How to Write an Exceptional Military Essay

How to Write Military Essay | Useful Tips

Do you plan to provide your country with military services? learning how to write military essay is a Must!


You need admission to a military academy- The first and foremost thing to get access to is to write an impactful military essay

In this post FROM our Admission essay writing service I’m going  to do a deep dive into military essay writing.

I’ll also inform you what consider before and after writing a military essay.

Let’s dive right in.

  • What is military Essay and why you need it?
  • Guide: How To Write Military Essay
  • Points to Remember While Writing a Military Essay
  • Things to Recheck After Completion of the Essay
  • Conclusion

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What is a Military Essay ?

A military essay is the first and a long-lasting impression of a cadet in the admission committee’s eyes. Your application must be distinctive and unique to outstand other applications.

If you are a newcomer with no idea of writing a Military essay, you have landed at the right place. We have an easy, straightforward step-by-step plan and excellent tips on how to write military essay and make it great to answer all the troublesome queries that you have in your mind.

Military services are of utmost importance, as they play a vital role in the security of a country and its citizens. Moreover, they help in eliminating international disputes among nations. Therefore, candidates who want to join the army must be brave as well as highly intellectual.

Military enables the young minds to understand the hardships faced by soldiers while defending the community. On the other hand, military services make them sympathetic towards the underprivileged community, evoking a sense of humanity in youngsters to devote their lives to the country.

 Why you need it?

The candidates applying for military academies should have a keen knowledge of one’s respected country’s history. Having a thorough understanding of the past of a country helps to avoid regrettable mistakes. On top of that, cadets must be profound in current affairs to understand possible future events. The capabilities and knowledge of cadets are crucial as a lot of lives are in jeopardy.

Soldiers workday and night to attain specific skills, such as staying alive on the battleground over the years. Some of them lose their lives and become an example for newcomers. Young cadets learn essential skills and tactics from them to accomplish their missions.

Recently, to get admission in special forces, one must submit a thoughtful essay written with excellent proficiency. Writing an essay develops many new skills in a candidate. On the other hand, it is facile for the admission committee to select eligible and capable cadets.

An excellent military essay upgrades your resume and increases your chances to outstand other applications.

Many people find it difficult to articulate their thoughts and ideas in writing. One can only write an impactful content piece with great devotion and time spent in practice. But once you know how to put your logic and point of view on a piece of paper, you have acquired a new skill that can be advantageous in the future.

Guide: How To Write Military Essay

Below are some helpful tips and step to step plan to write the best military essay.

There are various essay types, including the argumentative, army appearance essays, military accountability, and responsibility essays. All of them have a distinct concept and content. The candidate must select the essay topic carefully and ensure complete knowledge of the thesis statement.

If you are muddled in choosing the topic or writing format, try to read a few military essays. Look at the structure and arrangement of paragraphs. Internet is packed with such outstanding articles, yet come up with a unique topic according to the field. Another critical factor is to write your essay in your own words to avoid plagiarism. On the other hand, various companies and individual ghost essay writers are available. You can hire them to create a masterpiece.

Let’s see some crucial steps of the essay for a better understanding:

  1. Thorough Research:

After selecting the thesis statement, the essential step is to do thorough research on your topic. The Internet is not the only source to gather information; you can use books, journals, documentaries, and even talk shows to gain insight into the topic. You can write on Historical events, wars fought, or international conflicts. The more you research, the more information and logic you acquire to put in your writing. Although, keep in mind to add relevant material, avoid disrespectful past events, and focus on better future ideas.

  1. Structure/Outline:

Secondly, forming an outline before writing your essay can be helpful. Before starting your essay, make pointers of particular thoughts and arguments to later add to your writing’s main body.  This structure will help you write inflow and save time. Moreover, you will not miss any critical points of your analyses. It is not an obligation to use all the facts; instead, it makes your work easier.

  1. Introduction:

Many people find the start of an essay the most challenging part. Write an introduction that grabs the reader’s eye in the first instance.  The first line should form a connection and persuade the admission officer to proceed with reading your essay. Such efforts will increase your chances of getting selected on the first attempt.

  1. Main Body:

After the introduction comes the main body, you will write all the information, historical events, and ideas in a specific manner and flow. Organize the dates and events accordingly. One must avoid irrelevant and offensive information as it provides the reader with a wrong impression. The main body can divide into headings such as an introductory line to the specific event, chronology, and conclude with your opinion, thoughts against, or in the agreement of thesis statement. Try to add ideas for the betterment of the future or ways to serve the nation.

  1. Concluding Paragraph:

In the end, conclude your essay on a positive note. The conclusion is a short, precise paragraph that summarizes the whole context that ties down your article’s main objective, showcasing its purpose and importance. However, do not add a new argument and idea at the end.

There is no head and fast rule for the format, although different academies have different writing formats and styles. It is better to consult the following military academy for the proper criteria for formatting the essay.  Keep in mind that it is better to contact the academy for particular requirements beforehand.

Points to Remember While Writing a Military Essay

To write an impactful essay, the cadet should have a clear battle plan in mind.  It is a piece of cake for a military specialist to detect unsureness in your thoughts. Here are some tips for writing an intriguing write up:

  • Have authenticity in your work:

If an idea pops up, go online and search if other people have already written on that topic or not. If you find several similar results, it’s better to drop the idea and come up with a new one. Such an essay won’t pique the interest of the reader. Hence, decrease your chances of admission.

  • Diverse knowledge:

Military officers should be fit, skillful as well as knowledgeable.  The more you will read on different subjects such as biology, physics, law, politics, economics, history, etc. The more are the survival chances. You never know which skill will save your or your companion’s life on the battlefield.

  • Catchy first line:

The first sentence can either make you stand out from the rest or get you to the rejected list. Make sure the first paragraph and, most importantly, the first line creates a hook that inclines the instructor to read the whole essay. It is not obligatory to start your work with a first hooking sentence. Start writing the main body, and you can add it whenever it comes to your mind.

  • It is fine to be a little creative:

Although it is an academic paper, you can go out of the way and freely put your ideas in an organized manner.

  • The arguments should be logical and convincing:

Admission officers can notice the useless filling of words in a blink of an eye. Officer will lose interest and find it a wastage of time. Close the arguments by either affirming or disapproving the thesis proclamation.

  • Do not use interrogative sentences:

The primary purpose of the essay is to focus on your point of view and opinions. Such persuasive questions can showcase it too philosophically and risk your targeted opinion.

  • Avoid controversial topic:

One must avoid controversial topics; this leads to generating further questions in the reader’s mind and lacks perspective.

  • The thesis topic should be captivating:

Poorly structured military base essays can be annoying for the admission officer. Therefore, choose your topic wisely that genuinely intrigues you. Your essay should symbolize your determination and loyalty to the country. Target your focus on analyses to improve the country’s state rather than just writing the historical events.

  • Be open-minded:

Do not stick to the Internet for information. You can add any information from newspapers, books or TV. However, the data in old books and journals written many years ago may have lost its significance. Moreover, they may be written by biased ideological groups.

  • Thesis statement:

Do not explain your thesis statement in a long paragraph. You need to give your perspective.

  • Verifiable Data:

Army officers require verifiable data; hence, the source of data must be genuine.

  • Do not hesitate to state your weaknesses:

However, your write-up must ensure your determination to work hard and learn faster. All good image and perfectionism can misrepresent you in the eyes of the admission committee.

Things to Recheck After Completion of the Essay

Now your essay is complete, but the work is still not done. There are certain aspects to check before submitting the article. No one can write perfect content in one go. Therefore, you should recheck your essay twice or thrice to eliminate any errors. Here are some common mistakes you will find in your write up:

Grammatical mistakes

Grammatical mistakes are common. Wrong grammar may cut the tone or change the meaning of your sentences. Moreover, it casts a bad impression on the administrator.

Vocabulary and spelling

Choice of words has a significant impact on your writing expression. Lack of vocabulary and spelling mistakes are non-avoidable aspects. Read more to improve your vocabulary; use synonyms and persuasive words.

 Editing and proofreading

Editing is the crucial element. Reading your essay twice or thrice may pop up some unnecessary words, which may not change the meaning of sentences if removed.  As Ernst Hemingway states: “The only type of writing is rewriting.”

It is better to take a second opinion. Ask a mentor or teacher to read your essay and pinpoint the errors.


Cite the referred sources accordingly. The sites from which you gather information must be authentic and dependable. Military officers have strict rules for false data, which can mislead them.

Plagiarism check

The essay should be 100% authentic and written from scratch- check using an essay plagiarism checker. Plagiarized sentences not only portray a bad image on the administration committee also considered a shameful crime. Try to write in your own words.

Now your essay is almost error-free and ready for submission. Small details can add a lot of value to the essay and escalate the chances of approval from the military academy.


Military services show the commendable abilities of a cadet how they protect their country and showcase a professional image of the authority.  Army soldiers are brave, devoted, and disciplined people who make big decisions for the state, defend the country from threats, and are confident enough to direct young cadets. Every army officer from various ranks follows the same responsibility to serve their nation by putting themselves at risk.

The respected military essay reflects a candidate’s mindset and potential to fulfill important missions and take orders without complaining. Mention your weaknesses along with strengths in the essay. A decent military essay is based on honest opinions and perspectives, which allows the admission committee to choose the most deserving candidates for their academy.

Essay writing is a valuable part of army training, as it is a written impression of one’s thoughts. Such army programs expertise soldiers in many skills required on the battlefield and at every stage of their life. Such skills include logistics, strategy building, analysis, interpretation, problem-solving, and open-mindedness.

The newcomers and students require assistance to produce a write-up that fixes their place at the military academy. There are some professional personal statement writers you can request ” write my personal statement” to write a part of the whole essay for you.