Good idea?

If we really need to understand whether arming pilots is a good idea or a bad notion, it is significant to focus on the recent happenings of 9/11 air crash. Terrorists invaded the airplane and gaining the guarantee that anybody in the airplane was not armed could not stop them from carrying out their terrorists attack.

The idea of arming pilots has been a challenging issue that has always been debated over the last few years, with people opposing on the idea and others proposing the idea of arming pilots

Provided with the recent security measures in airplanes, we will ultimately see that there is need of arming pilots and as result support the idea. Arming pilots involves equipping pilots with security enhancements tools that will create security while the airplane is miles away from the earth. How will the passengers feel when they understand that the pilots are armed? Obviously security is enhanced. A company that hires pilots is truly guaranteed by its employees  high loyalty, therefore enhancing security is one of the mechanisms of enhancing loyalty to the company by  the employees.

Many people assert that arming pilots is not a good idea as it scares the passengers; if the argument is developed in this terminology then it is obvious that security measures in airplanes will not be considered. What if the next passage sited is armed? Is it better to allow terrorists to attack the airplanes when a solution of arming pilots is a good idea? Provided with the notion that the terrorists come to understand that the airplane is equipped with arming pilots, obviously, terrorist’s activities will be minimal as a result of the arming pilots causing a great threat. Therefore, we should not look at the idea of arming pilots as a bad idea rather than an advantage of enhancing airplane security.

Passengers in airplanes needs to be assured of security, the pat downs and checkups security measures are not enough, this has been happening before and what do we get at the end of the story; An airplane has been attacked by terrorists. We don’t need to hear such kind of complexities, because if every passengers passes through security check ups, then where do we get the armed terrorists crashing the plane? Lets consider the aspect of arming pilots as positive issue that will automatically guarantee passengers high security in their travelling