How to Select an Essay Topic

How to Select an Essay Topic That Wins

In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to select an essay topic.

  • What to look for when selecting an essay topic?
  • .How to Identify the purpose of writing.
  • How stay consistent with your essay type.
  • How to compare and contrast essay topics.
  • Brainstorm.
  • .(And most important of all) How to analyze each potential essay topic.

.Let’s dive right in.

The topic selection process is complex, even for professionals in the field of essay writing. The tricky part is that you must select a topic that would lead to success with your audience. In this blog article, find out how to select an essay topic and the best way to ensure the success of your essay.


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How to Select an Essay Topic ?

There’s no wrong answer when choosing an essay topic, as long as you’re passionate about it. However, if you’re looking for a specific topic to write about, here are a few tips to get you started. 

1. Brainstorm ideas with friends or family.

The more people you involve in the decision-making process, the more likely you will come up with a topic that everyone is happy with.

2. Read articles and blog posts about similar topics.

This will help you understand what has been written about this topic before and what types of angles people are taking on it.

3. Look for prompts or inspiration online.

Many writing websites offer free essay prompts that can help spark your creativity and help you start writing without having to come up with a whole idea first.

4. Look at your current life experiences and see if they could be turned into essays.

For example, if you’ve recently ended a relationship or experienced another challenging event, that might make for an interesting essay topic.

What to Look for When Selecting an Essay Topic?

Selecting an essay topic can be daunting, but it will be much easier with little research. There are a few things you should consider before settling on a subject: 

Your interests. 

This is the most crucial factor when selecting an essay topic. If you have a specific interest or issue that you would like to write about, that is something to consider. However, if you are unsure what interests you, browsing through different essay topics can give you some ideas. 

The current events happening in the world. 

By looking at popular news articles or discussing these topics with friends, you can get a general idea of what is currently happening worldwide and what could be an interesting essay topic. 

The events and trends of your own life. 

This may seem cheesy, but you can create an intriguing essay topic by looking back over your life and thinking about significant moments. Whether it was your first kiss or your first job, many experiences can be turned into compelling essays.

Identify The Purpose of Writing

The purpose of writing an essay is to communicate your thoughts and ideas to other people. The best way to achieve this goal is to identify the purpose of writing and focus your essay on that specific goal. There are several purposes for writing essays, and you must determine which one you are aiming to achieve when you start your assignment. Everyday purposes for articles include:

  • To provide information
  • To argue a point
  • To share your experiences
  • To express your feelings
  • To show how you have learned from a particular experience
  • To develop your thinking
  • To collect evidence
  • To persuasively demonstrate a point

Essays are often used to communicate ideas and perspectives. However, writing an essay’s purpose may differ for every student. To select an essay topic that will benefit your academic and professional goals, it is essential to identify the purpose of writing. 

How To Stay Consistent with Your Essay Type

You may be tempted to choose an essay topic that interests you, but Resist the Urge. Stick with the same type of essay on a specific subject. This will help your readers understand what to expect from your work and make it easier for you to stay organized.

Consider what you know and want to learn when discussing an essay topic. Start by thinking about something that interests you, then research it to gain more information. Finally, use what you’ve learned to develop an argument or thesis that can be conveyed in writing.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind when selecting an essay topic:

  • Start with something that interests you 
  • Research the topic thoroughly before writing 
  • Develop an argument or thesis that is clear and concise

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When it comes to essay writing, it is essential to be consistent with your type of essay. This means you should select an essay topic you are comfortable writing about. This will help you stay focused and on track while writing your essay.

How To Compare And Contrast Essay Topics.

When it comes to selecting an essay topic, there are a few considerations that need to be made. The first is whether you want to focus on specific issues or topics or if you would like to explore a more general area. If you are focusing on particular topics, it might be helpful to research different viewpoints and develop a list of questions you would like to address. 

When choosing an essay topic, it is essential to consider what you are trying to communicate to your readers. Compare and contrast essay topics can provide a platform for discussing various issues in depth. This type of essay can be used to compare and contrast two different ideas, people, or objects.

1) Consider what interests you. Research-related topics and see if any of them fit the bill.

2) Look for opportunities to discuss controversial issues. If you’re interested in writing about a hot-button topic, look for essays discussing it from different viewpoints. This will allow you to present your perspective and those of others in the discussion.

3) Be creative. There are no strict rules when selecting an essay topic, so do whatever strikes your fancy. If you come up with the idea that feels off-the-wall but could potentially be interesting, give it a try.

4) Stick to topics that are relevant to your experience and knowledge. If you’re writing about something that’s not related


Think about what you want to write about. If you have specific interests or areas of expertise, it can be easier to pick a topic that falls within them. Second, consider what you think your audience will be interested in. 

If you know your classmates or friends well, it might be easier to choose a topic they would be interested in. However, if you don’t know anyone well or are writing an assignment for a class that isn’t explicitly focused on your interests, it might be helpful to consider more general claims and topics. 

Finally, take into account the structure of your essay. In particular, think about how you plan on approaching the topic and what kind of structure you want to use.

How To Analyze Each Potential Essay Topic

When selecting an essay topic, it is helpful to think about what you are interested in. Begin to look for topics that fit those interests. 

There are many essay topics to choose from, but it can be hard to know where to start. We’ll help you narrow your options by analyzing each potential case.

1. The Role of Religion in Society

Religion has a long and complicated history in society, and its role is still debated today. Scholars to understand the role of religion in society. Religion affects every aspect of our lives, from how we think and what we believe to how we make decisions and interact with other people. 

You will better understand how religion affects society as a whole. Each religion has its own sets of beliefs and practices that have shaped the way these religions have interacted with society over the years. We will look at how each religion has influenced social norms, political systems, and even economic development.

2. The History of Art

There’s a reason why art is often considered one of the most important subjects for study because it fascinates us on a fundamental level. 

Artists explore emotions and ideas through their work and often touch on themes relevant to our everyday lives. Whether you’re interested in classical sculpture or modern paintings, exploring the history of art would be an excellent topic for an essay.


By understanding the different types of essays and how to choose one that is both interesting and appropriate for your audience. you will be well on your way to writing a successful essay. Selecting an essay topic, I believe you will find the process more accessible than you. Write about it in an article. After all, you want to provide your readers with exciting and helpful information. 

However, it’s also important to remember that your essay should be personal to you. If you choose a topic that is too far removed from your own life experience, connecting with your readers will likely be challenging. You and explore them in-depth. As an educator, one of your biggest challenges is finding engaging and interesting essay topics for students to write about.

 In this article, we have discussed how to select an essay topic that will be both challenging and engaging for your students. Find an appropriate essay topic and some resources you can use to find the perfect option. 

How To Write a Tribute Speech

How To Write a Tribute Speech | Short But Memorable

Today you’re going to learn exactly How To Write a Tribute Speech.

The best part?

These tips compiled by our speech writing service are all super actionable. In the end you will be able to write a short but memorable tribute speech.

It means you can try to write your own tribute speech today. 

Let’s get started.

  • What is a Tribute Speech?
  •  Things to Note When Writing a Tribute Speech. 
  • Steps On How To Write a Tribute Speech
  • How To Capture Your Spectator’s Attention

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What is a Tribute Speech?

A tribute speech falls under the category of commemorative speeches. The main goal of writing a tribute speech is celebrating and uplifting, bringing listeners together and celebrating something that the person you’re writing about has ever done.

Tribute speeches are primarily used to celebrate, inspire and pass admiration and heartfelt gratitude for their subject. A tribute speech is written about someone, whether they are still alive or have passed away, for its primary goal is to highlight their accomplishments.

Tribute speeches are mainly made of praises about someone you love or someone you have respect for them. This speech is about writing about the best successes in life and the person’s qualities. You may also go ahead and share how they impacted your life or even play a role in making your life better.

One thing to do for sure is to ensure you come up with an effective tribute speech which will enable you to emotionally engage the audience and motivate listeners, allowing them to recall the most admirable things about the subject of your address.

This speech helps narrate the person’s legacy and outstanding accomplishments portraying a show of respect to the subject. Soldiers, for example, were one of the first segment of the to be commended in formal speeches for their commitment to the tranquility of everyday residents.

A tribute speech is intended to honor a certain person or group. Now you have learned what is a tribute speech, proceed on to learn how to write a tribute speech by yourself. However, if you opt to seek help, you can get it here. Our online ” write my speech writers !”  knows how to do this

 Things to Note When Writing a Tribute Speech. 

  •  The occasion that you’re writing the tribute speech fall.
  •  How to make a topic choice for your speech?
  •  Features of a tribute speech.

 You can give a speech at any of the following celebrations, occasions that attribute speech might be necessary

  •  Anniversary’s

  A tribute speech might be necessary on this occasion since the subject is making the end of a year over something—for instance, a remembrance day of a particular event, a birthday or even a wedding anniversary.

  • Reunion

On such occasions, this speech can is used to honor a senior or a sole member of the family. It’s not only used for family reunion occasions but also for sports, work, and vacation reunions or among people with a common interest.

  • In funerals and memorial services

On such occasions, a eulogy is most important, and having it as a type of tribute speech makes it usable on such an occasion. Since people gathered, there are celebrating the life of the person who passed away and expressed their respect and gratitude. On such an occasion, you will want your honor speech to encompass the best arguments and reflect a decent and accurate picture of the subject. Having a clear message that evokes emotions from the listeners should be essential. While learning how to write a tribute speech, it is also advised to practice the speech before making your presentation to familiarize yourself with it and make it easy for your narration.

  • Award receiving

A tribute speech is also used to honour the award one is receiving for it is an achievement, for instance, a piece of music, sports or a film award.

Steps On How To Write a Tribute Speech

  • Create a memory of the person or thing of the person
  •  Briefly write an outline of what you will be presenting.
  •  Practice or get to study your speech
  •  Get maximum attention from the audience
  • Share your points
  •  Have a strong finish.
  • Think of the person

There are questions that you should always bear in mind when writing a tribute speech. You should always be aware of the reasons why you are writing it.

Is it about their positive traits? Or do you want to pass a particular message to the audience to make them better understand the subject?

In this type of speech, the speaker is free to express emotions or even share them with the audience, so it is your responsibility to note the emotion you want your audience to feel. In the case of a memorial location or funeral, you might want your words to bring a sense of happiness.

It is also essential to make sure you are considerate of the person you are writing about, and the audience since writing a tribute speech is not the same as writing a speech for a friend.

  • Write an Tribute Speech Outline

It is crucial to write an tribute speech outline before beginning writing your speech. This will help you put together your thoughts before putting them on a paper. Make sure to include as many words as possible, but as for a eulogy speech where you’re given a limited time, you might consider limiting your speech for sometimes knowing what to say when a person has passed away isn’t easy. An outline helps straightforwardly establish your thoughts, making it easy during the presentation.

  • Grow the audience’s devotion

The outline might be the most challenging part when narrating your speech. Getting the audience’s responsiveness to start the dialogue is not easy. For example, when you’re presenting a speech during a memorial and everyone’s emotions are high, it might be hard to get them to focus on what you say in the case where you’re narrating your speech at an occasion or carnival. It might not be easy as well.

How To Capture Your Spectator’s Attention

Students sometimes are challenged on how to write case study or any regular assignment. If in a memorial event, you would want to remind the audience about the deceased person and how he played a role in bringing them together. Go ahead by telling them about your relationship with the deceased.

You should also ensure to appeal to the audience and develop a connection with your words on a personal level, and you relate to the listeners themselves.

You can also opt to start by giving them a personal story about yourself, for humans are naturally down when it comes to stories. An account will help bring the audience closer to you, and they will grant you their attention. They have made it easy for you to share your speech with their full attention.

  • Share your points

 All you need is to make sure that the audience gets your point loud and clear; although it might be tempting to keep introducing yourself at this point, it’s essential to keep your introduction brief so that you should share the points as soon as possible than sharing them later. A concisely worded speech will considerably impact accurate poses and gravity compared to the one with extended, lengthy sentences.

 In a tribute dialogue, you will find it necessary to share the following;

  1. Share the person’s characteristics or traits
  2.  She had the person’s accomplishments and deeds
  3.  Let the audience know about the lasting impact that the subject made.
  4.  Share your experience with the subject.

 Perfect your skills on how to write a tribute speech by providing objective evidence to what you say might be necessary memories, attributes, and some of the things the subject created will help support the issue in their life.

 Sharing your points will depend on you, for it is always advisable to consider how you knew the subject from a personal view if there might be any touching or funny memory? or even a particular side of the matter? These are some of the questions to answer while writing your speech.

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  • Finish strong

Finishing your tribute speech on a high note will create a more significant impact. You may choose to use famous poems or even quotes that will provide a summary of your speech. Or you might even consider finishing up with the quote that is a familiar saying that’s the subject used to quote in their life. It will help lift the audience fondly having memory or even remembering the person.

Your strong finishing may also help you reminiscence your key points or make a concluding declaration about the individual.

You might also consider asking the audience to recall any of their favorite’s recollection would make this soul. Ensure you leave your audience with memorable things.

  • Practice your tribute speech.

Practicing is the final stage of writing your tribute speech; it’s time to go through and practice what you’ve written. Here are some of the tips to use if you get anxious.

  1. Imagine your speech as a performance. When practicing, ensure you do not just take it as a reading but as more of a performing act. Practicing will help you boost your courage.
  2. Ensure to emphasis on the storytelling expertise
  3.  Pass out your desire and practice how to make contact with the audience.
  4. Practice your posture to make it perfect during the presentation.

As this a practice makes perfect. You should ensure to put emotions into your topics, which will help show your speech is genuine and make feelings pass to your audience. You can also share your speech with a family member or friend before the day comes.

Since the primary goal is celebrating, uplifting the lives of the diseased, bringing listeners together and even sharing with them more about the subject, it is your role to ensure that that is delivered. By following all these stated above you would have learned how to write a tribute speech.

Strategic Management Assignment Help

Strategic Management Assignment Help and Writing Service

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What is Strategic Management ?

Strategic management is a process of making decisions based on an organization’s strategic plans and its current capabilities. It considers a variety of factors, such as competitors, societal needs, external threats and opportunities.

Strategic management is important for organizations because it determines the direction of where they try to go in the future for optimal outcomes. It also provides guidance for decision making in different areas of the business like production, marketing or human resources.

It also helps an organization develop a plan for implementing the strategy and it may affect organizational structure and composition. In addition, organizations will benefit using strategic management if they can utilize their resources in the best manner possible to achieve their objective. This is why it is important to learn some basic strategies, which help with tactical decisions regarding operations of the organization.

Types of Strategic Management

 There are three main types of strategic management:

  • Internal strategic management- is an entity’s attempt to focus its short-term actions on profitable growth and long-term sustainability. The target of internal strategic management is to make the organization able to perform better in future years.
  • External strategic management -is an entity’s attempt to focus its short-term actions on how it can compete better with other companies, increase competitiveness and maximize value through differentiating itself from its competitors. The target of external strategic management is to make the organization able to perform better in future years.
  • Inter-organizational strategic management- is an entity’s attempt to focus its short-term actions as an enterprise, usually within industries or geographic regions, on how it can compete better on a global scale.

Importance of Strategic Management

  1.  It maximizes the effectiveness of an organization’s human, financial, and physical resource by aligning its performance with the organization’s mission and strategy. Additionally, it identifies measures for the effectiveness of the strategy, and ensures that the measure is used to evaluate progress.
  2. A strategic management process helps an organization and its managers plan and execute their operations, by identifying how well they are aligning their vision and mission with their resources (human, financial, physical) in order to reach targets. It also provides a framework for evaluating whether these resources are working as effectively as possible by analyzing performance on key measures.
  3. Strategic management is important because it gives a company an advantage in the current competitive environment. Strategic management allows an organization to push its potential further, faster. Without strategic management a company will always be looking into the past and never into the future. Also, the systematic approach in planning, organizing, financing, staffing, and controlling operations contribute to the achievement of its overriding objective.
  4. Strategic management is important because it allows for the organization to have a long term plan in order for the organization to grow and also be able to meet its goals. This can be done through strategic management by developing a business philosophy as well as a mission statement.
  5. Strategic management is important because it allows for the planning of an organization and where it wants to go. Without strategic management, an organization will never know what it wants and what its plan of action should be.
  6. Strategic management is important because it allows for the assembly of a team that best fits the organization needs. It does this through a strategic process or plan.
  7. Strategic management is important because it allows for the allocation of resources best suited for an organization’s situation. This is done through strategic planning and analysis by means of SWOT analysis, environmental analysis and a PESTLE analysis, which leads to strategic decision-making.
  8. Strategic management is important because it allows an organization to link its activities to its strategy and to measure how closely they are linked.
  9. Strategic management is important because it allows for the allocation of resources and their proper use by the organization. It does this through strategic planning and analysis.
  10. Strategic management is important because it allows for the achievement of a business objective or goal through proper resource utilization and a strategic relationship between the resource, purpose, and benefit.

Units Studied Under Strategic Management Coursework.

  1. Introduction to Strategic Management.
  2. Analyzing Strategic Management.
  3. Making Decisions in Strategic Management.
  4. Organizing and Controlling Tasks in Strategic Management.
  5. Making Decisions in Business and Organizational Management.
  6. Strategic Management of a Business Organization.
  7. Operations Strategy in Strategic Management
  8. Industry Analysis in Strategic Management.
  9. Market Analysis in Strategic Management.
  10. Planning & Budgeting in Strategic Management.
  11. Organizational Learning in Strategic Management.
  12. Analysis of Strategic Management.
  13. Business Process Management
  14. Information Technology in Strategic Management.
  15. Strategic Management of Information System..
  16. Strategic Analysis and Planning.
  17. Supply Chain Management in Strategic Management

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Business Law Assignment Help

Business Law Assignment Help & Law Assignment Writing Service

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What is Business law ?

Business law is a legal system that governs the actions of companies, businesses and organizations. Businesses must ensure their transactions comply with the relevant laws in each country where they operate. Businesses are also subject to general commercial laws about, for example, fair trading and competition.

What is business law all about?

Business law is about the legal obligations that businesses have towards each other, their customers and the public in general. These include:

  • ensuring property rights for businesses;
  • ensuring that businesses are run fairly and efficiently;
  • ensuring that customers get what they pay for; and
  • protecting the environment so as to protect health and safety of the community in which they operate.


Types Of Business Law

  1. Contract law

Contract law is one of the ways business law deals with commercial relationships between two or more parties. These are usually written down in a contract, which sets out how the parties will make decisions, how they will share risks and rewards, what happens if things go wrong, and so on. It is surprising how many people are surprised to learn that there are written legal contracts for everything from buying a newspaper at a train station to buying a house.

  1. Corporate law

Corporate law deals with important legal questions raised by the existence of companies. For example, what are a company’s directors’ duties? What happens when they breach their duty? What happens when they die or become mentally incapable? Corporate law also deals with takeovers, mergers and insolvency: that is, how to deal with businesses that can no longer afford to trade and still have obligations to pay their creditors (debtors).

  1. Insolvency law

Insolvency law deals with cases where one party is unable to pay his debts. This can happen when the company has gone bust or, more often, when a company is so insolvent that it has no assets left.

  1. Unfair business law

Unfair business law is part of company law. It is concerned with making sure those companies and other businesses behave fairly towards their customers. If a company gets in financial difficulties and needs to be restructured, they must try to do so in a way which gives their customers the best possible chance of getting back what they are owed. One way of ensuring that this happens is to ensure, by statute, that directors have a duty to the business (so called “fiduciary duties”).

Importance Is Business Law

  1. Business law deals with the rules and regulations of business

The law of each jurisdiction provides guidelines on what is allowed or prohibited in doing business. Businesses codify these laws into codes and statutes, which they use as a guideline to ensure that they do not violate any legal requirements. Businesses are legally obliged to comply with the codes and statutes. Breaching these codes and statutes can lead to legal consequences such as fines or being barred from carrying out further business activities.

  1. business laws provide guidelines on what is called ‘Contract law’, which is basically a set of rules that govern the agreement between two parties. Contract law covers almost any business transaction or contract through which one party agrees to supply goods or services and the other agrees to purchase it.

Contract law is essential for businesses to protect themselves from legal liability arising from their agreements with other parties. For example, suppose that you go into a dry cleaner’s shop and leave your suit for cleaning safely in their care.

  1. Business laws provide guidelines on what is called ‘Trade practices’, which regulate unfair competition among businesses or individuals in trade or commerce.

Businesses often promote themselves and their products through advertisements, displays, sales promotions and other methods. Competitors can take legal action to stop such false and misleading advertisements. Competitors may also compare their own prices with the prices of other companies in order to give consumers information which will enable them to make comparisons and decide whether they want to buy from a particular company or not.

  1. It establishes systems for dealing with claims such as breach of contract and product liability. Businesses have to be prepared to deal with claims made against them by either consumers or other businesses. For example, a consumer could claim that they bought an unsafe product or service, or a business could claim that they were not paid for goods or services delivered on time.
  2. It establishes whether a firm or corporation has a legal basis for undertaking its operations in certain jurisdictions, and is applied to issues such as bankruptcy, shareholder protection, and company law. For example, a firm or corporation that has a legal basis in one country but not in another country can operate as a foreign company and may be sued by its shareholders or customers.

Units Under Business Law As a Course

  1. Administration
  2. Business Studies
  3. Personnel Management
  4. Business Policy
  5. Business Paper Writing
  6. Commercial Law
  7. Corporate Law
  8. Economic Doctrine and Institutions
  9. Human Resources Management
  10. Post-Graduate Studies in Business Administration
  11. Public Administration and Management Studies

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Literature Essay Topics

150 Unique Literature Essay Topics for College Students (2020 List)

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This in itself is a tiresome and time-consuming task that if not well handled might both discourage and confuse students.

In Just 4 Steps

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Literature is not only meant to provide the audience with a clear picture of the society but it also touches on other fields such as psychology, political science, history and comparative literature. It therefore, can hardly take a reasonable person to deduce that in order for a literature student to excel, he or she has to be well conversant with the above-mentioned areas.

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How to Write a Critical Essay

How to Write a Critical Essay (Start-End)|Outline & Structure

If you want to know how to write a critical essay there’s one thing you need to know:

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Go through this experts’ steps on how to write a critical essay, at the end you will be able to understand the main text, conduct research and write your own good critical essay.

Lets break it down;

  • What is a Critical Essay?
  • Features of a Critical Essay
  • How To Write a Critical Essay- steps
  • Pro Tips About Writing a Critical Essay
  • The Critical Essay Outline 

What is a Critical Essay?

A critical essay is an analysis and evaluation of a document, either a book, a movie, an article, or even a piece of art while responding to its central themes and offering a good evaluation of how the themes are conveyed by the author. A writer can support his or her claims with evidence from other secondary sources of information. The word ‘critical’ in this type of essay doesn’t necessarily mean judging the content or quality of the document you are analyzing, critical essays are simply discerning and analytical.

 Features of a Critical Essay

Critical essays can be written on a wide range of textual subjects; poems, video games, films, and more. However, despite the subject matter under discussion, any critical essay has the following attributes.

The Central Claim

Your critical essay ought to have a central claim about a text. This is usually written in the thesis statement and supported by strong evidence all through paragraphs. In some critical essays, you can equally bolster the argument by offering potential counterarguments, then provide strong evidence that clears the counterargument.

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The Evidence

When you make a central claim in a critical essay, your claim must be backed up with proof. The evidence in a critical essay can come from textual support. These can be dialogues or descriptions within the document that supports the argument. The evidence in critical essays can also come from secondary sources of information which give weight to your argument.

The conclusion

After presenting your claims and arguing them out with sufficient evidence, you shall give your critical essay closure by offering a succinct conclusion. The conclusion is a convincing summary of the essay’s argument offering important insights from the body of work being criticized.

  1. To give a summary of the above points, your essay is critical if it does the following;
  2. Offers a thesis about the central themes in the document being criticized.
  3. Talks about what an author or an artist wanted to convey in the themes
  4. Touches on the techniques used by the artist or author to bring out the themes

How To Write a Critical Essay- Steps

Steps a Writer follows in writing a critical essay

Analysis in a critical analysis involves breaking down and studying the document whereas evaluation on the other hand involves looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the document

Here are the steps one takes to write a critical essay;

  • How to Start Writing a Critical Essay: Study the document

It is impossible to write a great critical essay if you don’t understand the subject matter you are evaluating. If you are writing an essay about a film or a book or a video, you need to have a thorough understanding of it. And thus the first thing to do as a writer shall be to critically study the particular document, if it is a movie, you shall have to watch it three or four times. If it is a book, you shall have to read it thoroughly. And while at it, it is important to take notes; take notes of the instruments used to pass a particular message or theme within that document. You can check the stylistic devices, the grammar used, and the choice of words. You can think of the questions that cross your mind when you read the book or watch a particular film or study the work of art under discussion and write down those questions.

  • Secondly: Organizing your thoughts

The second step in writing this type of essay is organizing your thoughts. All you have to do at this point is to find out the core topic under discussion and the problem within that document. What is the central claim and on top of that, what is some of the evidence that the artist or author uses to support that claim? When you understand those, it shall be easy to compare your subject matter with similar bodies of work that correspond with that.

At this step, you can brainstorm what you think about the themes, and also how you feel about the topic. You can think of related ideas that arise when you think about the themes and write them down on paper. Once you have your ideas written down, start looking for gaps and points that need further research. To understand the original document better, you should find secondary sources of information to help you have better knowledge of what you are criticizing.

  •  Thirdly: State a Thesis

This is a critical step in your critical essay writing because this is where you take a stand. You shall write a thesis that has two parts namely;

  1. A claim 
  2. The details supporting it.

You do this by looking at the information you have gathered from the particular document and secondary sources; based on those, you can come up with a strong thesis that will guide the rest of your writing.

The thesis statement simply does the following;

  • Assert your claim
  • Offers a preview of the structure of your essay
  • And finally make a unique argument that can be reasoned out.

Fourth: Write Critical Essay Outline

You can’t write the essay without outlining it, you will have to structure your points into paragraphs so that when you start writing, the ideas flow seamlessly. At this point of your writing, you need to have your arguments and the evidence you need to evaluate your essays. The evidence ought to be supporting the thesis statement.

Five: Critical Essay Draft

Once you have an outline, it is time to get into the writing part. You can start with a summary of the work and then respond to its main claims. Make analysis and evaluation of the work with evidence. You can write a precise conclusion that is full of piercing insights.

This is academic writing so stay formal and objective while using the right language. You shall also have to reference your work since you use secondary sources for evidence. Transition well between paragraphs to help your readers follow your line of thinking.

Six: Editing and Improvement of a Critical Essay

This is the step where you check your grammar and factual accuracy in the essay. You can read it two or three times to pick out all the errors. You can have a second eye look at it to give you feedback on its readability and engagement level. You can then make the necessary revisions until your work looks neat and presentable.

Pro Tips About Writing a Critical Essay

To write a captivating critical essay, you can have the following at the back of your mind.  All a critical essay does is assess your level of thinking. It is simply put an analysis-and argument-building procedure. And to craft a well thought out critical essay, do the following;

  • Be a smart reader or a deep analyst of documents’; when you study the subject matter, get into the specific details. The artist’s or author’s claims, the controversial aspects of it, and the strengths and weaknesses presented in the document.
  • Another effective strategy would be to take a look at some critical essays; it shall be good to have something to benchmark on during your writing. This doesn’t mean you copy other people’s work but finding an example of a critical essay will guide you on the structure to follow while writing.
  • The third tip that can help you develop a great critical essay would be to write the essay in advance as opposed to rushing at the last minute. When you start to write early, it gives you a good time to collect enough evidence, introduce a thesis, and write and edit well. The earlier the better.
  • The fourth tip is to remember to introduce the artist or the author whose work you are evaluating in the essay.
  • The fifth tip is to avoid opinions and instead focus on facts supported by evidence from credible sources of information. You can put in quotes from academic sources, paraphrases, and references from other sources of information within the essay. This helps validate your arguments.
  • The sixth and most important tip that shall guide while writing a critical essay is to avoid the tendency to summarize the document instead of interpreting and evaluating. Resist the urge to retell the plot.

The Critical Essay Outline 

Your outline for the Essay shall look like this;

How to write critical Essay Introduction

This shall capture the following;

  • Title of the document and Author/Artist
  • The publication information
  • The topic and purpose statement
  • Your thesis statement

The Body of Your essay;

This shall touch a little on the summary of the document, book or film you are writing.

The interpretation and evaluation of the document; discuss style and organization, analysis of the topic, and an examination of the document’s effectiveness in communicating with its audience

How to Write Critical Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, critical essays should always provide a fair and balanced analysis of the issue at hand. Your essay should not only summarize the main points but also offer your own point of view. Be sure to restate your thesis statement and leave your reader with something to think about. How do you feel about the issue now that you’ve read all sides? Is there anything else you would like to add?

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