Writing a captivating and compelling architecture dissertation is quite complex especially if you have no ample time or worst still do not have the slightest of ideas how to compile with the whole thing. This type of dissertation will also be taxing as it will require you to come up with architectural designs to support your arguments. This will totally require you to spare amounts of time so as to able to finish the writing before the due date.

Mechanics of writing

 Due to its complex nature, it will be wise of you to first develop a timetable that will showcase your activities from the start till the time you will finish the writing. This will prevent you from spending unnecessary time on research work at the expense of writing the dissertation. The time dedicated for research should be enough so that you can get hold of any information you think will be good for your dissertation. Once you have topic then get on with writing. Your aim when writing your dissertation is to get the professor to read your work and a topic alone will not be able to help much. You will need to flow up your topic with captivating insights and ideas. Ensure that your ideas are flowing and are coherent with each other. Also since you will be required to draw some designs it will be better for you to draw bigger designs that are very well labeled and easy to see. Do not forget to cited and reference any information properly. Do this in accordance with the accepted architectural writing format style

Structure for writing the dissertation

 Writing an architecture dissertation will not require a special format as you will use the standard format of writing. But it will be a different slightly due to numerous designs that you will be required to draw.

Title page – this should be in the first page of the dissertation. The page should contain the heading, your official name, institution, course and date of submission.

Abstract this section contains a synopsis of the whole dissertation project. The words in this section should not exceed more than 125 words.

 Acknowledgements– under this section, you as take the opportunity to appreciate those who helped you in your work.

Table of contents– this section captures all the headlines highlighted in their home.

Introduction – this section contains information about the topic and thesis statements of your dissertation.

 Main body Conclusion- this contains the remarks, recommendation and views.

Bibliography – all the list of information quoted are found in the resources

Appendices – this includes all additional information that would not have otherwise fit in between the chapters. This includes graphs, information sheets, architectural designs and maps among many otherwise.

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