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What is Sociology?

It is a social science that refers to the study of society and social behavior. It analyzes the individual, their culture, and the bigger picture of society. Sociology also studies what societies are like today, where they come from historically, and how they can change in the future.

The word “sociology” stems from the Latin word socius meaning “companion.” The first person known to have used this word was Charles François Dupin in 1838. He adapted it from French philosopher Auguste Comte’s term for his own new discipline; however, at this time sociology had many meanings but not its current definition.

Social structure is all about how people interact with one another. The study of sociology looks at these interactions, and is concerned with the way in which different social institutions affect our lives. In this article, I will explore how sociology helps us understand some of the most important concepts such as race, gender, power/authority/status rank and culture.

Looking at culture, it is one of the most basic elements that makes us human. It refers to the collective behavior and beliefs of a group of people. In simple terms, it refers to the way a particular group of people behave in a certain society. Culture is learned and shared by people, who then live by this culture in everyday life.

Types Of Sociology

  • Demography-Demographers are bidders who document the quality of life. Demography is a study concerning the social, political, and economic structures within a given society. Demography is closely related to sociology.
  • Ethnography- Ethnographic research is a type of anthropological research that seeks to study an aspect of culture by direct observation and participation in the culture being studied. Ethnographic research is related to social anthropology, sociology, and archaeology. It examines values learned from these cultures and attempts to understand cultural norms and behaviors through direct observation, as opposed to immersion in one’s own culture (which can never be complete).
  • Functionalism- The functionalist approach came into its own in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Functionalists can be defined as attempting to understand a society through an examination of its functions, or roles, that it plays in maintaining social continuity. A functionalist looks at what is important to a society (like food or social status) and tries to find the societal role that best explains those things. From there they try to discover what, if any, changes are necessary for society to function better.
  • Conflict Theory- Conflict theorists are interested in analyzing how society is divided up and what conflict arises from that division. In other words they are interested in exploring the social inequalities that exist in our society.
  • Symbolic Interactionism- Symbolic interactionists believe that society is a shared reality and that social interactions take place within a shared language or code. In other words, what each person in the society views as truth is symbolic, or constructed. This view opposes the view of positivists, who claim to be studying and observing what-is-real, as it actually exists is some kind of material register (e.g., a brain structure).
  • Social Constructionism- Social constructionism is an approach to sociology and communication studies which examines how meaning is created by social processes. Social constructionism is sometimes called critical discourse analysis, the sociology of culture, or the sociology of knowledge.

Importance Of  Sociology

 There are many benefits of sociology. Sociology can be used to:

  • Sociology is important past and present in our lives today. It has been an influential force for change in the field for over a century. This is because it has changed how we view our world and how we view ourselves as human beings. Sociology has helped change the views on gender roles, religion, race, class and many more things. There have been many changes in how a lot of things are done over the past century because of sociology.
  • It also appears that sociology is evolving with society. It is becoming more relevant than ever to today’s society because it is focusing on the issues that matter most to people today including: crime, education, religion/spirituality, ethnicity/race/immigration/migration, family/kinship relations and so much more.
  • In addition to all its uses today, sociology can be used in the future as well. It can be used to solve the problems of tomorrow. It will be very useful in the future because there are countless things that we still do not know/understand and sociology can help us discover those unknowns.
  • Sociology is the key to self-understanding and to the understanding of those around us. It will be important in years to come because if we understand ourselves and those around us, we can live together better.

Topics Studied Under Sociology

  1. Political sociology
  2.  Social psychology
  3. Social change
  4. Social networks
  5. Social institutions
  6. Crime and deviance.
  7. Social structure
  8.  Economics of the professions
  9.  Sex, sexualities and gender
  10. Social policy and administration.
  11.  Health sociology
  12. Quality of life in social contexts.
  13. Urban systems.
  14. Social exclusion and vulnerable people.
  15. Urban poverty.
  16. Labor markets, work environments and workplaces.

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Social Work Assignment Help

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What is Social Work?

Social work is a field in the social sciences that is concerned with the analysis, treatment, prevention and management of problems affecting individuals or communities. It developed out of settlement houses, which provided services to urban migrants and other underserved groups. Today it includes advocacy in areas such as health care reform and housing policy. Other contemporary definitions are based on its interaction with other fields of study: “social work is an applied endeavor that seeks to promote human welfare by enabling individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to achieve their goals”.

Social work developed out of a number of early 19th Century movements, including those in the areas of reform, labor and social advocacy. It was formally recognized as a profession in England by the National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) in 1910. By 1927, social work services were provided by more than 1500 community centers and 1500 public schools in the United States.

Types Of Social Work

  1. Health social work: Health social workers primarily focus on mental health, substance abuse and various mental illnesses. In Australia, they work with a range of different groups of people including children and families, the elderly and chronically ill patients. They are often responsible for helping individuals manage or overcome issues as well as guiding them in making decisions that affect their health and wellbeing. Health social workers are also responsible for coordinating services that aid in the rehabilitation of patients presenting with drug or alcohol problems. This can include liaising with treatment providers to identify places an individual can go in order to seek help or managing individual’s rehabilitation plans by providing support, counselling and advocacy while they are undergoing treatment.
  2. Community/housing social work: Community social workers assist individuals and communities in times of transition or crisis, including assisting with the transition of people who are homeless or have experienced abuse or trauma. They often work with local communities to fight poverty and help those in dire situations, such as families suffering from domestic violence, by providing counselling and support services as a way to empower them to make positive changes in their life.
  3. Long-term care/social services : Many of the responsibilities for long-term care social workers include case management, taking care of their clients’ needs, identifying and resolving issues, as well as advocating for their clients.

Social workers provide a supportive role in healthcare organizations by helping a client maintain his or her health and well-being. They are also involved in the education of individuals or families on how to take care of themselves while they continue to live independently.  Long-term care social workers often work hand in hand with other professionals such as physicians, nurses, occupational therapists or physical therapists.

Importance Of Social Work

  • There are many social workers who are part of the helping profession who are very important in the communities they live in. In addition, local and national governments rely on social workers to help those that cannot afford to pay for therapy. Through their work, they attempt to promote a healthy lifestyle for the community’s overall well-being.
  • Social workers are employed by the government and non-profit organizations to handle problems that may arise in their client’s lives. Social workers try to help people fulfill their desires and needs, both personally and financially. They try to find the most favorable solution for their issues with the least possible amount of financial stress. This makes them useful members of society, because they put public interests before their own needs.
  • The Social Work Department is responsible for quality assurance of their students in addition to creating quality policies and procedures for their students. The department also provides guidance, support and assistance as well as guiding their graduates into a more successful career path after graduating from the school. It enables students to gain a quick access for their future career. In addition, the social work department also offers academic advisement for students who plan to transfer schools or those that plan on taking courses to make up a certain requirement.
  • The Social Work Program offers courses in many areas of practice such as mental health counseling, group work in various settings and social work with children, families, individuals and communities. Students are also able to gain experience through internships with various agencies such as select public or private agencies that have career placement office or local community service organizations for example.

Topics Studied Under Social Work As a Subject

  1. sociology
  2. criminology
  3. law
  4. industrial safety
  5. psychology
  6. political science
  7. public policy
  8. economics
  9. public health
  10. 10.Information and Communication Technology (ICT) studies
  11. 11.counseling
  12. schools and education studies
  13. business studies such as marketing and finance
  14. 14.topics that have been studied in Business studies such as marketing and finance

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What is Social Psychology?

Social Psychology is a scientific study that examines the behavior of individuals in social groups. The parameters of the field are broad enough to encompass many topics within psychology, but also diverse enough to include topics such as cognitive science, communication, developmental psychology, ecology and evolutionary biology. The name “social” can refer to any behavior of people in a social setting as well, ranging from the molecular level to the community level (e.g., gangs).

Social psychology is an interdisciplinary field that deals with many topics in the social sciences. Social psychologists do not find themselves in competition with other fields, but rather attempt to fold insights into their own field of study, and bring them together into a cohesive research program.

The social psychological foundation is grounded in the scientific method: systematic observation, quantification, and data collection; careful evaluation of experimental results; and theoretical explanation from a variety of sources. These are applied to human behavior in the domains of conformity, persuasion, social interaction and interpersonal relationships.

This field of psychology can be applied to any career that requires understanding people from a psychological standpoint. For instance, marketing professionals would benefit from knowing how their target audience thinks because by figuring out what drives them, they can more effectively market towards them; that makes the success rate much more likely than before. Lawyers depend on social psychologists to help them understand the mind of a criminal and to help them predict whether or not they will reoffend. This is significant because it can impact their sentencing recommendations. Social psychology can be seen in any profession that requires understanding human behavior.

 Types Of Social Psychology

  1. Developmental Social Psychology. This focuses on how children’s moral development unfolds and their influence on one another through group interactions, though they are also studied with adults
  2. Personality psychology. This is the study of individual differences in personality and how these lead to behavior patterns.
  3. Group-Oriented Psychology. This focuses on how groups think and act as a whole, both good and bad which can be cause for much controversy in applied social psychology as well as developed social psychology
  4. Ethical Social Psychology. This focuses on topics such as clinical research ethics, confidentiality agreements, human subjects’ consent
  5. Health Psychology. This focuses on how people and groups think about their health, social interaction and well-being of others is also considered
  6. Social Networks. This study looks at have direct effect our behavior has on our friends as well as indirect effects and more importantly to what extent friends influence each other’s behavior depends on the level of relationship they share with one another
  7. Community Psychology– This study the mental, emotional and social well-being of community members as well as how they interact with one another

 Importance Of Social Psychology

  • Social psychology can help you better understand human behavior. Psychology will help you better understand what is happening and why it is happening in people’s heads. Psychology can also provide you with ways to cope with the things going on in your brain, or the behaviors of people around you. By learning more about social psychology, you will have a greater understanding of how to interact with other people as well as yourself.
  • Social psychology can be used to help understand anything from why we like some foods more than others (e.g., chocolate cake vs radishes), what factors motivate us to do certain things, whether or not we have a tendency to take our friends’ advice into account when making decisions and why not everyone has the same taste in foods and activities that they enjoy doing.
  • Human beings are always thinking about what other people think about them. We want to know if we are liked by the people around us, whether or not we are part of a group or team, and whether or not we fit in well with everyone in our environment. This is why social psychology is an important area of study, because it seeks to understand these types of feelings.
  • Social psychology can be used to examine the ways in which people are affected by other people. Social psychology can be applied in a variety of ways, including advertising of products and ideas, and/or studying the ways in which corporations create social influence in their marketing. By learning more about how humans think and respond to different stimuli, you will have a better understanding of how the human brain functions under various circumstances.
  • Social psychology can help you understand both yourself and others better than you could before you took a class on this subject. Through social psychology, you will also learn how to manage your own behavior in everyday life as well as how to adapt different strategies for interacting with other people.

Topics Studied Under Social Psychology

  1. Attitude
  2. Arousal
  3. Behavior
  4. Context
  5. Decisions
  6. Deficits/Disorders
  7. Emotions
  8. Enculturation/Socialization
  9. Emotions & Cognition
  10. Experiments
  11. Groups/Dynamics
  12. Ingroup-Outgroup
  13. Intergroup
  14. Justice & Fairness
  15. Leadership
  16. Life Events
  17. Nonverbal Communication
  18. Persuasion
  19. Personality
  20. Propaganda/Public Opinion Polls
  21. Relationships/Intimacy
  22. Self-Concept
  23. Social Interaction
  24. Social Psychology & the Law
  25. Social Structure/Social Roles
  26. Stress & Coping
  27. Stigma

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Psychology Assignment Help

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What is Psychology?

 Psychology is the study of people and their behaviors. It’s a broad discipline that covers a wide range of topics, including intelligence, perception, social interaction and developmental psychology.

It dates back to Ancient Greece with Socrates who was interested in how we use our minds to see things or think about them. He realized that humans behave differently when they are drunk, so he thought this might be because they were somehow different inside. One of the problems with behaviorism is that it doesn’t take into account an individual’s mind or thoughts – just what someone does in reaction to something outside themselves.

Psychology is about the study and understanding of behavior, emotion and thought. In terms of ethics, psychologists should protect the welfare and rights of their participants. Psychologists also have a duty to ensure that they do not harm their participants through their research.

Categories Of  Psychology

Cognitive psychology – refers to the way people use and put together their knowledge, based on how they are shaped by culture. An example of this would be learning how to operate a video tape recorder. This can help children who struggle in school due to learning difficulties, anxiety, depression or attention deficit disorder.

Behavioral psychology – the study of behavior and mental processes including emotions, cognitions and motivation. Research in this area focuses on how people use communication and language to influence others, their behaviors in social situations, why some people do well at school but not so well at work and understanding why people behave the way they do.

Social psychology – the study of how people’s opinions, thoughts and feelings affect their behavior and how we interact with other people. An example would be why we keep in contact with certain people but not others. Some psychologists believe that our behavior is down to social factors like culture, class and gender.

Humanistic psychology – focuses on the individual and what it means to be human by working towards increased welfare, freedom and well-being. Humanistic psychologists are interested in self-awareness through knowing your strengths, weaknesses, emotions and cultural identity, as well as understanding yourself through reflection on the past experiences of your life. People who do this type of work are known as counsellors or psychotherapists.

Sociocultural psychology – looks at how our social environment, particularly how we are influenced by our culture and ethnic background, affects behavior. We also look at such things as how we learn from others and how we help children to develop language and cognitive skills.

Biological psychology – the study of the nervous system, brain and biology that has a bearing on behavior. For example, research in this area may look at the biological factors which affect mental illness or why someone acts in a certain way under pressure. Neuropsychology is very similar to biological psychology but looks more closely at the relationship between the brain and behavior.

Cognitive neuroscience – the study of the brain and its effect on behavior. This could be studying how the brain controls specific functions such as memory, attention, emotions or movement, but can also look at how the brain affects mental states and personality traits.

Importance Of Psychology

  • Studying psychology is a great way to get to grips with the brain, what’s going on inside it, how it works and why people think and behave the way they do.
  • It’s not just an academic subject: psychology has practical applications in many different areas of life. It can be used to explain our tastes in music, how we greet people, or why we’re so disappointed when our favorite team loses a game. Psychology can also be used to explain the effects of substances, how we make decisions and the benefits of certain behaviors.
  • Psychology can also help us understand why people behave the way they do and how their minds work. Learning about psychology gives you a whole new perspective on things, especially when it comes to understanding your own thoughts and emotions.
  • The study of psychology is an important part of life. You’ll learn things that you might not have known before, which will help you as you grow up. Psychology is interesting and exciting, so give it a try! Psychology has helped people understand themselves in many ways – it may very well change your life!

Topics Studied Under Psychology

  1. Positive psychology
  2. Developmental psychology
  3. Social psychology
  4. Cognitive psychology
  5. Abnormal Psychology and Psychotherapy
  6. Differential psychology
  7. Psychopharmacology and Pharmacoeconomics (specialties)
  8. Industrial and organizational psychology
  9. Neuropsychology.
  10. Gerontology
  11. Psychology of Longevity
  12. Forensic Psychology and Law Enforcement
  13. Developmental neuropsychology

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Political Science Assignment Help

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What is Political Science ?

 Political science is the study of government and politics with a concentration on power, class, and society. It seeks to understand the ways that various political systems work in practice while also exploring theoretical topics.

The term “political science” may also refer to international relations (IR) or comparative politics (CP), which are both often treated as subfields of political science. IR is considered an academic discipline in its own right by many universities.

 Categories Of Political Science

  1. Comparative government- Describes the differences in government between nations and peoples. For example, the political systems of China and the United States.
  2. Public administration- Describes the day-to-day workings of government at all levels. For example, how a mayor’s office runs on a daily basis.
  3. International relations- Explains how nations interact with each other, such as by war or diplomacy; also explains how nations are structured internally with bureaucracies and bureaucratization (see below).
  4. International law- Deals with the rules that nations must follow when interacting with each other. The foundation of international law is the United Nations Charter, a treaty signed by member nations in 1945.
  5. American politics- Deals with the structure and operation of the American government and political life at a national level; includes all levels of government as well as private enterprise in the U.S.

Importance Of Political Science

  • It Supports Global Development- Political science is necessary for a healthy democracy. Political science can help you understand how government functions and how to participate in it. It helps create an informed society that can identify problems and figure out ways to solve them leading to a better world. Political science is needed in every country because of its importance of global development. Disregard political science, and your country will suffer the consequences.
  •  It Aids in Understanding the Past- Political science is important, because it can help you understand the political system of the past. Political science will provide you with a better understanding of the way that government leaders have in the past and how they should be interpreted now. Political science will give you a better understanding of how people think in the past, what they believe in, and why they think that way compared to now. It is also important to know how people interpreted the present when it was different from today.
  •  It Enables You to Make Decisions– Political science helps you decide on whether or not your country should be paved for democracy or not. Without political science, you will be unaware that there are a lot of people who believe in the idea of democracy. If a country has political science, it will have more information and be more aware of whether democracy is good or not. Knowing how political powers work and how they treat others can help you choose the best outcome since the stakes are high.
  • It Gives You A Sense Of Security– Those who study political science have a better understanding of governments and how they interact with the people. This knowledge allows them to make decisions for their country that will give the country a sense of security that it previously did not have. Political science is used to change political systems in many countries and save them from losing their democracy. At times, it gives you a better understanding of the government’s power. This will help you decide ways to make your own government more democratic in order to be more secure from political powers.
  •  It Helps You Be Aware of Effects– It has been said that what the [politicians] do takes effect on future generations. This can only happen if you understand politics. If you want to make sure that your grandchildren or great grandchildren are living in a safe and secure world, you need to be aware of the things that your own government is doing now.
  • It Helps You Understand Other Countries- Before taking any drastic steps towards another country, you should try to understand their political background. Political science will help you understand what the other country believes in, how they interpret it and why. If these questions are not asked and answered, there may be a war between the two countries, which will only create more problems in the future.
  •  It Helps You Understand the History of Your Country– Political science is important to understand the history of your country. Political scientists will be able to tell you when government leaders were dictators and how they controlled citizens. These historians will also tell you which battles took place in history and how these battles changed the political culture forever. If there was no political science, your country would not know this information about its own history.

Topics Studied Under Political Science

  1. American Politics
  2. International Relations Theory
  3. History of International Relations
  4. Interest Groups and Political Parties
  5. Judicial Review and the Supreme Court
  6. Public Administration
  7. Political Theory
  8. Race and Ethnicity
  9. Women in Politics
  10. International Relations
  11. Political Behavior and Voting Behavior
  12. Comparative Politics and the Political Culture of Democracies
  13. Theories of Democracy
  14. Democracy and Civil Society
  15. Living with Pluralism
  16. Democratic Theory

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Media Assignment Help

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What is Media?

Media is the delivery of information in the form of audio or visual forms like television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Media can be divided into two main categories: traditional media and new media. New media includes any mass communication channel which was developed relatively recently.

New media has become quite popular as it distributes messages faster than ever before with social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram leading the way. However, all new technology also has its drawbacks including privacy concerns, cybercrime and lack of control over how they’re used. The traditional types of media are still very important in today’s society but may not have the same global reach as new technologies do soon after their release because they take longer to produce due to a slower production schedule.

Radio is a form of communication where sound is broadcast through the airwaves using radio waves. The first ever radio station was built in 1906 by a man called Reginald Fessenden. As well as being used for broadcasting music and talk shows, it can also be used to provide emergency messages such as weather warnings, news and natural disaster updates from Government agencies.

Types Of Media

When it comes to defining media there are three main categories: mass media, social media, and digital media.

Mass media is used for informing us about current events and also gives us an idea on what ideas and opinions other people have towards that news. What these news programs do is bring you up to date with stories from around the world in a matter of minutes. One thing that makes mass media different from social media is how they display their content. Social media such as Facebook posts tend to be about what you had for dinner, a vacation, or pictures. Mass media tends to be more detailed and informative because it is more professional.

Social media is also used to spread information. Here we can find many news stories and videos and more in one place. That is how we learn about events that happen around the world. These social sites are like a news room where we can read what important events going on in other parts of the world, this helps us to stay informed all the time and inform others too, it gives us better ideas in what happens around the world.

Another way that people use media to inform others on is through digital media. Those types of forms of media are online, printed or multimedia ones such as broadcasting TV programs or even sharing web pages. There is a bigger assortment of uses and more people are getting more and more familiar with digital media. Unlike mass media, people can have a wider channel to spread their news or share their videos online instead of just in one place. Online, information and ideas can be shared quickly to everyone who wants to see it and check it out or maybe someone could disagree with what is being said there but they still get to express themselves too.

Importance Of Media 

  1. Strengthen public relation. PR is an important tool in advertising because it can help boost sales of products and services, increase brand recognition and build brand loyalty among consumers
  2. Allow us to gain knowledge of the world. The media help us understand what is going on in the world
  3. Allows people to communicate faster and more effective. The media’s speed and efficiency allow for information to be widely disseminated
  4. Inform the public about important issues or events
  5. Have an impact on society and culture, for example a US news channel can influence politics and international relations, by covering stories that shape society in one way or another
  6. generate revenue through advertisers pay for airtime on television channels or online content providers such as Youtube
  7. Advertising is a major source of revenue for media outlets today  thus without advertising revenue most of today’s popular media wouldn’t exist because they would have no money to keep producing their products
  8. The media helps improve the quality of education, through educational channels and teaching people about certain things that can help them in their everyday life

Topics Studied Under Media as a Subject

  1. History of Media
  2. The Language of the Media
  3. Mass Communication and Society
  4. Comparative Analysis of Communications Technologies and Media Systems
  5. Globalization of Media Industry
  6. Advertising – The Role of the Advertiser in the Media System
  7. Cooperative Organization: Managing a Local Franchise or Chain Store
  8. Marketing Management – Selection, Application, Control
  9. Exploring Career Opportunities in the Media Business
  10. Intro to Media Business and
  11. The Art of Public Speaking
  12. Troubleshooting in the Audio/Video Industry
  13. Computer for Beginners
  14. Understanding Intellectual Property (IP) Law and Its Effect on Entrepreneurship
  15. Legal, Ethical, Environmental Issues Surrounding Social Media
  16. Introduction to the World Wide Web (Weebly)
  17. Using Microsoft Office Suite: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access
  18. Introduction to Microsoft Publisher
  19. How to Write a Resume & Cover Letter that Will Get You Hired
  20. Management for Marketing Students
  21. Change Management
  22. Business Communication
  23. Business Etiquette

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Internet Coursework Writers

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What is Internet?

 The internet is truly one of the most amazing inventions in history, allowing instant access to all kinds of information and knowledge. Getting online has never been easier — with the proliferation of mobile devices, there are so many ways you can learn and improve your life online. From specialized learning websites to apps that help you improve your skin or sleep quality, just about anything can now be done on a computer or phone in the palm of your hand.

Internet is a collection of computer networks which have the large network of the Internet interconnected by networks. The Internet is a network of many networks, including private commercial and government networks, that have been linked and can be linked by physical or wireless media.

Internet was originally developed as a form of communication to connect sites on many types of computers; however, it is now so much more than just a means of communication between computers. Anyone can use internet or have access to it simply by owning a compute.

Categories Of Internet

When discussing the different types of internets in a domestic setting, one must not ignore the difference between intranet and internet. An intranet is a small-scale private internet behind a firewall. More examples of this can be found in businesses, where employees are able to share information amongst each other without the need for emails or files being exchanged over the public internet.

The Internet can be broken down into two major categories; they are categorized by their connection type as either dial-up or broadband connections.

The dial-up connection, also referred to as a modem internet connection, connects to the internet by means of a telephone cable. This type of connection is not always optimally fast, and has periodic outages due to traffic demands on the providers’ systems. Broadband connections are those that use another form of physical media such as fiber optic cables or coaxial cables to facilitate data transmission.

Another way of categorizing the Internet is by its connectivity. In this section, we differentiate between the two major types of connectivity: LAN/WAN connections and satellite connections.

Satellite connections do the opposite. They connect computers that are not in the same geographic location

The internet can be categorized by data transmission methods. In this section we discuss two types of internet connections: connection over wires and connection through radio waves.

Importance Of Internet

  1. Internet is a way to meet people from all over the world.
  2. Internet is a reason for many students to study at home, where they can complete school work at their own pace and in their own time.
  3. Articles on internet are often more up-to-date and reliable than articles found in newspapers, magazines or books because of the increased access to information that bloggers have while they publish posts on-line.
  4. Search engines like Google are important when looking for information on the internet because they can tell you what other people around the world have searched for with similar keywords as you’ve input into your search bar, which makes your job much easier!
  5. Internet is a great way to communicate with other people all over the world. I know that if I were to go on the internet, I would hear about many things that will interest me, and I may also learn something new that my friends would not have told me.
  6. Internet has brought people together across the world in an easy way by just typing in a few words into your computer, and then you will find yourself in another country or state where there are people with similar interests as yours. Nowadays, it’s easy to communicate while you are at school or at home via You Tube and Facebook.
  7. Nowadays many people have a computer and have internet connection at home or school, so they can check the news, information and blogs.
  8. If they are not on computer at home and they don’t have internet connection at school, then they won’t get to know what is going on in their neighborhood, community and even country.
  9. For high school students it is cool to read articles on internet because you will get to know about new things those other teenagers are doing in their countries the way you would be doing if you live there. It will also help them learn about different cultures.
  10. On the Internet I found a lot of useful information about animals, medicines, diseases and others.

Topics Studied Under Internet As a Subject

  1. Online communication
  2. Online communities
  3. Globalization and the internet
  4. Virtual reality and the internet
  5. Privacy on the internet
  6. Freedom of speech on the internet
  7. Internet censorship
  8. The Tor network
  9. social media and the internet
  10. Search engines
  11. The internet and journalism
  12. Internet memes
  13. Internet culture
  14. The internet and art
  15. Internet entertainment and gaming
  16. The internet and sport
  17. The internet and gambling
  18. The internet, war and conflict
  19. Cyberterrorism
  20. Cyberwarfare in the 21st century

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How To Write An Occasion Speech

How To Write An Occasion Speech , 6 Types With Perfect Examples

Today you’re going to see the 6 most important types Occasion Speech and How To Write An Occasion Speech guide that you need to know.

And these tips actually work.

In fact:

These how to write an occasion speech tips have helped our online professional speech writing service to help most students, organizations and private individuals come up with amazing special occasion speeches

So whether you’re new to special occasion speeches, or a seasoned veteran, I hope you get a lot of value from the techniques in this post.

Let Drive in.

  • What is a Special Occasions Speech?
  • How To Write An Occasion Speech
  • Types of Speeches for Special Occasions.
  • Learning Outcomes
  • What is a Special Occasions Speech?

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What is a Special Occasion Speech?

Everyone at some point in their life will be asked to say a few words at their best friend’s wedding, their boss’s promotion, or a beloved aunt’s funeral. Well, what is really happening is a speech on a special occasion, and this is nothing more than a speech delivered to commemorate a special event or person. That is why it is crucial to learn how to write an occasion speech all the time.

How To Write An Occasion Speech

If you’re chosen as a master of ceremonies it’s an honor, so you’re writing the speech doubling down on the pressure that comes with the job. Like the master of ceremonies, master of ceremonies, a good speechwriter must craft succinct and punchy text that conveys the occasion, while also entertaining the audience. A feel for words and language is equally crucial to success on the job.

However, if you have the verbal flair, writing a good presenter speech doesn’t need to feel intimidating. With a little organization and a good understanding of the basics, her intervention will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

While being in front of friends, family, or colleagues seems simple enough, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Consult with the master of ceremonies in advance, if possible, to find out which ones are addressing them, the type of occasion and the reason for their appearance. Even minimal knowledge of these factors makes having none at all a drawback and greatly increases your chances of writing a good, memorable speech.
  • Keep the speech short; less than ten minutes is a long time
  • Keep it light and relaxing
  • Address it to the audience

Sounds pretty simple, huh? Well, it really is. This is mainly because you must already be quite familiar with your audience and the person or event you are honoring. Now, let’s take a look at various types of speeches for special occasions.

Types of Speeches for Special Occasions.

The Praise

First, let’s go to one of the not-so-fun special occasion speeches. The eulogy is a speech that honors a deceased person. This type of speech is usually written and delivered by a family member or close friend of the deceased. Think of a eulogy as a reflection of a person’s life. You may want to start by introducing yourself to the meeting.

Then move on to some stories, anecdotes and memories. As you prepare, don’t be afraid to ask family, friends, and co-workers for help. While it’s standard to keep the eulogy between three and four minutes, include as many statements of honor as possible.

Let’s practice: ‘Dear brothers, we are gathered here today to remember Uncle Rufus. He lived a good and humble life. In his 109 years, he was best known for his sense of humor. A man of strict ethics, he played a fair game of ping pong. In fact, it was at the Asheville Ping Pong Championships that Uncle Rufus threw his last pitch.

Now, there are also speeches for special occasions that really celebrate happy events. Let Uncle Rufus rest in peace as we move on to some happier occasions.

The Toast

A toast is when we offer a drink to wish someone good luck. A toast is usually given at a wedding or some other celebratory occasion.

There are a few things to think about when making a toast:

  • Make sure all glasses are full and ready to toast
  • Gather everyone around
  • Be brief

Let’s see– how Jane gives the toast of her life to her friends, Mary and Steve, on her wedding day: ‘Come on, gang! Raise your glasses to Mary and Steve. Have a wonderful life together. Just remember, Steve, happy wife means happy life! Give them a hand.

Sometimes a simple line or two with a funny or touching statement is enough.

The Introductory

At a more professional event, you may need to give an introductory speech. This is really simple. It means to introduce someone to the audience. You may need to do this to introduce a new employee, a keynote speaker, or even a special guest. Although it is quite simple, there are still some tips to follow. First, keep it under two minutes.

In that short time, include:

  • Keep the person you’re introducing a secret until you’re ready to take them onstage.
  • Highlight the person’s achievements.
  • Include a few personal tidbits, if possible.
  • Never read from a biography; condense it into your own words.

Try it on for size: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, our speaker today is an accomplished ham radio dispatcher, a skilled macramé designer, and a good father and husband. Without further ado, here is Mr. Stanley McPeebles. Give him a round of applause.

Just like in an introductory speech, you may be asked to honor a person in a speech.

The Tribute

A tribute or memorial speech is nothing more than a speech designed to honor someone or something. They are performed for various occasions such as anniversaries, retirements, memorial services, or even reunions.

Consider these tips:

  • Show admiration.
  • Highlight the best qualities of the person.
  • Use his contributions to society as a lesson to others.

If set in motion, it might look like this: “It seems like just yesterday that Pickles was chasing cats and biting the tires of moving cars. He was a good dog, a faithful friend and a great seeker.

Our example is brief, but I think you get the idea. Hey, on a different note, have you ever been handed an award?

The Acceptance Speech

Well, if you’ve ever been honored with a special commendation, you probably gave an acceptance speech. What you did was accepting an honor or award and thanks those who presented it to you in front of an audience.

Here is the explanation on how to take the prize with grace and ease:

  • Ask the person introducing you questions about the audience, the venue, and the award.
  • Keep it under five minutes.
  • Thanks to all those responsible for the award.
  • Show gratitude for the award.

Sound simple? Well, it’s not too difficult. Let’s see what Samuel did when he was introduced to the Employee of the Day: ‘Hello, dear and attractive colleagues. It is a great and humble honor for me to accept the Employee of the Day award. I am not the one who deserves the award; to everyone at the company for making working here so enjoyable.”

Not so bad, huh? There are times when we talk about motivation.

The Inspiring Speech

Inspirational speech is written to motivate people to think differently or act. It seems intuitive that if something inspires you, you will be able to speak without thinking about it.

But, there are a few things to remember:

  • Use real stories
  • Keep it just to a few points
  • Quote some important people
  • Have a strong conclusion

And don’t forget, just because the topic inspires you, you may have to convince your audience. Think of persuasion here.

Let’s try one: ‘I’m here to tell everyone about the importance of positive self-affirmation. The great motivational speaker Krantzberg once said, if you can’t congratulate yourself, no one else will. So whenever you get the chance, tells someone else how great you are.

Look, the speaker is using a strong quote and conclusion to get to the point.

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Lesson Summary

To tie it all together, a special occasion speech is nothing more than a speech delivered to commemorate a special event or person.

There are several types of speeches for special occasions:

  • Praises are given to recognize the dead.
  • Toasts are used to deliver a wish for good luck.
  • Introductory speeches introduce a special person.
  • Tributes or memorial speeches honor a person for their work or actions.
  • Acceptance speeches are given to thank someone for an award or recognition.
  • Inspirational speeches are used to motivate people or call them to action.
  • In any case, a speech on a special occasion should be sincere and genuine, and your audience will enjoy it.

Learning Outcomes

After viewing this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Define special occasion speech
  • Identify examples of a speech for special occasions
  • Explain what each example should include so that it remains genuine and sincere.

In totality learned how to write an occasion speech.

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How To Write Motivational Speech

How To Write Motivational Speech, Topics, Outline & Examples

Being a great speaker is a talent. But it’s also a skill you can develop if you put in the effort. However, it is a real challenge to attract the attention of the listeners and keep their interest until the end. By all means, you should avoid flopping when it comes to your motivational speech.

You must show yourself as an influential person and convince people to read or listen to you. Motivating others is essential, so don’t neglect writing a really brilliant motivational speech. And for this, it is important to be motivated yourself. Being sincere is the key to the success of your motivational speech.

Definition Of Motivational Speech

A motivational speech is a speech intended to convey an inspirational message. The core of that message may be the improvement of the lives of the listeners or their environment. It is important to inspire people to take a certain action.

A motivational speech can be both short and long. If you are thinking of applying for a management and leadership position, it is crucial to know how to motivate and inspire your team. In this case, a motivational speech would be a good workout for you.

Next, you will discover how to write a good motivational speech, what it should consist of and what are the best topics for your motivational speech.

Structure Of The Motivational Speech

Why is it important to know how to write an effective motivational speech? It could help people come to an agreement on a particular problem and find a solution to a certain issue. It is also useful for drawing people’s attention to a certain problem. As a general rule, the structure of a motivational speech is standard:

  • Introduction. It can be a very interesting comment or a shocking fact that attracts the attention of the audience;
  • An argument or a position. Here you must explain it, provide evidence and reasons. Do not forget that the evidence must be relevant, and it is better to use real life examples;
  • Final. The most effective ending is a call to action.

Tips : How To Write Motivational Speech

Here are some helpful tips for writing a motivational speech. If you have no idea how to write a good speech on your own, just follow these simple rules, and we are sure that you will succeed in creating a brilliant speech.

Get Listeners Attention

To catch the attention of the listeners, it is possible to use a good hook in the introduction. It can be a narrative, a joke, a quote, a statistic, a rhetorical question, etc. There are no time limitations; this part can last from one to five minutes. It all depends on what you want to say to your audience.


While the traditional commencement speech emphasizes success, a speech about mistakes encourages the audience to consider how much they have learned from the most difficult moments of their lives. Mistakes don’t define you, but they do shape you.

Doing something wrong reinforces how to do it right next time, and reminds you to just dust yourself off and try again when things go wrong. A motivational speech regarding the importance of handling mistakes gracefully emphasizes the fact that this happens to everyone and that the fear of making a mistake never prevents a person from pursuing a dream.

The Roots

It’s easy to drop out of school, move from one place, and forget where you came from. A motivational speech on the importance of roots underscores the important lessons the graduates have learned as a group. He talks about how special it is that this small group, against the nearly seven billion people on Earth, share a particular story and experience. He mentions the fact that no matter where the graduates are in the world, they will always have this shared history in common.

Shows The Need

It is important to convince your listeners that there is a need that requires their action. They have to realize that their actions are necessary to satisfy that need. To convince the audience, you can provide facts, evidence, arguments, etc. They have to see that there is a serious problem that needs an urgent solution. It is good to show them the negative consequences of their inaction.


The time that passes can be used for a motivational speech for a graduation. Ask the graduates to remember what they were thinking when they came to school as freshmen. He talks about how quickly the four years went by. Time is something that no one takes advantage of, making use of time by people much more important. Before you write your speech, talk to some adults and other senior citizens. Ask them what they wish they had known as recent graduates, and share these stories with the current graduate group.

Respond To The Need

After showing the problem and the need to find a solution, offer possible solutions to your audience. They must realize your position; therefore, you must explain it clearly and support it with credible sources, examples, data, statistics, etc. Be prepared to refute counterarguments.

Show Various Scenarios

Now you need to show a couple of “what if” scenarios. For example, what will happen if the solution is adopted and vice versa. You must clearly show them the benefits and disadvantages of both cases. However, make sure not to overdo it, remain realistic in your judgments.

Encourage Your Audience

Inform your listeners of the specific actions that should be taken to resolve the matter. The time spent on that part depends on the topic. Encourage your audience to come to the solution step by step.

Topics For Motivational Speeches

If you want to be inspiring to others, you must choose a really interesting and motivating topic. Below are some great topics divided into different categories that you can get inspired by or use for your own motivational speech?

Topics for motivational speeches on education

  • The advantages of studying in a multicultural environment.
  • Education in America should be free for everyone.
  • The advantages of the education system in Finland.
  • The importance of constant professional improvement.
  • Potential benefits of schools without homework.
  • The efficiency of the school curriculum.
  • Having fun is more important than studying/working.
  • Education as a form of personal growth.
  • Fundamental determinants of professional success.
  • Master emergency technologies.

Motivational speech topics on health and mind

  • Learn better self-control.
  • Basic types of mediation.
  • Heroic deeds of scientists in history.
  • Health care should be free and available to everyone.
  • Meridian energy therapies.
  • Be realistic with our expectations.
  • Self-improvement and change of character.
  • Inspiring lessons from Magnetic Resonance.
  • Be more adaptable and have a more open mind.
  • Prioritize our daily goals.

Topics of motivational speeches on the environment and social life

  • The joys of nature.
  • How to achieve a calm mind with the help of our environment.
  • Children should be more in contact with nature.
  • The balance between social life and extracurricular activities.
  • The support of the environments when it comes to achieving their objectives.
  • Facing challenges as a family.
  • Honest communication with children.
  • Silent observation and patience.
  • Be a role model for your children.
  • The importance of charity for the education of children.
  • Science and Technology Motivational Speech Topics
  • Drones as a form of package delivery.
  • Self-driving electro cars as the taxi service in the future.
  • The role of the church in our society.
  • Establish colonies on Mars.
  • Success stories of empires.
  • The role of an advertisement in social networks.
  • Address false information on the Internet.
  • Train to think positive.
  • The possibility of a green future.
  • The transition to Tesla cars.
  • Motivational speech topics on sports and games
  • The correlation between football stadiums and ancient amphitheaters.
  • Video games contribute to teamwork.
  • Play golf after retirement.
  • Steroids in sports are dangerous.
  • Bodybuilding is a male sport.
  • Nasty games and Internet programs should be banned.
  • Motivate students to participate in college sporting events.
  • Win versus succeed.
  • Lose to succeed.
  • Addicted people are sick.

Motivational Speeches From Expert Writers

These are motivational speech topics that you can use and make your own. Remember that choosing a great theme is half the success. The topic of your speech will influence the outcome. So if you want to be successful, you have to have a really good knowledge of your chosen topic.

And to gain that knowledge, conducting extensive research on the subject is crucial. Evaluate the facts and evidence that would support your position. Be sure of your position, after all. Be prepared to refute all counterarguments and convince the audience of your point of view.

Of course, it is necessary not only to show your research or analysis skills, but also your writing skills. To be a good speaker, you must first become a good writer. If you don’t feel confident in your writing and research skills, you can always ask someone to help you. It is efficient to consult your friends or relatives.

But if you want to be sure of a high rating or success with your audience, you need to write a top-notch motivational speech. Only a professional writer with years of experience in that field can create a brilliant and inspiring speech for you.