How To Write a Campaign Speech

How To Write a Campaign Speech (Introduction-End) With Example

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  • What is a Campaign Speech?
  • How To Start A Campaign Speech
  • How Politicians Use Campaign Speeches
  • How To Write a Campaign Speech
  • To Sum UP

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What is a Campaign Speech?

This type of speech is used by politicians when vying for a publicly elected seat, often to deliver speeches during their campaigns to promote their platforms. This speech helps establish a connection between the official and the audience during the campaign. The main aim of a campaign speech is to persuade the audience about something or advance a cause. Researching a campaign speech may take a lot of work and time, and giving a campaign speech before an audience requires talent. Presidential campaign speeches are the most well-known among all the types of campaign speeches.

How To Start A Campaign Speech

 The most crucial parts of the speech include the beginning. One should remember that as they write their campaign speech, they must have probably heard the initial impression matter. A good campaign speech not only gives you a fight for the candidacy position but also helps you stand out from the other candidates. Therefore, your speech must be logical and should only point out the most critical information you want to give out in your speech.

Your audience might have probably turned out and ended up not hearing the primary point of your speech if you begin drowning without excitement and enthusiasm. If you’re talking to an association, company, or college student, your speech will be different if required. When you start giving your speech, you must ensure to keep all of this in mind;

  • Make an introduction of yourself.

If it’s time to start your campaign, you might need to introduce who you are briefly, and your titles since it includes more than simply your name. Talk about who you are, what position you’re running for, and why you’re running for that position

  •  Summarize your brand position

 It is not primarily necessary to lie about your entire strategy in the introduction; instead, you can briefly give precise information about who you are and what you believe in.

  •  Talk about your promises.

 In this part, ensure to talk about any of the changes you intend to mention in the introduction so that you may later restate them and explain how you plan to implement them in their speech’s body.

  • List out your qualifications.

In this part, list the qualifications you need for the position you’re running up for. For example, if you’re a presidential candidate, you may listen to the degree certificates needed for running for the position and maybe also talk about your leadership skills.

We have a different guide dedicated to writing a great introduction. Ensure you have a look at it  an in-depth look at how to make a good first impression on your reader.

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How Politicians Use Campaign Speeches

There are several ways in which the speaker can use political speeches.

  •  These speeches are primarily implemented in municipal and federal politics. During the election season, campaign speeches are frequently given by the politicians who mainly want to inform the public about their performance and platforms and obtain their votes.
  • It may be used in schools by students running for school offices. By so doing, the young generation might improve their public speaking skills by participating in student elections such as the ones for class officers.
  •  Making a speech in front of an audience is how people get to introduce themselves with that candidate wins or loses the election. They can still use their speech to express their sincere gratitude to their supporters.
  •  Businesses might also use this speech when announcing a new brand or even a business venture.

How To Write a Campaign Speech

 The rating of a campaign speech follows a step-by-step procedure with a set of fundamental ideas.

  • Ensure to list the critical concept in the speech’s pillars
  •  Ensure to organize pillars to describe the significant modifications and any necessary steps to bring them about.
  •  One should select a delivery style that will help maximize the audience’s affect and appeal to emotions that will help engage the audience.
  • Use dialogue, Storytelling, and comedy to ensure a good connection with your audience is effectively set.
  • Give any required background information and achievement to demonstrate the speech writer’s ability to fulfill goals.

The Foundation Of a Campaign Speech

At this point, you are required to discuss your ideas and problems that you would like to fix and make sure you lay out the methods you will use to do so.

  • Connect with your audience. Ensure that you know the kind of audience you’re having; for example, if you have students as your target audience, you should use simple experiences that will make it easy for them to understand.  
  • Talk about improvements and the positive aspects while comforting your audience.
  • Use ways to draw the attention of your audience. You may use stories to break your lengthy speech and keep the audience cheerful. Tell your audience that they can participate in your campaigns and give them roles to participate in your campaign office or campaign parades.

Campaign Speech Writing Style.

Ensure that the style of your speech contains the following components;

  • Word selection. Select your words carefully as they display the bigger picture of your information
  • The tone you’re going to use to deliver your speech. You may use a polite, optimistic, positive, or enthusiastic tone. Choose from the varieties according to the audience you’re addressing. In a campaign speech, a formal and positive tone might be considered the best
  • Alternate between long and short sentences to avoid missing out on the points you have
  • Use symbolism. This is essential because you engage your audience actively, and they understand what you’re trying to explain. you may also use relevant examples to elaborate on your symbolism

When writing a campaign speech, the editor should keep the following things in mind.

  • The audience. The language of the speech should be easily understandable because your audience will have different types of people. Some might be literate, and some illiterate. It is essential to choose a language that the audience understands to make what the speaker is saying clear to the audience.
    •  The purpose of this speech should be apparent at the point of address, along with the desired aims and goals.
    •  The tone should be appropriate for the audience and the setting. The speaker should maintain a conversational tone to engage the audience in the speech.
    • Choice of words in a campaign speech is crucial. Use words that the audience can easily understand; for example, one may choose to use primary education vocabulary, which may make the speech look uneducated while using a complex vocabulary can alienate an audience.
    • The speech should have an introduction, the body, and a conclusion.
    • Make sure to maintain your focus on the topic you’re talking about. Avoid repetition because it only makes you look confused, which may distract your audience.
    • Connect with the emotions of your audience, and engage with them. This is an effective way to persuade people trying to propose to you.
    • Utilize your advantages like deciding on which topic and arguments you have in your favor
    • Make sure your speech words are systematically flowing in the correct order.
    • Keep your speech brief to avoid being boring to your audience. Lengthy speeches tend to bore your audience, and they start getting distracted.
    • Be confident while giving your speech. As you speak, avoid rumbling words unnecessarily and be loud enough to get your audience’s attention.
    • Engage with your audience. Make it look like you’re having a discussion even though speech giving is a monologue. It also makes the activity interactive.
    • Jot down your ideas for the speech on a paper or in case you forget what you would want to speak next

How To End a Campaign Speech

Make sure you conclude your speech with a firm conclusion. You may do this by doing the following;

  1. Go over your main points shortly when you reach your conclusion to freshen the minds of your audience. A summary of your plans would be good for you and your speech.
  2. Point out your importance to the audience. Remind them of your intentions once again.
  3. As this is a campaign speech, ask your audience for their vote. List some of the promises you can fulfill but not too many.
  4. You may end with an exciting or capturing quote. Use a quote that is new or not used a lot. Figure out a quote that corresponds with your speech to avoid confusion and not making sense.
  5. At the end of your speech, you may ask questions to interact with your audience. For example, ask them what they haven’t understood or allow them to ask questions from their point of view. Answer the questions politely, even if they are intimidating. Maintain calm to avoid rudeness which might anger your audience, causing distractions and hate.
  6. End your speech with passion. It’s good to end your speech with enthusiasm, this will psych up your audience, and they’ll be happy. Your audience will show gratitude and happiness and might also give you a round of applause as an appreciation of your excellent speech.
  7. Finally, make it known that your speech has come to an end. Thank the audience for being attentive to you.

To Sum Up:

6 Elements of a Press Release For An Event

This is a list of 6 Elements of a Press Release that are working great right now.

Thanks to the Elements of a Press Release in this post, continue reading, our our write my essay for me cheap service will explain the 6 elements of a press release, list some tips on how to write a press release using helpful writing tips and examples. But first things first — let’s start with press release definition.

Let’s get right into the elements.

  • What is a Press Release?
  • Elements Of A Press Release
  • Press Release Pre Writing Tips
  • How To Finish a Press Release?
  • How To Send The Press Release?

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What is a Press Release?

A press release is a certified declaration or information written or recorded by an organization that should go to the news media and beyond. It can also be defined as a communication that helps announce a story to the public and is deliberately sent to journalists or media people with the name of making them publish the news provided. The press release is also known as a press report, newscast, or broadcasting release.

They are carved by organizations that include businesses or charities or from political aspirants and celebrities. A press release is said to be the most versatile piece of writing in communication. A press release is very important and helps safeguard coverage.

Elements Of A Press Release

A press release comprises six elements, including dateline, introduction, headline, body, and other components.

  •  The headline or title

 The headline of a press release helps summarize what the whole article is all about. The headline is the most important part of the press release since it is the first thing every reader sees. You should ensure that the headline is engaging and concise. The headline should be very effective to help grab the reader’s intention and increase the reader’s urge to keep reading. Here are some of the things you should avoid doing in the headline

  1. Ensure not to use closing punctuations
  2. Avoid exclamation marks.
  3. Always ensure all adverbs, adjectives, verbs, nouns and prepositions which are longer than four letters or longer start with a capital letter.
  4. It should be engaging and well written.
  5. Include some of the keywords from the body of your press release.
  6. Summary

 In this part, provide a summary of all the key points to answer the 5W’s questions; Where, why, when, what, and who. It will help readers easily grasp the general idea of the whole press release in two to three sentences.

  • The location and date line

As the name suggests in this part, you should ensure to indicate the location and date of the announcement. It should be written and separated from the first sentence buy end dash and spaces in the body’s first line. The ditch line plays an important role in ensuring that the journalist knows that the information in the press release was currently authored.

  • The body

It is the most important part of a press release. In the body, any important information and announcement are effectively provided in detail. The body might contain quotes that are involved directly in the news. Quotes help human touch, and it’s important to the business.

 The body is made up of a couple or more paragraphs. The body should follow the pyramid structure. Starting with the most relevant information and then the essential one.

  • The Boiler plate

The boilerplate is a paragraph that provides details, and a quick overview of the company being referred. It provides present reliable background data.

  • The ending or closing

 The ending marks the end of your submitted work. It is important to include an ending clause to avoid any extra information being mistakenly added during publishing.

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Press Release Pre Writing Tips

Before beginning your press release, here are some of the tips you might use to make your press professional;

  • Timely timing

Before reaching out to reporters, ensure enough research and provide all relevant information by the specified time of release. The research is to be done sometime before the release date.

Use a compelling title.

The title should be touchy and attention-grabbing since it gives the first impression of the whole announcement. The title should be short and compelling. This part determines if the reporter or reader will continue reading or leave it. If the title is interesting, the reporter will be urged to keep reading since the headline reflects the report’s headline.

Informative paragraphs

One should keep in mind that there are many press releases that the reporters read each day. Keeping the lead paragraph informative and ensuring easy flow will help the reporter understand the whole article. As said above, always make sure to answer the 5w’s questions. All core information is to be provided in the lead paragraph, and any other supporting information in the other parts of the press release.

Using supportive quotes

Since it is based on genuine facts use of supportive quotes will help create a human element and ease communication. These quotes can help add credibility and validation to the product to be highlighted and the whole announcement. Always confirm with the client if there are any quotes they would like to be used.

Use of a clear action call

It is most important to ensure you end the press release with a call of action if it is access to your contact info, signup sheet or even your website. You should always avoid leaving the reader digging to look for additional information. For example, on an occasion when attention spans are short, provide it to them with just a button click.

You might also consider including a photo. The photo helps display the story in just one picture, as in most stories in the news with a simple caption. It is most compelling and a great way to convey the information.

When choosing the pictures, ensure to think big and avoid portrait pictures. Also, avoid using images with flashy logos since they look bad in the background. In a case where you should use a black and white picture, ensure to check on the tones.

Here are some of the things to avoid

  •  Make sure not to offer opinions; be sure to avoid any fluff. Ensure it is based on real facts.
  •  Please avoid using the first-person narration. Could you avoid using the me or us outside quote? Always use the third person.
  • Don’t use words like “you” to avoid addressing the customer directly.

In Summary;

  • Have a strong Go straight to the point and be enduring since you have a short time to ensure you grab the reader’s attention.
  •  Write professionally to avoid errors and silly mistakes. Ensure to proofread and avoid any slang and glitches.
  •  Make use of relevant quotes. If the business or industry you are writing about has a quote that can help illustrate or clearly define what you want to talk about, ensure to use the quote.
  • Ensuring to provide the solution towards solving it is almost certain that every cell starts with the problem, and they always have to be a solution provided to solve it. Also, ensure not to do the salesperson’s job since this information will be in the news.
  • Make the press release punchy. Using 25-word sentences or fewer words for this will help make it punchy.
  • Keep it as tight as possible. Use a few paragraphs to get your points to the target, and avoid lengthy and waffle explanations. Include all the key information in the first paragraph to make it easy to understand the entire context just by reading it.

How To Finish a Press Release?

It is important to have a conclusion signal at the end in bold. Provide information about how people can reach you, “please contact,” and give details of your handles or a definite person. So that journalists can easily reach you consider providing your phone number.

If required, you can also consider providing more information in the ‘notes to editors’ section. Also, ensure to number these points to make your press release as smart as possible.

How To Send The Press Release?

Generally, ensure you use email to send your press release to make the subject line more attention-clinching. Ensure it is pasted rather than sent as an attachment to avoid your email from being flagged as spam. Since journalists end up receiving lots of emails, ensure you do a follow-up using phone calls to be sure they have seen your email.

Aerospace Engineering Assignment Help

Aerospace Engineering Assignment Help & Coursework Service

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What Aerospace Engineering ?

Aerospace engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with aircraft and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing, building, testing and maintaining machines that fly in the air or in outer space.

The field relies primarily on design according to aerodynamic principles. From this basis, aerospace engineers attempt to balance performance, weight cost, power output, operating costs and reliability. Aircraft engineers apply knowledge of fluid mechanics and structural mechanics to produce efficient designs that avoid excessive weight and resist failure from mechanical loads.

Surveying is an important aspect of Aerospace engineering.  The design and construction of a perfect surveying instrument is essential to the overall success of the project. By combining knowledge of mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, electrical systems, navigation systems and geophysics Aerospace engineers can easily design and develop effective and low cost surveying instruments to meet the needs of their projects. Surveyors are necessary for building civil infrastructure projects such as roads, cables, power grids, pipelines and electrical grids.

Types Of Aerospace Engineers

  1. Research and Development

Research and Development (R&D) engineers plan the major elements of aircraft systems, including power plants, structures, flight controls, and avionics systems. They also design new components for aircraft and other equipment. R&D jobs can be challenging because of the high level of responsibility required to make decisions quickly without getting them wrong. In addition, R&D engineers often work long hours at their own pace in a very rewarding but highly stressful job environment.

  1. Aeronautical Engineers

An aeronautical engineer uses mathematical and scientific principles to design, build and test aircraft. They must learn about everything from the physical properties of air to the psychology of flying in order to design aircraft that are safe and efficient. Aeronautical engineers also need a good understanding of economics, business, management and marketing — as well as specialized computer skills.

  1. Aerospace Engineering Technician

Aerospace engineering technicians specialize in the maintenance and repair of equipment used in aviation or space development, testing or navigation. They may change parts of a plane’s wing or design instruments to measure performance and speed. They also test air pressure and temperature, as well as the components of new aircraft designs. Their work involves performing tests or making adjustments on the planes in order to keep them flying safely. Aerospace engineering technicians can work in different settings, including an airplane factory, a test site or a military base.

  1. Computer Systems Engineer

Computer systems engineers design computer systems for aerospace companies such as NASA, their contractors and vendors. These engineers need a broad understanding of computer systems, networks and telecommunications. They also must know how to apply design principles toward a complex network of computers. These engineers sometimes must choose between either hardware or software development, depending on where they are employed and the systems that need to be developed.

  1. Spacecraft Systems Engineer

Spacecraft systems engineers have the responsibility for designing and developing satellites, space probes and any other space exploration products that may be required. Aerospace engineers use space travel to solve science and engineering problems, so the requirements for spacecraft systems engineers may vary widely. Today, their work is producing satellites to communicate with and possibly help in the search for extraterrestrial life.

  1. Aerospace Engineer

Space travel is one of the most important industries in the world today. Aerospace engineers design spacecraft, planes and engines dealing with air or space travel. They must design both new and advanced technology for airplanes or spacecraft that can handle the harsh environments of outer space. They may work for the government, private industry or a university.

  1. Aerospace Project Engineer

Aerospace project engineers are essential to the successful development of new aerospace systems. These engineers plan, coordinate, and lead other team members in the design, development and implementation of components and systems required to conduct aerospace projects.

 Why Is Aerospace Engineering Important?

Aerospace engineers are employed by aviation and aerospace companies, the military, research laboratories, universities, and other organizations to design project plans including aircrafts, satellites, spacecraft’s and rockets. They may also work on more technically focused tasks like system analysis or project management instead of more creative tasks such as product design. They design, test and sometimes even operate the system once it has been built.

These engineers are responsible for making sure that the system is safe and reliable. Aerospace engineers must be able to create new systems in accordance with strict guidelines and regulations. In many cases, including space exploration, this means going beyond what was initially planned for and designing systems that would have not been possible without engineering and research.

Aerospace engineering is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world because of its importance to our daily lives. Throughout the day you may use a product or system that was designed by an aerospace engineer. From the wireless connection you use to connect to the internet, to your cell phone and laptop computer and even to the GPS navigation system in your car, every device is reliant on aerospace engineering.

Aerospace engineers can also be found growing food and providing drinking water for people around the world through irrigation systems and desalination technologies. These engineers are also constantly working on new ways to expand our production of food and find new clean sources of water.

Top Topics studied under Aerospace Engineering

  1. Aircraft Performance Analysis
  2. Aerospace Systems Engineering
  3. Aerodynamics
  4. Aerospace Materials
  5. Aerospace Structures
  6. Control and Guidance
  7. Propulsion

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Social Science Research Topics

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Tips: The field of academic  that focus on aspects of human society are referred to as social sciences. It is generally used to refer to various fields outside the natural sciences such as;

International relations and social work among other subjects are majorly concerned with the application but do not constitute social sciences.

Reference: Wikipedia

Social Science involves the study of society and the way people’s behavior affects our world. There is a belief that it is a wider area of study that cannot be simplified, therefore, it needs a much wider view to understand and comprehend in life’s application.

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Computer Network Topics

100 Latest Computer Network Topics For Research and Thesis

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Computer Network Assignment Help Online

A computer network is defined as a group of interconnected computer systems and hardware whose objective is to share resources. Networks are differentiated from one another by their features. Therefore, if you want to do assignment on computer networks, you need to know all these network systems and how they work. This is not easy for many students who have a lot of assignments at school. Such students are advised to contract the services of a professional computer network assignment help. We recommend that you choose to work with experts from because we have competent writers with relevant experience.

Functions of Computer Networks

The major purpose of any computer network is to link all the computers within a specified area. Other than storing and updating data, Computer network assignment help experts add that these networks are also used to share and classify data. Computers utilize cables and other electronics to create a computer network whose function is to;

  • Enable communication through emails and video conferencing.
  • It also makes it possible for many computers to utilize a single hardware device such as a printer.
  • Makes it possible to share files by computers in the network
  • Some systems are able to allow sharing of software among computers
  • Makes the information easily accessible by computers in the network.

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Why Students Need Computer Network Assignment Help?

In pursuit of their various degree programs, students are usually given a lot of assignments that have to be written over a short period of time. This leaves the students exhausted from all these exercises. This task is tiresome because not only does it require one to possess excellent writing skills, but also dedicate quality time for research. Therefore, many students contract the services of a competent computer network assignment help so that they can utilise their time in doing other assignments.

Types of Computer Network

There are various types of computers based on their categories:

WAN (Wide Area Network)

This is a computer network that is designed to cover a large area. The area covered may extend to various miles sometimes covering an entire country. This network is mostly used by big telecommunications companies. However, this network is very expensive to contract and the companies have to pay huge fees because of its incredibly high speed. Apart from telecommunication companies, huge business organizations and government institutions such as electoral commissions and security institutions are also known to use this network. In developing the Wide Area Network, there are various technologies such as optical fiber that are integrated. Over the last ten years, WAN has undergone some radical improvements which have seen the network’s speed jump exponentially from 110 bits per second to over 100 gigabits per second.

LAN (Local Area Network)

This network covers a smaller area compared to WAN and it is mostly utilized in a single buildings. This type of network is commonly utilized in academic institutions and offices because they require a single administration unit. In many cases, LAN utilizes a single server whose features are unique to the organization and the storage space is suitable for the organization’s needs. This network can be utilized by two or even three hundred computer users depending on the size of the organization. In this age, WIFI is the most widely used LAN. Recently, wireless LANs have been developed and are more convenient to use and less expensive to procure. There are simple LANs that have two switches which are connected to the internet. However, complex LANs have been developed that utilize the spanning tree protocol which is meant to prevent any overlaps among users in the network.


This is the most common network used today since it utilizes wireless technology. It is used in many private and public institutions such as schools and hospitals. According to Computer network assignment help professionals, the internet is used in the exchange of resources among individuals in the whole world using TCP/IP technology. It is also called the Internet Area Network which is in line with the vision that it will take over the future. The internet is so flexible that it enables the free transmission of data in all countries without having any physical and geographical obstructions. In the last ten years, various computer architectural designs have been merged to develop the Internet Area Network whose basis is cloud computing.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

This computer network covers larger areas than LAN but smaller areas than WAN. MAN is mostly used in computer systems such as the Ethernet and ATM machines. This network can cover an entire city and may be used by local television and radio stations. Basically, MAN uses various transmission waves such as microwave and the infra-red waves to connect LANS from different buildings. MAN has a medium coverage that can be effective within a radius of around forty kilometers thus making them suitable for towns and cities. Today, MAN networks have been greatly improved with some boasting network speeds of slightly under 155Mbps. This is because they use a Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) that comes with an IEEE 802.6 standard of data.

computer network topics
WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

The major difference between this network system and LAN is that whereas LAN requires wires to operate, this one is wireless. Radio signals are a good illustration of how this system works. This wireless feature is very convenient as users can move around within the area of its coverage without losing their network. WLAN 802.11g IS the most effective recent version and divides the usability of WLAN into two ad hoc and infrastructure categories. Whereas clients can transmit data among themselves in the ad hoc mode, the data is sent to an access point where it can be retrieved by any members in the infrastructure category.

CAN (Campus Area Network)

This is a network connecting distinct LAN areas. It has a central server where it is possible for all files to be stored and retrieved by users. This is mainly used in organizations with various departments and allows for sharing of files among these departments. Basically, CAN is a smaller form of MAN in that it can be used by the same organization but among its various department buildings. For purposes of security, the hardware used in transmission of data is owned by the parent organization or business. CAN is very effective within an area of 8 kilometers and boasts of high speed data making it effective for use in the corporate space.

SAN (Storage Area Network)

This network is not common among corporate organizations and is often utilized as a source of information. It is mainly available on website pages that have the option of downloading. Cabling, Host Bus Adapters and switches are the three major devices that define a Storage Area Network. The SAN operates by reorganizing stored data from the central network into distinct high speed networks. This operation enables all the servers within the system to access this storage section. However, SAN is only limited to block level operations and may not be effective in file abstractions. In execution of its functions, SAN utilizes Fiber Channel Protocol among other devices so as to enable communication among its hardware.

PAN (Personal Area Network)

This network is more effective in enabling communication among three or less computer devices within a radius of just a few meters in a room. This network is mostly manifested when an individual connects his laptop to a printer with his phone connected to the laptop. Wireless PAN utilises the standard IEEE 802.15 with the most common example being Bluetooth.

SAN (System Area Network)

It is also called Cluster Area Network. And it can operate at very high speeds of upto 1Gbps while having low latency. It is common among computers that are clustered together and require very high speeds to operate. This network is utilised to link all computers within this cluster while guaranteeing maximum security and low margins of error. Since this network uses Remote Direct Memory Access Mechanism, it is highly suitable for transmission of heavy data.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Networking

Computer networking has had several positive impacts on humanity such as allowing people from different cultures to freely connect as if they were together. However, Computer network assignment help experts argue that there have been some negative effects like the security risks associated with this system. We will analyse some of these merits and demerits.


Computer networks are generally very expensive to install and this is considered one of the biggest challenges in their usage. According to Computer network assignment help experts, very basic computer networks used at workplaces like modems can cost a fortune. This is especially difficult in businesses where a lot of money is required to set up these networks.


Policing Usage

Policing is mostly common in internet networks and this behaviour is frowned upon in many countries. Though undesirable, policing of the internet aides government security agencies detect any threats to people’s security. To further understand the merits and demerits of the internet, utilise the Computer network assignment help experts at

Communication and Information

Businesses are the greatest beneficiaries of networking in regard to the amount of information they can transmit especially through the internet. It allows business to operate across borders without any barriers. The same is true for social communications where instant messaging makes it possible for individuals to communicate in real time despite being thousands of miles away from each other.

Resource Sharing

Before networking systems were developed, computer users used to copy information on a removable hardware from one computer then physically carry and copy it on another computer. Today, networking has made information sharing quicker, efficient and more convenient. Once the network is developed well, sharing of information among computer users becomes easier. You can consult to better understand this aspect.

Common Network Devices

Network devices are very important in networking since they are responsible in transmission of data among devices. Our computer network assignment help experts at help us analyse some of the most common devices.


This device is the central connection unit of a networking system. When a cable with data is inserted in one of the ports, the data from the cable is instantly copied to all the other ports so as it is easily accessible to other ports in form of frames. The hubs have numerous ports that are used to link all the computers in the network through a star topology system. The ports are fitted with technology that enables them amplify and transmit data to wherever it is meant to go. Depending on how they are used, hubs can be grouped as being intelligent, switching or passive.


This device acts as an amplifier. Once it receives a signal, it distorts the signal and then retransmits it at a higher power than when received. This device is used in the amplification of both the digital and analog signals. Furthermore, this repeater can relay the same signal using different protocols.


This device derives its name from two of its core functions, i.e., Modulator-Demodulator. This device works by converting the 1s and 0s digital signals on a personal computer into sounds that are able to be transmitted through the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS). All the data in a computer device is stored in digital signals and the modem helps to convert them into analog signals that are easily transmitted in cables. Similarly, the modem is also able to convert analog data from cables into digital signals that can be interpreted by computers. The data speed of a modem is measured in bytes per second and modems are categorised depending on the amount of data that can be processed.

NIC (Network Infrared Card)

This system enables computer users within a network to share data among themselves. It is a hardware system that makes it possible for users in the same network to transfer information. This is enabled by the adapters that are fitted on the sides of a computer usually a laptop or other personal computers. However, this network system can only cover a small area usually within a radius of 5 metres. Additionally, the speeds of transmission are very low at about 4Mbps and are unable to connect to any devices outside of the network.

Media Converters

Our computer network assignment help experts at have observed that there are various networking devices that make it possible to connect two devices that are very different and enable sharing of information. Most of these devices enable connection of fibre optic cables like coaxand twisted with digital communication tools like DS3 and J1. To enable this converter to work effectively, one has to ensure that the speed settings are similar. Additionally, the switching converters have a bridge that connects the half duplex segments. These devices are common in metropolitan area networks

Basic Switch

Similar to Hub, this device enables connection between two computers while being the central connection unit. The devices utilises packet switching technology to receive, analyse and transmit data. This device is mostly used in Ethernet switches and is able to receive and analyse data using the OSI model via data link layer 2 and 3. Additionally, these devices are also used in other network systems such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode. This device is able to transmit data between two ports at extremely high speeds since it links data using the OSI model. What makes this device unique is its ability to allow data sharing while the individual networks remain distinct from each other. This device is capable of creating an aggregate network from two computers.

Basic Router

This device is commonly used in transmission of data among Local Area Networks. This device uses a synchronised procedure to carry out its functions. It has a data router that sends data through the network. The device uses ICMP protocol to communicate with other routers while utilising Headers to find out the most efficient paths and selecting them for the transmission of data. The main feature of a router that distinguishes it from Hub is its ability to conduct analysis on data sent via the internet. Additionally, the basic router for personal computers permits very little filtering of data.However, for larger computers in large organisations, bridge routers and wireless routers are the most common.

Basic Firewall

This is a computer network system that enables the computer to communicate with outside devices while restricting access of information by outside devices. There are firewall devices that are created from the software devices while some utilise hardware devices. There are firewalls that utilise both hardware and software devices. Firewalls analyse all the data leaving or entering the network and if a file does not meet the threshold put in place, it is blocked. The hardware firewalls are mostly sold separately in shops but in some instances they are purchased with the computer device. The firewall ensures maximum security to the system and it doing this it utilises application gateway protocols.

Basic DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Server

This device’s main advantage is that it reduces the need for a user to manually administer a server. This is because it queries the DHCP server for any required information. This information may range from IP addresses to networking boundaries which is retrieved automatically. The device reduces the configuration errors that are common in manual IP Address configurations. This software device keeps track of all the IP Addresses making administration of these networks to be easier and automatic.

Computer Network Assignments

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A system in which a number of computers share information through either wired or wireless technology is called a computer network.

So as to set up this system, there must be;
Two computers, a protocol such as SMTP, HTTP, FTP, UDP.

And the Hardware such as; a router, bridge, switch, hub, repeater, proxy, firewall, multiplexer, network card, and modern line driver for connection.

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  • LAN technology Type including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit internet, ATM, PoE and Token Ring
  • Ethernet Basics including Standard Code, Collisions, CSMA and CD
  • Industrial Ethernet Products including Transceiver, USB, network Interface cards, Hub, and Repeater.

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Chemical Engineering Essay Topics

100 Chemical Engineering Essay Topics and Sample Paper

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A greater origin of geometric problems for the last one and a half millennia have been in astronomy more so when it came to marking the exact position of stars and planets on the celestial sphere or universe.

Types of Essays

5 Major Types of Essays That You Need To Know

Take time to know different 5 types of essays. There are so many types of writing essays. These are 5 main types of writing essays in detailed explanation.

What Are The Types of Essays?

The types of essays that you can write may seem endless, but there are only a few different types of essays that you will need to master to do well on your English assignments. These essays are usually categorized by their length, format, and writing style, so it’s best to start with the introductory essay types.

So you can get used to each type of essay before moving on to more complicated types like research or analytical reports. Later on, popular articles show you how to write each one effectively.

The 5 Different Types of Essays?

  1. Expository Essay

In an expository essay, you are explaining something to someone. There is a claim you want to prove and support with evidence. Persuade someone that your point of view on a topic is correct or valid. For example, in my philosophy class, I had to write an expository essay on libertarianism vs communism and make sure.

I used facts and evidence from other sources, not just my thoughts though those were included. The essay uses good examples or reasons why your claim is correct or valid to prove it. The theme uses good examples or explanations of why your claim is accurate or helpful to prove it.

  1. Argumentative Essay

These essays prove a point, usually by presenting evidence and citing sources. Students often struggle with writing argumentative essays because they aren’t necessarily used to being so assertive, so it is essential to pick a topic you care about or can invest in.

Good topics for an argumentative essay might be Animal Testing Should Be Illegal, or The Death Penalty Should Be Allowed. Argumentative essays can be classified into two subcategories persuasive and logical. Compelling arguments try to change your opinion on a topic. Logical arguments stick to describing something without trying to change your mind about it.

  1. Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay aims to convince an audience to do something, whether buying a product or adopting a viewpoint. As with all persuasive writing, you need to identify your target audience early to make your piece most effective. For example, if you’re writing for an agricultural magazine aimed at farmers. Then you’d probably want to use technical language and jargon specific to agriculture.

Suppose you’re writing for an automotive magazine for car owners. Then you should use terms that would be more familiar and relatable for them, even if those terms aren’t appropriate in a farming context. Find your voice Persuasive essays need to have your unique voice and style.

  1. Descriptive Essay

This type of essay creates a vivid picture in your reader’s mind. It aims to paint an accurate and original portrait of an object, person, place or event by employing. All five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch). You also may want to include feelings or other sensory perceptions that come into play when you experience something.

The descriptive essay is usually written from the first-person point of view. First-person is a powerful choice for descriptive essays because it allows you to immerse your reader in your experience. Emotions and feelings by employing personal pronouns like I and me. You can also use us to create a more inclusive tone that pulls your reader into your world.

  1. Narrative Essay

Narrative essays have one central idea conveyed through a series of events that unfold throughout an article. The events usually share something in common and carry multiple themes. For example, if you wrote about going on a roller coaster, you would probably be able to discuss many aspects in one narrative.

A narrative essay may be fiction or nonfiction, but it always contains some form of description, and description becomes part of your supporting points. Whether written for a class or just for fun, writing a narrative is a great way to craft an exciting story that can entertain your readers while they learn something new at the same time.

Other Essay Types

  1. Cause and Effect Essay

The cause and effect essay explains how an event has led to a specific result. This type of essay is more commonly known as an analysis paper which explains one phenomenon in terms of its effects. The focus should be on what is happening, why it happened and how it will affect things in the future.

A good cause and effect essay is based on well-researched information and ideas supported by evidence such as facts, statistics or expert opinions.

  • The introduction should state what caused something to happen.
  • The body paragraphs should support your thesis with relevant details, examples, and explanations.
  • The conclusion should summarize your main points.
  1. Reflective Essay

This is an excellent essay to write after you have done something. Reflective essays often require you to think about what happened, why, and what you learned from it. You should avoid using the first person in reflective essays as much as possible. Instead, use phrases as I felt or I knew. Your report should be about how YOU felt about or reacted to something, not how others did through others’ perspectives.

It can often help give insight into your own emotions and reactions. So don’t just focus on yourself. The best time to write a reflective essay is after you have experienced something, especially if it was difficult for you. Though sometimes, students find it easier to reflect on experiences that have already happened than those in progress.

  1. Analytical Essay

An analytical essay aims to persuade readers about a particular point of view on a topic. It does so by making an argument and then presenting evidence supporting that argument. To analyze something is to break it down into its constituent parts and examine each piece separately, usually to understand how they work together. So an analytical essay might first explain how two different characters interact.

Those characters make confident decisions. Then it might provide examples from plot events or plot points or scenes that illustrate or support these explanations for what motivates character actions at its most basic. Explains why something is a sure way and then argues how we should think about that thing.

  1. Comparison and Contrast Essay

The Comparison and Contrast Essay type requires comparing and contrasting at least two subjects. This often involves describing both issues separately and discussing how they relate to each other similarities or differences. The first step is to create a thesis statement that explains what you’re comparing and contrasting.

Your body paragraphs should address both subjects individually and then talk about how they’re alike or different in a relevant way. If there is no apparent connection between your two topics, focus on their overall similarities or differences. This type of essay can effectively explain complex ideas, especially when comparing and contrasting two opposing viewpoints.

  1. Exemplification Essay

In an Exemplification Essay or Informative Essay, you provide information or ideas based on a particular example. Your main goal is to persuade your audience by giving detailed information. An exemplification essay aims to present and explain one specific idea, object, event, process, etc., in detail.

The writer presents an object for analysis and explanation and then uses it to explain other entities that share similar characteristics. The object being discussed could be anything from a person, place, thing or even an abstract concept. An example of an Exemplification essay would be writing about your childhood memories in detail, using specific examples to support your points.

Remember These Important Essay Writing  Tips

Here are some essential tips to remember when you write your essay: 

  • Research all supporting ideas thoroughly, including outside sources.
  • Anything you use should have a source cited.
  • Make sure your thesis statement supports all ideas in the body paragraphs and is supported by data from outside sources.
  • Do not include any unsupported claims or facts.
  • Remember that everything in an essay must relate to your topic and thesis statement.
  • You can’t simply go off on tangents unless they’re somehow related to your main idea.
  • Spelling and grammar count. After you’ve finished writing, read through your essay again and make sure everything is spelt correctly and that sentence structure is clear and easy to understand.
  • Remember to check your essay for anything that may look unclear or incorrect.
  • To see if they spot any mistakes you might have missed.


The conclusion is a chance to summarize what you have said in your essay. In academic writing, there are three essential parts. The introduction is where you capture your reader’s attention and draw them into your paper. The body is where you show how well researched your topic is by presenting all supporting evidence for each claim made in your thesis statement.

Finally, a reasonable conclusion can wrap up what has been discussed and serve as a final thought from which readers can take away important information regarding whatever they may be reading about.

This final thought should not be understated since it gives someone something memorable with which to leave your paper, what you have discussed in your essay.

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