Your paper has to be typed and should be double-spaced. Use standard-sized paper with a margin of 1 (inch) on each side. Select a clear font type, it’s recommended to use 12pt. Times New Roman font for APA style.

At the top every page, put a page header (referred to as “Running head). In order to create the running head, start with inserting the page numbers on the right side of the paper. Follow it by typing “the title of your essay” and flush it to the left side, the running head should be in capital letters. However, it should not be more than 50 characters, and where the title of your essay is over 50 characters, shorten the running head.

Main Paper Sections

Your paper should contain four main section, they include a Title page, an Abstract, the Main body and lastly References.

Title Page

This section includes the title of the essay, name of the author, and institutional affiliation. It should as well include a page header (already describe earlier) on the left side and the page number on the right side. The way your page title (running head) should look as the one below.


Pages following the title page ought to have a running head such as the one below.


The title page of your paper should be placed in the upper and lower letters, be centered and dropped to the center of the upper half of your page.  It is recommended that the title of the paper be less than 12 words long. Title pages do not have abbreviations or meaningless words. The title should be not more than two lines.  The paper should be double-spaced all through including the title page.

Under the title of the paper, write the name of the author (first name, middle initial/s and last name. no need for academic titles like Dr.

Below the name of the author, write the institutional affiliation that has to include the location (where the study was carried out).


An abstract is written in a new page after the title page. The abstract page ought to have the page header (as already described earlier). The word ‘Absract’ should be centered in the middle of the page. Do not bold or italicize it.

Start a new line and write a succinct summary of the main points of the research. The first line should not be indented. The abstract should include the research topic, the research questions, research participants, methodology used, results or findings, data analysis and the final conclusion. You could as well include probable implications of the study and recommend future that is linked to your findings. The abstract should be contained in one paragraph, be double spaced and be not less than 150 words, or more than 250 words.

You could as well include keywords contained in the paper in the abstract. To include key words, indent them in the same way as beginning a new paragraph. The word “Keywords:” should be italicized (as written here). List the keywords you want.