Know How To Cite Classroom Poster In APA Style


APA Classroom Poster

The APA poster placed in the link at the end of this page is a printable jpg file that can be downloaded and printed out in different size. It can then be used in class, writing centers and as a pocket reference. Note that the file of the poster when printed at is large, therefore it could take a few minutes to download. However, it is possible to modify the poster print size using the print menu from your device. Currently, the poster comes in 27 x 36 inches.

Since the poster is extra-large, the poster cannot be printed using the normal printers. If you cannot access a printer able to print large printouts, you should contact a nearby commercial printing shop to print for you.

Supposing you cannot access a commercial printing place to print the poster, kindly use the resources availed in this manual to print the poster on a standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Just move to a resource you desire to print, move down to the bottommost part of the page, then click on “Full Resource for Printing.”

N/B: The poster merely contains the general APA guidelines. To get detailed instruction on creating a poster, see the full APA manual here.


The poster was created by Caren Bouland for the Purdue Professional Writing – Internship class, English 490, in spring, 2015

APA Classroom Poster (N/B: Use Firefox for best viewership.)