How to Write a Commemorative Speech

How to Write a Commemorative Speech | Outline & Types

Today you’re going to learn EXACTLY How to Write a Commemorative Speech that brings out the value.

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  • What is a Commemorative Speech?
  • Types of Commemorative Speeches
  • How to Write a Commemorative Speech
  • Factors you should keep in mind when writing your Commemorative speech
  • Features of a Commemorative Speech
  • Conclusion.

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What is a Commemorative Speech?

A commemorative speech is a type of speech that is mainly used to praise or pay tribute on special occasions as a way to celebrate a group of individuals, an event, a place, a situation, an idea, or even an institution or to help create a memory of someone or something as a show of respect. They mainly focus on value. It is also called epideictic or ceremonial speeches.

It can also be termed as a torque usually given in most of the graduation ceremonies in university that students use to pass their gratitude and respect towards the teaching staff, their colleagues, family, and even the university or college. This speech helps the student remember the memories and the good times they went through in the environment, not forgetting the challenges they had, and mark the importance of the skills they have received.

Always remember that a commemorative speech is not an informative speech; the speaker should not just give a biography about the subject but ensure to celebrate and please who they were and also use it as an encouraging tool to the audience to make them observe the values.

Types of Commemorative Speeches

  •  Nomination Speech-It is a speech that is used in a political gathering during the naming of an election candidate.
  • A eulogy speech -is a speech at a funeral or memorial service celebrating the life of the diseased.
  •  Wedding toast speech– It is a speech that provides or not to the couple and gives the wedding guests a brief knowledge into their lives.
  •  Goodwill-is a speech used to introduce oneself to someone, a group, or even an organization or a country wanting to create a strong relationship with the listeners.
  • Award-winning speech– It is also known as an acceptance speech. This type of commemorative speech is used on special occasions to show gratitude to winners. Its main goal is to Appreciate the efforts of the people responsible for organizing the event and helping you achieve the accolade.

How to Write a Commemorative Speech

How to Start Writing a Commemorative Speech

 How you start your speech is very important because this will determine whether people will choose to listen to you. You should make sure you with the right tone to help capture the audience’s attention. Knowing how you will start your speech will make your address great.

Here are some tips to help start your speech

All you need is to be confident enough and follow the following tips.

  • Tell your audience a fascinating story

A story will help grab your audience’s attention as you begin your speech; four telling your audience to add a coherent or exciting story Might be one of the most powerful ways to start your address. Since humans love stories, this compels them to listen and better understand the information even more. It explains why most of the moral lessons for children use stories. It makes it easy for them to bless themselves with the character’s shoes.

Always remember that’s your story. Even though it is an attention grabber, it should be short and genuine. Instead, you can start your commemorative speech by sharing a personal experience that will help highlight the information in your primary address. Stories from a personal level experience boost the speaker’s authenticity to their listeners and make them connect the story to their own.

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  • Use metaphors and quotes.

 To avoid starting your speech a normal and boring way, consider starting your speech with a metaphor or quote instead of just starting it. An extensive library of quartz is stated by famous people like Einstein, Gandhi, and even Abraham Lincoln.

You might consider it an excellent choice to use a quote that was told to you by someone essential or one which related to your own life experience. For example, a quote used by your grandmother or father to pass a piece of advice that helped bring a change in your life. Furthermore, using a metaphor will help make your introduction witty and memorable.

  • Ask the audience questions.

For the sake of engagement and participation, you may opt to use unintelligent or exciting questions and ask your listeners, also, make sure that the question gets them completely hooked to it as you request. Some speakers also prefer to throw a series of rhetorical questions to their audience to help stimulate the minds of the audience and leave them trying to think of the word the answers could be, and then you later have to answer the question.

It makes your audience want to listen more to you and increases their curiosity, pushing them to listen more attentively. Rhetorical questions will engage your audience even more and even make them to think along the speech and some will find themselves very attentive waiting for another rhetorical question, and this will let you walk along with your audience.

  •  Consider starting with exciting facts.

Starting with a surprising or an interesting one will surely boost the chances of you getting the audience’s attention. Thank and also make sure to state correct facts for statements because giving them wrong information will lower your credibility.

Giving your audience wrong facts or statements will make them conclude that you don’t know what you’re talking about, leading to them losing interest in the commemorative speech. Stating facts makes listeners more curious to want to know more and sets a good tone for your address.

  • Create a sense of humor in a speech

Remember, your main goal is to keep your audience invested in you and to have all their attention, so if you got the right skills to make them laugh within the first few seconds, you will get to win their complete attention. Humor is the key to warmth, closeness, and relatability. It will make the audience eager to hear what you want to say and boosts their readiness to listen to you to ensure that nothing persists here, creating a friendly atmosphere.

As you think of starting your commemorative speech with a joke, here are some of the things you should keep in mind;

  • Tell your audience a respectful and kind joke.
  • Avoid making a joke to someone in the audience
  •  Give a mark that is related to your speech
  •  be sure to study your audience two, not whether it is. Unless the idea starts with a joke or not.
  • Create an image of a Scenario

Help the audience creates an image of a person or situation or even ask them to try to imagine something. You must ensure that your speech is well delivered and your points get home. Involve the audience. I let them imagine the scene put this will make them easily understand your issues.

  • Use Bold Statements.

You need a bold and strong statement to start your commemorative speech; you might make a mistake if you start with just any information, for this will be imaginative and boring. Get one of the best statements that will be bold enough and entirely relate to the commemorative speech. Also, show confidence to your audience, for this will make them trust your words.

Factors you should keep in mind when crafting your Commemorative speech

  • Ensure to add a personal flavor

Share how the occasion or award has impacted your life and your friends and how big you will always appreciate it.

  • Show respect to the audience.

Ensure all your points are straightforward, mainly know your listeners and their interest, and watch their reactions to your speech closely.

  • Share your most heartfelt word and think of them thoroughly.

Use your head to think out your points correctly as you express your heartfelt gratitude for the person, occasion, or that you commemorate. Make your speech thoughtful and as appropriate as possible. By so doing you would have learned how to write a commemorative speech. 

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Features of a Commemorative Speech

A commemorative speech should be good enough to make your audience feel eager to hear what you have for them, making it easy to submit to you as you talk to them. Your speech must be;

  • Inspiring– as you make your commemorative speech entertaining, also consider sharing your gratitude and some inspirational points in your speech. Do enough research before starting writing your speech to avoid losing it before you finish it.
  • Engaging to make your commemorative speech engaging, creativity is the key to avoiding clichés. Stick to your points and complete explanations of them if any seem hard to understand, and answer any of the questions that might end up being posed to you by your audience.
  • Positively based– choose your words wisely to avoid your commemorative speech being boring. You can deliver a positive message to your audience and ensure your address is encouraging.
  • Most relevant -ensure you entirely stay connected to your listeners; you might also consider narrating some memories that you experienced as a team or even individual experiences that the audience will quickly grasp. Keep your speech specific and not so general, use practical examples, and always relate to the occasion at the time of your speech to avoid getting out of topic and losing your audience’s attention.

To Sum UP

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