 kilometers and boasts of high speed data making it effective for use in the corporate space.

SAN (Storage Area Network)

This network is not common among corporate organizations and is often utilized as a source of information. It is mainly available on website pages that have the option of downloading. Cabling, Host Bus Adapters and switches are the three major devices that define a Storage Area Network. The SAN operates by reorganizing stored data from the central network into distinct high speed networks. This operation enables all the servers within the system to access this storage section. However, SAN is only limited to block level operations and may not be effective in file abstractions. In execution of its functions, SAN utilizes Fiber Channel Protocol among other devices so as to enable communication among its hardware.

PAN (Personal Area Network)

This network is more effective in enabling communication among three or less computer devices within a radius of just a few meters in a room. This network is mostly manifested when an individual connects his laptop to a printer with his phone connected to the laptop. Wireless PAN utilises the standard IEEE 802.15 with the most common example being Bluetooth.

SAN (System Area Network)

It is also called Cluster Area Network. And it can operate at very high speeds of upto 1Gbps while having low latency. It is common among computers that are clustered together and require very high speeds to operate. This network is utilised to link all computers within this cluster while guaranteeing maximum security and low margins of error. Since this network uses Remote Direct Memory Access Mechanism, it is highly suitable for transmission of heavy data.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Networking

Computer networking has had several positive impacts on humanity such as allowing people from different cultures to freely connect as if they were together. However, Computer network assignment help experts argue that there have been some negative effects like the security risks associated with this system. We will analyse some of these merits and demerits.


Computer networks are generally very expensive to install and this is considered one of the biggest challenges in their usage. According to Computer network assignment help experts, very basic computer networks used at workplaces like modems can cost a fortune. This is especially difficult in businesses where a lot of money is required to set up these networks.


Policing Usage

Policing is mostly common in internet networks and this behaviour is frowned upon in many countries. Though undesirable, policing of the internet aides government security agencies detect any threats to people’s security. To further understand the merits and demerits of the internet, utilise the Computer network assignment help experts at

Communication and Information

Businesses are the greatest beneficiaries of networking in regard to the amount of information they can transmit especially through the internet. It allows business to operate across borders without any barriers. The same is true for social communications where instant messaging makes it possible for individuals to communicate in real time despite being thousands of miles away from each other.

Resource Sharing

Before networking systems were developed, computer users used to copy information on a removable hardware from one computer then physically carry and copy it on another computer. Today, networking has made information sharing quicker, efficient and more convenient. Once the network is developed well, sharing of information among computer users becomes easier. You can consult to better understand this aspect.

Common Network Devices

Network devices are very important in networking since they are responsible in transmission of data among devices. Our computer network assignment help experts at help us analyse some of the most common devices.


This device is the central connection unit of a networking system. When a cable with data is inserted in one of the ports, the data from the cable is instantly copied to all the other ports so as it is easily accessible to other ports in form of frames. The hubs have numerous ports that are used to link all the computers in the network through a star topology system. The ports are fitted with technology that enables them amplify and transmit data to wherever it is meant to go. Depending on how they are used, hubs can be grouped as being intelligent, switching or passive.


This device acts as an amplifier. Once it receives a signal, it distorts the signal and then retransmits it at a higher power than when received. This device is used in the amplification of both the digital and analog signals. Furthermore, this repeater can relay the same signal using different protocols.


This device derives its name from two of its core functions, i.e., Modulator-Demodulator. This device works by converting the 1s and 0s digital signals on a personal computer into sounds that are able to be transmitted through the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS). All the data in a computer device is stored in digital signals and the modem helps to convert them into analog signals that are easily transmitted in cables. Similarly, the modem is also able to convert analog data from cables into digital signals that can be interpreted by computers. The data speed of a modem is measured in bytes per second and modems are categorised depending on the amount of data that can be processed.

NIC (Network Infrared Card)

This system enables computer users within a network to share data among themselves. It is a hardware system that makes it possible for users in the same network to transfer information. This is enabled by the adapters that are fitted on the sides of a computer usually a laptop or other personal computers. However, this network system can only cover a small area usually within a radius of 5 metres. Additionally, the speeds of transmission are very low at about 4Mbps and are unable to connect to any devices outside of the network.

Media Converters

Our computer network assignment help experts at have observed that there are various networking devices that make it possible to connect two devices that are very different and enable sharing of information. Most of these devices enable connection of fibre optic cables like coaxand twisted with digital communication tools like DS3 and J1. To enable this converter to work effectively, one has to ensure that the speed settings are similar. Additionally, the switching converters have a bridge that connects the half duplex segments. These devices are common in metropolitan area networks

Basic Switch

Similar to Hub, this device enables connection between two computers while being the central connection unit. The devices utilises packet switching technology to receive, analyse and transmit data. This device is mostly used in Ethernet switches and is able to receive and analyse data using the OSI model via data link layer 2 and 3. Additionally, these devices are also used in other network systems such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode. This device is able to transmit data between two ports at extremely high speeds since it links data using the OSI model. What makes this device unique is its ability to allow data sharing while the individual networks remain distinct from each other. This device is capable of creating an aggregate network from two computers.

Basic Router

This device is commonly used in transmission of data among Local Area Networks. This device uses a synchronised procedure to carry out its functions. It has a data router that sends data through the network. The device uses ICMP protocol to communicate with other routers while utilising Headers to find out the most efficient paths and selecting them for the transmission of data. The main feature of a router that distinguishes it from Hub is its ability to conduct analysis on data sent via the internet. Additionally, the basic router for personal computers permits very little filtering of data.However, for larger computers in large organisations, bridge routers and wireless routers are the most common.

Basic Firewall

This is a computer network system that enables the computer to communicate with outside devices while restricting access of information by outside devices. There are firewall devices that are created from the software devices while some utilise hardware devices. There are firewalls that utilise both hardware and software devices. Firewalls analyse all the data leaving or entering the network and if a file does not meet the threshold put in place, it is blocked. The hardware firewalls are mostly sold separately in shops but in some instances they are purchased with the computer device. The firewall ensures maximum security to the system and it doing this it utilises application gateway protocols.

Basic DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server

This device’s main advantage is that it reduces the need for a user to manually administer a server. This is because it queries the DHCP server for any required information. This information may range from IP addresses to networking boundaries which is retrieved automatically. The device reduces the configuration errors that are common in manual IP Address configurations. This software device keeps track of all the IP Addresses making administration of these networks to be easier and automatic.

Computer Network Assignments

Computer network assignments help experts give a lot of attention to written work. This is because most of the assignments given to students by their teachers are to be submitted in written form. Therefore, computer network assignments also involve written works including essays and questions based on chapters, subjects and specified articles. Students put in a lot of effort in order to solve their computer programming questions. They are therefore advised to get the best quality expert writers to advise them at We offer some of the best rates for their quality services.

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Assignment Questions and Topics in Computer Networks

Here are key parts covered by our course:

  • Congestion Control assignment homework help
  • Traffic Analysis, Dynamics, and Modeling assignment homework help
  • Admission Control, Integrated Services, Reservations assignment homework help
  • Implementation Philosophy assignment homework help
  • Implementation (systems) assignment homework help
  • Special Topics assignment homework help
  • Security assignment homework help
  • Network History and Architecture assignment homework help
  • Statistics, Information Theory, Codes assignment homework help
  • Queueing Theory, the MAC Sublayer assignment homework help
  • Link Layer Protocols assignment homework help
  • Telecommunication Switching and ATM assignment homework help
  • Network Layer Protocols assignment homework help
  • Routing and Multicast Delivery assignment homework help
  • Transport Layer Protocols assignment homework help

A system in which a number of computers share information through either wired or wireless technology is called a computer network.

So as to set up this system, there must be;
Two computers, a protocol such as SMTP, HTTP, FTP, UDP.

And the Hardware such as; a router, bridge, switch, hub, repeater, proxy, firewall, multiplexer, network card, and modern line driver for connection.

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  • Network Type including LAN, MAN, WAN
  • The Internet and its contribution to Intranet and Extranet
  • LAN technology Type including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit internet, ATM, PoE and Token Ring
  • Ethernet Basics including Standard Code, Collisions, CSMA and CD
  • Industrial Ethernet Products including Transceiver, USB, network Interface cards, Hub, and Repeater.

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