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What is Statistics In Finance ?

Statistics is a way of organizing and analyzing data in order to make predictions. In other words, statistics helps us figure out how variable a variable is, how it behaves under certain conditions and over time, and other things like that. A statistical measure is a way of quantifying a variable. For example, the mean (or average) is used to quantify the center of a set of values with respect to some other quantities called standard deviations.

Statistics is very important in finance because it helps us determine the probability that future events will match our expectations.

 Types Of Statistics Used To Measure Risk In The Financial Industry

Volatility provides information about how much variation there is in investment returns from day to day or week to week and is usually expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR). A higher volatility means that the value could swing up or down at any time, which may be risky for investors who rely on those returns for future income-generation strategies like retirement accounts.

Correlation is an indicator of how two or more investments move in relation to each other. Generally speaking, low correlations are desirable because investors want their holdings to be uncorrelated (or negatively correlated) with each other so that they don’t all move in the same direction at once

Types Of Financial Data


Includes everything a company owns, as well as its buildings, equipment and vehicles. The value of assets reported on a company’s balance sheet is typically much higher than the total of the company’s liabilities and owners’ equity. This is true because a company’s assets are recorded at historical cost, while its liabilities and owner’s equity are recorded at historical cost or current market value, whichever is more expensive.


Is any money that the business owes to creditors or anyone else. The liabilities reported on a company’s balance sheet represent current obligations to creditors or other parties that have legal claims against the business.


Refers to an obligation of a business or person to another entity. This term refers to obligations that arise from trade or other agreements made with a third party. For example for purposes of reporting financial information, generally companies are not required to report contingent liabilities.

A company’s owner’s equity

It shows how much of a company has been paid for by its owners and also how much control they have over the day-to-day operations of their business.

A company’s owner’s equity is also known as shareholders’ equity or net worth.

Importance Of Statistics In Finance

  1. Statistics provide an overview of the economy and how it affects people’s everyday lives.
  2. It gives businesses an understanding of how they are performing and whether they need to change their business strategy to improve their performance
  3. Finance professionals use statistics in many different ways, such as comparing financial information between different companies or trying to predict a company’s future based on past data.
  4. Statistics can also be used for forecasting purposes, predicting events in the business world that have occurred historically such as tax cuts, new regulations or interest rates changes—all of which have a significant impact on the economy
  5. Accurate statistical data is essential for any type of economic analysis which is integral for economic development and stability
  6. Statistics are also a useful way to understand the business world, enabling investors, regulators and companies to better understand how decisions are made. Statistics can be used to determine which strategies have worked in the past and which strategies companies should be employing in the future.
  7. Financial statistics provide investors with information about a company’s performance that can help them make informed decisions about stocks.
  8. Statistics are used for market analysis and research so that economists can predict whether an industry will grow, shrink or remain unchanged in the future and thus enable them to recommend new products or business opportunities that could lead to growth in those industries
  9. Statistics also help businesses, both large and small, to forecast the future of their industry and determine how they should change their business strategy to stay competitive.
  10. Economic data is used to measure the sustainability and health of economies. 11. It also helps governments forecast the budget for social services such as children’s vaccines or senior citizen benefits.
  11. Financial statistics provide an overview of financial institutions that can prevent or reduce financial crises by allowing regulators to identify potential problems such as fraudulent activities
  12. Financial statistics help organizations comply with government regulations by providing accurate information about institutions’ performance and finances

Topics Studied Under Financial Statistics

  1. National security
  2. Risk management
  3. Market volatility
  4. Life insurance industry
  5. Financial industry and institutions
  6. Securities market and transactions
  7. Financial markets
  8. International capital markets
  9. Financial policy

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What is Finance?

 Finance: the backbone of a thriving economy. Finance is the lifeblood that flows through an organization and helps it grow and do well. What’s more, it’s the new frontier for innovation in science, engineering, and technology. –emphasis added–

According to a Gartner report, the importance of finance is growing at a rapid pace. More than ever, finance is becoming more and more important in our lives. So if you’re wondering why someone would do this, what’s up? Why are banks still trying so hard to get into the health field?

Finance can run anything from a startup with no revenue to a big corporation with over $100 billion in revenue and billions of dollars worth of assets. The full scope of finance can be subdivided into many areas including economics, accounting, financial analysis, banking and investment banking.

 Categories Of Finance

Investments and trading: This area of finance deals with the acquisition, provision and sale of financial assets such as stocks, bonds and derivatives. It involves risk analysis and investment return analysis in exchange for compensation (in the form of either cash or dividends).

Capital management: Investing in, or investing in the capitalization of an organization (such as a company, trust or other entity). The capital manager may provide financing to an organization by purchasing equity, debt instruments or other securities through an underwriting agreement or private placement. The capital manager may also provide a guarantee, i.e., promise that the principal and interest due on securities provided by it will be paid as agreed.

Asset management: Finding and evaluating investment opportunities, such as real estate, bonds and other securities either in the public or private market; and evaluating the quality of each investment opportunity to determine if an investment is sound, worth purchasing or fit for incorporation into an asset chain. This term will cover a wide range of functions in which companies provide financial advice to clients that have assets on their behalf, including active management (such as stock trading), and passive management (such as investment trusts).

Why Is Finance Important?

  1. Humans have always needed money to survive because without it you couldn’t buy food or pay rent, but finance is not only just about money because Financiers can also be very intelligent business people that can create businesses, create jobs and better the economy by putting investors interests first so it trickles down to everyone else in the business
  2. Finance is very important because it helps a business to determine what money to spend, where to spend it and when it should be spent because most businesses that fail do so because they didn’t have enough money or chose poorly for their investments.
  3. Finance is very important because it helps a person manage what is going on in their money and personal lives because people have a hard time just trying to figure out how much something costs, but with finance you can figure out when you are making more than you are spending and how much money you need to save for the future.
  4. Finance is important in countries with limited resources like most of the rest of the world because if you have money but not enough to survive then you would have to choose between being able to buy food and housing or buying what other people are selling in order to live.
  5. Finance is important in countries with limited resources because it makes it easier for people to survive because they would do good at times when they don’t have a lot in their bank account so they first will choose things that are relatively cheap and easy to find, but if they can’t find anything then they may need loans from banks or even other ways to get money like money-lenders, investors, business partners etc.
  6. Finance is important because it saves humans from making mistakes because it’s hard to predict future outcomes, but if people know about finance then they can make their own predictions about what would happen if they suppress investments or make different ways of making more money just by using their knowledge.

Topics Studied Under Finance

  1. Financial ratios
  2. Financial modeling
  3. Fundamental analysis
  4. The financial statement
  5. Capital budgeting
  6. Capital structure and dividends policy
  7. Leveraged buyouts
  8. Mergers and acquisitions
  9. Valuation of companies
  10. Derivative

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What Is E-Commerce ?

An electronic commerce (e-commerce) business is a company that uses computers and other technologies to manage the process of buying and selling goods, services, or information. It’s important to note that there is a distinction between an online store, which allows customer interactions over the internet, and e-commerce sites that do not.

Online stores allow customers to browse products and make purchases without having to be physically in the store. This can help address customer needs so they don’t feel like they have to “browse around” for hours before making a purchase with no idea what they’re looking at.

E-commerce is a business but also an industry that is growing very fast. There are now tens of thousands of online stores in the United States worldwide. The e-commerce industry is expected to grow at rate of 20% per year between 2003 and 2007, which means that it will have around $8 billion in total sales by 2007.

Types of E-Business

1) Online Retailers – Online retailers typically build their own electronic shops and transact business directly with their customers over the Internet. They include e-commerce software developers and online merchants, who provide various items for sale over the Internet.

2) Online Service Providers – Online service providers build electronic storefronts for their customers to browse their products or services and transact business directly with the customer over the Internet. Online service providers include Web-hosting companies and Integrated Web Entertainment Providers (IWEPs).

3) Online Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – Some organizations outsource product sourcing, manufacturing, designing and distribution of their goods to other businesses through Electronic Commerce. BPO is similar to E-Commerce in that they provide a service that helps the company run more efficiently by taking some of the burden off of employees.

4) Online Financial Institutions – These companies connect web users and brick-and-mortar customers with financial institutions to offer products such as checking accounts. However, many online financial institutions simply act as a portal between the consumer and the company, initiating transactions on behalf of the consumer at little or no cost to the consumer.

Importance Of E-Business

 The internet has changed the world in many ways. One of them is the immense impact it has had on the field of business. Today, companies need to connect with their customers and clients over the web just as they do with their email or other forms of communication. These online businesses have a variety of benefits and advantages over traditional ones that make it easier to succeed in this new era.

The major advantage is cost-effectiveness, as these businesses are able to reach virtually every corner of the world without expanding overhead costs such as offices and advertising campaigns. This means that large corporations can use their existing resources for greater growth, customer service responses, product development and more with minimal additional investment necessary for success on the web. Businesses that had been previously limited to their local region or geographic location can now reach out to global clientele.

In addition, online businesses are able to avoid the costs of maintaining large inventories, which are often difficult and expensive in traditional business models. Customers can order products online at any time and have them delivered immediately without having to wait. This convenience is a major factor in the success of e-commerce businesses; people like shopping on the Internet because it is fast and easy, which means they return frequently for new purchases.

Finally, e-business allows companies to build better relationships with customers because they are able to learn more about their preferences and needs through online interactions.

Topics studied under E-Business

  1. E-Commerce
  2. E-Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. SEO and SEM
  5. Web Analytics
  6. E-business Security and Trust (eTS)
  7. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  8. E-commerce Development and Integration (EDI)
  9. eTail Management for Businesses to Sell on the Web, Including eBay, Amazon, Mercado Libre, etc.

Topics studied under E-Business (Masters)

  1. M-Commerce
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. SEO and SEM
  4. Web Analytics
  5. E-business Security and Trust (eTS)

6 .eTail Management for Businesses to Sell on the Web, Including eBay, Amazon, Mercado Libre, etc.

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What is Education Studies?

 Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and skills. Education can be defined as a type of experience that changes the way people see, think about and interact with the world.

A School or College might include an elementary school, secondary school, pre-school, kindergarten or high school. A university would most likely include bachelors degree programs at institutions such as Harvard University and Yale University with their graduate degree options at these schools like Masters in Teaching at Harvard Graduate School of Education , Masters in Public Health (MPH) Education Program: Global Health Concentration offered by Yale’s Department Of Environmental Science And Forestry

The value of education cannot be underestimated because it has profound effects on individuals’ skills, aptitudes and knowledge. Education is a lifelong process that is needed for personal development, social integration and economic progress. Education is not only about gaining knowledge; but also about knowing how to apply that knowledge, how to think critically and constructively. These skills are essential in all areas of life: at work, in the home, as well as in the political arena

“Education is intimately associated with social change.”

“People can change their world by changing the environment around them.”

The value of education cannot be underestimated because it has profound effects on individuals’ skills, aptitudes and knowledge. Education is a lifelong process that is needed for personal development, social integration and economic progress.

Types Of Education Studies

There are three different types of education studies, which differ in the way they are administered and the extent to which their subject is explored. These are dependent on how much time, effort, and attention is given during the different parts of the course.

  • Primary Education Studies. These include all forms of teaching and learning in pre-school settings for children from 11 to 13 years old.
  • Secondary Education Studies. This term refers to education study undertaken by pupils aged 14 to 16 years old through secondary schools or those studying outside these institutions for examination purposes.
  • Tertiary Education Studies. This term refers to all forms of education taking place at university level, for the completion of some form of university degree qualification.

Importance Of Education Studies (Consecutive)

Education is generally responsible for shaping an individual’s future which ultimately determines their happiness; hence it should not be neglected by anyone who desires to have a prosperous future for themselves and their family members. There are various reasons why acquiring education is important in life;

Firstly, it enables an individual to acquire skills which can be used to generate income in most countries where education is highly valued. For instance, in the United States of America and other developed countries where the supply of jobs and opportunities for employment is high; this makes it important for one to have at least a Bachelor’s degree or a higher qualification. This can be attributed to the fact that if you have skills and knowledge, you will find the best way of using it for success. Moreover, education is one of a key element that determines one’s class or status as well as their ability to earn money and look at life from different perspectives.

Secondly, education is important in that it helps an individual understand the world around them as well as their role in society. This enables one to acquire a better understanding of life and also enables them to make good decisions for themselves which in the long run can positively influence their lives.

Thirdly, education enables one to develop an improved social outlook or attitude towards others. This is because they are able to interact with individuals who may have completely different views and opinions from theirs but through education they are able to understand the true meaning of development and prosperity which makes them develop tolerance towards other people’s views.

Lastly, education helps one to understand the world around them and this makes one have a positive attitude towards their fellow human beings which can help them in their social interaction.

The importance of education has been recognized and as a result, various tertiary institutions have established different departments or areas of studies within the faculty of Education to cater for individuals who desire to pursue this career path. There are different factors which determine the kind of teacher you want or will become such as your personality, training, motivation level and interest among others.

Units Studied Under Education Studies (Consecutive)

  1. Basic Mathematics
  2. Calculus of Variations
  3. Probability Theory
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Calculus
  6. Statistics
  7. Linear Algebra
  8. Differential Equations
  9. Combinatorics
  10. Vector Analysis and Differential Forms I
  11. Numerical analysis

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What is Software Engineering

A software engineer is a programmer who also specializes in system design and analysis. They’re responsible for determining what needs to be built, then making sure each part of the project runs as it should. They must be able to evaluate trade-offs between technical approaches, then choose and implement the solution that best meets their needs.

A software engineer focuses on what the system will be used for and how it will accomplish those objectives. Software engineers are generally involved in designing, analyzing and implementing systems that are used to support business or administrative operations, or in developing programs that make interactive use of a computer.

There are two main career paths available to people who wish to enter the industry: development and research.

Application software engineers develop client applications used by end users. Applications can be web-based or run on (or distributed in) mobile devices or desktops. System software engineers develop distributed applications. It is also common for systems software engineers to work on component-based systems where the application must make use of a set of pre-integrated components (codice_1, codice_2 or codice_3). They are an integral part of a development team that builds data centers and enterprise systems with running hardware served by the Internet. The term systems engineer, when applied to software, is most often used in relation to operating system engineers or network software engineers.

 Software Engineering Branches

  1. Application Programming:  Applications software engineers are programmers who are responsible for the creation of applications and programs. The applications may take different forms, such as a mobile application, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or a web application.
  2. Database systems:  Database systems engineers are responsible for the management and maintenance of databases. The databases may be part of a system such as an ERP or a web application, or they can be “stand-alone” systems that are used as part of another application.
  3. Data processing and data communications: Data processing and data communications engineers are responsible for the design and implementation of a wide range of systems that process large amounts of information, including complex statistical models or relational databases. They may work on search systems, web services or electronic transaction processing networks.
  4. Security: Security engineers are responsible for designing systems that protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data against unauthorized access. This could include designing user authentication systems, encrypting data as it is transmitted over a network or protecting log files from unauthorized access.
  5. Systems development: Systems development engineers are responsible for designing and implementing complex computer systems that are used to support business or administrative operations. Because of this, systems development engineers typically have a good understanding of how applications will be developed and what the system architecture will look like.
  6. A systems design engineer takes an integral role in system engineering by supporting the decision-making process for key decisions and by ensuring that hardware, software, communication facilities and staff resources are integrated as needed to produce a finished system. Because of this, systems design engineers typically have a good understanding of how the system will be built and what the system architecture will look like.
  7. Embedded systems: Embedded systems engineers are software engineers who are responsible for the design and implementation of computer applications that run on embedded systems. Embedded systems are computer systems (or microcontrollers) that exist within other devices and control those devices through software. The most typical example of an embedded system is a car’s anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  8. Software management: Software management engineers are responsible for managing software development projects from start to finish. This involves the planning and coordination of the project, working with customers to determine what they need and how it should be developed, then working with a team to ensure that the work is completed according to schedule.
  9. Software quality assurance: Software quality assurance engineers are responsible for ensuring that software is properly tested and meets internal standards for quality assurance. Testing may include analyzing whether the software works as intended and whether it is stable enough for release.

Importance of Software Engineering

  1. Software Engineering has many important roles in our society. It not only saves time and money, but also improves productivity and makes work faster and easier for everyone.
  2. Software Engineering is so important that it’s used in most major industries, such as telecommunications and medicine. It’s also used extensively in government offices, such as for processing education and health records. It’s also used in business to store and manage financial data, in video games and websites, and anything that requires complex decision making or processing.
  3. Without Software Engineering, the world’s computers wouldn’t work because they are programmed by software engineers. Without these people to code them, computers would be useless pieces of metal and plastic. Software engineering is also a very interesting field because it involves using computers and math to solve real problems in the world around us.

Units Studied Under Software Engineering

  1. Systems and software engineering;
  2. Software engineering;
  3. Computer programming;
  4. Creative design and aesthetics
  5. Ethics and social responsibility in information technology;
  6. Computer and communication networks;
  7. Algorithm design and analysis;
  8. Artificial intelligence;
  9. Information security and cryptography;
  10. Software testing, Quality assurance, software maintenance and documentation

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What is Power Engineering? 

An electrical engineer is responsible for the technical, economic and business issues related to electrical power systems. These engineers work on a wide range of topics such as nuclear energy, electric transportation and renewable energy. Electrical engineers are also called power engineers at times due to their focus on electrical power generation, distribution and use. Power Engineering includes power plant design and operation, electrical transmission and installation, electricity meters, industrial safety elements of electrical systems including electrical substations which are an important part of the electric infrastructure. Power engineering also includes research into renewable energy technologies like solar power and wind turbines.

Power engineers may specialize in one area of power engineering; however, they also need to be familiar with other areas of the field to mitigate risks associated with the creation and transportation of energy.

The history of power engineering dates back to 1878 when Pope Leo XIII established a commission to investigate new methods for generating electrical energy. This led to the development of various means for converting other forms of energy into electricity.

Categories Of Power Engineering

  1. Electrical Power engineering

Electrical engineering is a large field that deals with the understanding, design and application of electricity. Its subject matter is covered by several branches of knowledge and encompasses these areas: Power plant design and operation; electrical substations; electrical safety elements; energy efficiency related to high-voltage transmission lines; etc.

  1. Mechanical Power Engineering

Mechanical Power Engineering is the application of engineering principles to generate, convert, transmit and deliver mechanical power. This branch of engineering is diverse in its application range from generating electricity from wind turbines, steam turbines and hydroelectricity to transmitting and distributing electrical power using air-coupled transformers for long distance transmission

  1. Electrical Power Engineering (which includes electrical power)

The electrical power engineering is studied with the help of power electronics and electromechanical devices for converting electric energy into mechanical or other forms of energy. The electrical engineers are associated with the factors such as design and planning, construction, installation, operation and maintenance. Power engineers may specialize in one area of power engineering; however, they also need to be familiar with other areas of the field to mitigate risks associated with the creation and transportation of energy.

  1. Wind Power Engineering

In which we generate electric power from wind turbines. The energy in wind is extracted by airfoils which rotate to produce tensional or lift forces. These forces are then transformed into rotational energy that can be used for various purposes such as pumping water, grinding grain or pumping liquid metals.

  1. Renewable Energy Engineering

The potential for renewable energy is enormous, based on the amount of sunlight that strikes the earth, the speed of wind we can tap into, and all of the biomass on earth (e.g. biomass or crop residue pellets as a fuel source for power generation).

  1. Hydro Power Engineering

This involves power and energy generated from hydroelectric sources like rivers or lakes that have a significant flow of water throughout the year.

  1. Hydraulic Power Engineering
  2. Solar Power Engineering
  3. Electromagnetic Power Engineering

Is a field of electrical engineering that explains and designs the various electromagnetic systems used in power generation. It also studies the effects of electromagnetic fields on power production equipment during operation.

Importance Of Power Engineering

  1. Power engineering is one of the most important engineering disciplines in the world.
  2. The worldwide use of electricity is expanding and power engineers are becoming increasingly vital in determining whether new ways to produce, distribute and utilize this energy can be economically competitive and environmentally friendly.
  3. Power engineers are needed to ensure that the industrial, transport, agricultural and home electrical systems within any country can continue to function as they should.
  4. Power engineers and related professionals are needed to create, maintain and repair the electrical systems which are vital to our day-to-day lives.
  5. The success of a country’s economy depends on its ability to efficiently use power resources.
  6. Power engineering is a field that offers many challenges, both intellectual and physical, with a wide range of applications in business, industry, medicine and entertainment.
  7. Power engineering is an important tool in the global economy. The companies that harness power sources such as wind, solar, hydro and nuclear are becoming larger and more powerful.
  8. Power engineers can help ensure that the world’s energy supply is reliable and sustainable at a time of growing population and global demand for energy.
  9. Industrialization of developing countries has increased the demand for electrical power in many countries around the world.

Topics Studied Under Power Engineering

  1. Power system analysis
  2. Protection
  3. Stability
  4. Power quality
  5. Transmission and distribution planning and design
  6. Study of Substation automation,
  7. Study of power transformers and power reactors
  8. Study of power distribution over long distance
  9. Study of safety in power systems
  10. Study of renewable energy sources like wind, solar and biomass
  11. Study of electrical substations
  12. Distribution system stability

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What is Mechatronic Engineering? 

 Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering that angers robotics, electronics and mechanics. As the name suggests it is a combination of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering with mathematics. It has grown in popularity due to its immense versatility in application which can range from humanoid robotic systems to industrial manufacturing processes that are able to produce the exact size components needed with precision tolerances, neither wasted materials nor complex machining necessary.

Mechatronics seeks to replace traditionally manual operations with automated systems that improve production rates while generating less product scrap and waste. It also aims to improve the safety of manual tasks.

Mechatronics focuses on the production, development and application of integrated systems. These systems consist of mechanical, electronic and software components that all work together to produce a function or action which is controlled by a single operator. An example of such a system would be the cruise control system of an automobile. Mechatronics involves more than just simple operation settings, it encompasses how those individual components interact with each other as well as their overall function.

The main development of this branch of engineering was in the 1960s, when robots were first employed in industry. Those tasks which had previously been done by humans alone could now be accomplished with more speed and precision by robots. The logic to undertake such un-human like tasks was largely attributed to the necessity for growth.

Types Of Mechatronics Engineering

  1. Conventional Mechatronics Engineering-This approach seeks to examine the mechanical, electrical and control systems in a system that is normally considered to be a complete entity. It compares, contrasts, and studies the requirements of many sections of complex machinery, such as machines and other devices used in production lines that require large amounts of power.
  2.  Bio-Mechatronics Engineering- This approach is used in soft robotics and medical devices. The soft robots can be used in medical applications to interact with human tissues, in the personal care industry, such as for carrying baby bottles, or in home cleaning machines.
  3. Nano-Mechatronics Engineering – This approach is used for producing nano-devices and nanorobots . Nanostructures are fabricated from polymers and other soft materials. These materials are deposited by soft lithography techniques while being produced at room temperature. Nanosensors have also been developed that are embedded in soft materials.
  4. Soft Mechatronics Engineering- The use of actuators in complex machines and systems enables new degrees of control. However, the design of complex machines is often difficult due to the need to deal with mechanical forces which require mass and inertia (inertia is a property of matter that resists change of momentum)and friction.
  5. Super-conducting Mechatronics Engineering- The use of super-conducting materials allows the use of coiled and flat conductors, which can be used in different ways to make highly efficient electrical motors. Superconductors are used in the production of magnetic levitation trains (maglev). This method uses the repulsive force produced by magnets to generate thrust which floats the train above a track. This allows for greater speeds as there is less friction between the train and the track.
  6. Photo/Visible light responsive Mechatronics- This is an emerging field relating to the design of robots equipped with cameras which are able to react to changes in the surrounding scene. This technology allows for abilities such as seeing in the dark and tracking people/objects.
  7. Hybrid Mechatronics -This approach would employ a mix of conventional robotics, mechatronics and biomimicry technologies. The goal is to improve on existing un-manipulated systems by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence and communication capabilities into the system. This means that the robots or machines would be able to communicate and trade information with each other.

Importance Of Mechatronics Engineering

  1. Mechatronics has a wide range of applications in industry and many industries are beginning to use this technology.
  2. The ability to automate tasks is one of the major advantages of mechatronics engineering. In traditional mechanical engineering the most important task for the engineer was to provide an automation for repetitive tasks such as blueprint marking, welding, machine setting etc.
  3. Machining- Machining processes are performed more gradually and require a great deal of accuracy and precision. In this case the assistance of robots will help complete these tasks efficiently without the need for human intervention.
  4. Automation- Automation is an important aspect of mechatronics engineering and has been applied to several manufacturing processes. Here a robot is used to perform the same task which can be done by a human worker. The advantage of using robots lies in its ability to complete repetitive tasks speedily and with greater accuracy .In addition, since it is not a human being, it can work day and night without any rest.
  5. Mechatronics has a very promising future and the use in many sectors like medical, military and dental is increasing.
  6. Industrial robots are designed to work on the same task for many hours providing high levels of precision and accuracy .Since many of these tasks require only one type of motion it reduces the cost of designing and manufacturing such robots.
  7. Being an interdisciplinary subject mechatronics provides the student with an understanding of other related subjects like computer programming, mechanical engineering and software engineering.
  8. Mechatronics will provide the engineer with a greater knowledge of various fields of engineering and improve their job prospects in the industry by providing them a versatile skill set.

Topics Studied Under Mechatronics Engineering

  1. Machining
  2. Computer Aided Designing
  3. Robotics
  4. Control Systems
  5. Manufacturing Processes
  6. Image Processing
  7. Electrical Techniques
  8. Automobile engineering
  9. Materials Engineering

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What is Mechanical engineering ?

 Mechanical engineering involves mechanical systems design, analysis , manufacture . It’s a great choice for those who are interested in building or designing advanced mechanical devices like cars, engines, robots and more.

Mechanical engineering can also be applied to investigating and protecting the mechanical systems that support us, as well as designing more advanced mechanical devices that make our life easier. The scope of mechanical engineering is broad, including everything from bioprocessing and nanotechnology to the latest in microcontroller technology.

Categories Of Mechanical Engineering


Combines electronics and mechanical engineering to create man-made devices that possess some of the characteristics of living organisms. For example, an electromechanical actuator is a device that opens and closes in response to an electric signal.


Is the discipline of designing and making machines, parts, and systems to produce a product that meets requirements? This includes the functions of design, production, marketing and quality control. This major combines a background in math, science, engineering and humanities to prepare you for an exciting career that will allow you to express your creativity through the design of mechanical systems.

Processes and Product Design

Apply principles of engineering and the scientific method to plan and conduct experiments to design, develop, manufacture or improve mechanical systems or devices like tools, engines, machines or computer software.


Focuses on the design of man-made devices that are used to build and support large structures. The principles of geometry, mechanics and mathematics are studied to prevent failure in the structures. Buildings, bridges and industrial plants are examples of the devices they design.

Transportation Systems and Technology

Apply principles of engineering and the scientific method to plan and conduct experiments to design, develop, manufacture or improve mechanical systems or devices like tools, engines, machines or computer software. Specializes in transportation systems.

Healthcare and Biology

Combines biology, engineering and medicine to discover new methods for treating disease and improving health care. Mechanical engineers can work in many different areas of biotechnology, including cell cultures, medical devices and bio-machining.

Machine Tool Design & Manufacture

Combine engineering with the process of manufacturing to create large machine tools used in manufacturing systems that may be controlled by a computer or programmable by some type of programming language.

Vehicle Structure, Dynamics and Control

Design, analyze and test mechanical vehicles with their related components such as engines, brakes and steering systems. Mechanical engineers are involved in the design of all land, sea, air and space vehicles.

Energy Management

Apply principles of engineering and the scientific method to plan and conduct experiments to design, develop, manufacture or improve mechanical systems or devices like engines, machines or computer software. Specializes in energy management.

Automation & Industrial Automation

Apply principles of engineering and the scientific method to plan and conduct experiments to design, develop, manufacture or improve mechanical systems or devices like tools, engines, machines or computer software. Specializes in automation & industrial automation.

Importance Of Mechanical Engineering

Electric generation – it provides the power needed to convert from external sources of heat and electricity into usable electricity to operate our homes.

Mechanical engineering also plays a critical role in the operation of modern day machinery, from elevators to cars- even refrigerators. Without mechanical engineers, we would not have things like jet engines or home air conditioning. There is no doubt that we use mechanical engineering every day and it has made our lives easier in many ways. It is one of the most important subdivisions of engineering because without it, many of the technologies we use every day today would not be available.

Mechanical engineers design and develop a variety of systems which are used in artificial limbs, robots, prosthetics or orthotics for people with disabilities. It is the study of machinery and engineering, with an emphasis on the science of matter and energy.

Normally mechanical engineers work in industrial settings such as engineering departments, manufacturing plants or with transportation systems. Because mechanical engineers are concerned with how machines work and how they may be improved or repaired, they can often work in a wide variety of settings.

Mechanical engineering is used to assemble, disassemble and maintain machines, machines that are used to produce goods or services such as engines, pumps, circuit boards and small tools.

Topics Studied Under  Mechanical Engineering

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Industrial Mechanism
  3. Production and Operation
  4. Transmission and Control
  5. Power Generation
  6. Fluid and Thermal Systems
  7. Aeronautics and Astronautics
  8. Architecture, Structure, and Surveying Engineering
  9. Mechanical Design Engineering
  10. Materials Science and Material Engineering
  11. Bioengineering and Biotechnology
  12. Machine Tool Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance
  13. Energy and Power Engineering
  14. Water and Environmental Engineering
  15. Marine Systems, Materials, and Mechanics
  16. Computational Manufacturing Engineering/ Robotics/ Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  17. Digital Processing Systems & Control (CPC) and Embedded Systems & Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  18. Networking, Communications and Computing (NCC)/ Computer Security, Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering (CSHE)

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What is MATLAB ?

MATLAB enables us to solve problems in science, engineering, and math. It is a programming language with a straightforward syntax. One of the most popular uses of MATLAB is for technical computing and visualization. Other uses include data analysis, image processing, machine learning, computer vision and robotics.

MATLAB uses a combination of function calls and high-level language constructs to define computations and transformations. Unlike a scripting language such as Python, MATLAB statements can also include statements that evaluate mathematical expressions. For example, the MATLAB type system enables you to use expression operators (such as +, -, and /) and functions (such as sin and sqrt) wherever you would typically use function calls.

MATLAB is a high-level language. Therefore, the syntax for defining expressions is different from the syntax for variables in a high-level programming language.

What can you do with MATLAB?

-Create sophisticated models of physical systems

-Simulate behavioral responses to changes in environmental factors such as temperature or lighting.

-Analyze microscopic images of materials at the nanoscale using computational methods.

-Solve business problems to create a more efficient operation or find new markets for your company.

What Are The Different Types of MATLAB?

  1. MATLAB Beginner

In order to use MATLAB, one first needs to know the basics. This is the category for MATLAB beginners. Topics covered in this section include: how to plot data points; how to enter commands into MATLAB; and what data types are supported by MATLAB.

  1. Advanced Programming Topics in MATLAB

This category is for those who have mastered the basics of programming in MATLAB and would like a little more challenge. Topics covered in this section include: advanced plotting techniques; programming with functions; and working with cell arrays.

  1. MATLAB Builders

This category is for those who have mastered MATLAB programming and would like to understand the fundamentals of building programs using object-oriented programming methods. Topics covered in this section include: class variables and methods; inheritance; encapsulation and abstraction; structs and structuring your code.

  1. MATLAB Experts

This category is for those who have mastered MATLAB programming and want to expand their skill set. Topics covered in this section include: using Java within MATLAB, 3D graphics, histograms, finite state machines, neural networks, genetic algorithms and more!

Importance Of MATLAB

MATLAB provides visualization, translation, and interpolation algorithms that allow for the efficient calculation of desired output. It was designed for engineers and scientists for use in modeling, data analysis, numerical simulation and optimization.

The major strengths of MATLAB are its user-friendly interface, standard function libraries with a broad range of specific functions that extend the capabilities of MATLAB considerably. This allows a range of users from beginners to sophisticated researchers to experience the power of computer science in one application.

In addition, MATLAB supports mathematical computation, visualization, image processing and programming capabilities. This has made it a favorite of engineers, scientists and students who need more than just spreadsheets to effectively solve problems in their respective fields. MATLAB offers a strong graphical user interface that is an ideal platform for teaching math and computer science to a wide range of audiences.

MATLAB offers a broad range of calculation and reporting capabilities that can be used to solve real-world problems. Users can manipulate numerical data in an intuitive manner, gain powerful insights into data relationships, and present their findings in a clear, concise manner.

MATLAB is well-suited for high-performance computing and parallel processing. Experts use MATLAB to write and test computer algorithms, then convert them into C/C++ and Java for execution on parallel platforms such as multicomputers, clusters and supercomputers.

MATLAB users can create programs that run faster than comparable codes written in Fortran or C, especially when an application performs many calculations on large matrices.

One of the biggest benefits of using MATLAB is the support that it offers to merge computation and analysis. The program’s use of symbolic manipulation, combined with its rich set of standard functions, make it simple to express any mathematical or computational problem. Because users can experiment with MATLAB’s functions in a graphical environment, they can quickly and easily test out ideas before putting them into full-fledged programs.

MATLAB has good graphics capabilities, which are vital in many fields such as science, engineering and finance. Graphics capabilities allow users to view the results of a program in a simple and intuitive manner. MATLAB also includes numerous functions that allow users to combine graphics with numerical data and create mathematical animations that plot curves and surfaces over time.

MATLAB offers more than 400 built-in math functions, including statistical functions, functions for matrix manipulation and linear algebra operations, as well as other numerical computation tools.

Topics Studied Under MATLAB

  1. System Modeling
  2. Computer Graphics
  3. Signal and Image Processing
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. Data Analysis and Compression
  6. Optimization Methods
  7. Numeric Computation for Scientific Computing with

Different Programming Languages like C, C++, Fortran, Java etc.; and

  1. Statistics and Machine Learning with R

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