Essay On Math Plus 50 Topics

Essay On Math Plus 50 Topics That Can Help You

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Mathematics is the study of numbers can be divided into two separate sides; that is, discrete mathematics and continuous mathematics.

Contrary to continuous mathematics which deals with the study of objects that can vary smoothly such as calculus, discrete mathematics on the other side involves the study of objects that can only assume distinct and separated values.

Discrete mathematics will, therefore, be characterized by integers as opposed to continuous mathematics that requires real numbers.

Discrete mathematics is widely represented in various parts, but mainly in combinatorics which is the study of how discrete objects combine with one another and the probabilities of various outcomes.

Other branches of discrete mathematics include;

  • Graph theory
  • Computation theory

Also, topics in number theory such as congruence and recurrence relations are part of discrete mathematics.

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Calculus Essay Help

Calculus Essay Help: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

Are you afraid of calculus essay? well! Get calculus homework essay help from a pool of math experts at our website. At we can provide calculus examples, topics, titles, & outlines if you request us to do your calculus homework on time.

The word calculus (pl. calculi) is Latin, referring to small stones used for counting. It is a branch of Math that deals with the study of limits, functions, derivatives, integrals and infinite series.

In general terms, calculus may refer to any method of calculation that is guided by symbolic manipulation of expressions.

There are two main branches of calculus, namely;

  • Differential calculus
  • Integral calculus

Initially, calculus was called calculus of infinitesimals or infinitesimal calculus. Some other well known, though minor branches of calculus are: Join, Variation, Lambda, and Pi-calculus.

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Our detailed and clear system of instilling knowledge best help students to absorb and understand the key concepts of calculus such as; limits, convergence, infinitesimals, supremum, infinum, derivatives, functions, Leibniz notation, indefinite integral, the definite integral, linear operators, anti-derivative, continuity, matrix multiplication, real number, imaginary axis/plan, prime number, closure etc.

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Python Research Topics

80 Unique Python Research Topics For Computer Science Students

What is Python

This is a programming language whose features so closely resemble those of PERL except that it has superior typing and object-oriented functions. It is often used in creating HTML content on websites due to its high-quality text files, fine built-in types, clean syntax and great extensions. Any kind of assistance that a student may need on Python Programming Homework is fully available here at

Assignment help service on python programming is open to anyone at our site. Python being a multi-purpose, high-level programming language has a very large area of application. provides Python programming assignment help services. Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language.

The main idea behind its creation focuses on the ability to read code while its syntax enables programmers to express concepts in minimal lines of code that can be done by other programming languages like C.

This language gives constructs aimed at allowing quality programs on both a narrow and huge measure. Among programming paradigms that python feeds are; object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles. It is characterized by a flexible system and automatic memory management with a huge and elaborate quality library.

In Just 4 Steps:

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Similar to other flexible languages, python is frequently used in scripting though at times it also has a large field of application in non-scripting areas. Its code can be installed or rather be packaged into standalone executable programs like Py2exe or Pyinstaller.

The interpreters for Python exist for a number of operating systems. Just like in most of its substitute implementation, Python which is the reference implementation of Python is a freely available source of software and community development model.


Advantages of Python

  • Object-Oriented
  • Portable
  • Powerful language constructs / functions
  • Powerful toolkit/library
  • Mixable with other languages
  • Easy to use and learn
Free Ph.D/ MA Thesis Topics

203 Free Ph.D/ MA Thesis Topics In All Subjects


Learn More how to select Ph.D. Thesis Topics . You are in the right place if you are looking for;

  • Help in selecting original Dissertation Topics
  • Brainstorming sessions with experts to choose a topic that reflects your research study
  • Help in choosing a Ph.D. thesis topic that justifies your dissertation
  • Help in writing your dissertation

How to Choose a Good Research Topic for Your PhD

Deciding on a topic for your Ph.D. thesis is the main step towards smooth research. Again selecting the topic is a matter of career. Majority of students find it exceptionally frustrating and hectic. This is considering that the topic should be unique and have clear research goals. Undeniably, selecting a topic for your Ph.D. thesis requires a wide search for literature and therefore the process is hectic.

However, when you learn more about how to get the Ph.D. thesis topics, it becomes easy to select the most appropriate. The most important thing is selecting a topic that you have interest in, you are knowledgeable about and passionate.

Our Ph.D. thesis topic selection assistance has the following features:

  • Focusing on the research gap

Thesis topics are selected based on the future recommendations given in previous studies and on the research gap. Consider the following when choosing your topic;

  • The requirements of your department or institution
  • The practical, scientific, and social relevance
  • The accessibility of sources and data
  • The time-frame and length of your thesis

Making these considerations helps in getting and narrowing down thesis ideas. Our expertise assists in identifying potential and well-researched Ph.D. thesis topics.

The Ph.D. thesis topic selection is based on the suggestions of your guide.

By brainstorming with our experts, you are helped on selecting a topic, which gives scope to your complete research. During the brainstorming session, our writers ask various questions such as your most interesting coursework, your discipline interests, and personal experience. These conceptual framework questions help in listing possible topics for your Ph.D. thesis.
Literature Review & identification of the statement of the problem

Our expertise helps you in conducting a comprehensive literature review and in identifying the statement of the problem. A wide range of information is used in discovering Ph.D. thesis topics including textbooks, news reports, statistics, peer-reviewed articles, and historical data. All the information is accessed from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. Latest articles are proposed for reliability.

Proposed methodology

We assist you in selecting the most appropriate methodology of course based on the requirements of your institution. We assist in deciding on quantitative vs qualitative, research design, methods of data collection, and data analysis tools.

To learn more on how to select dissertation topics, we give you a reliable Ph.D. research mentoring support. We engage experts to help in choosing your topic. Our team of qualified research professionals possesses a vast experience in the selection of dissertation topics. Working with the expertise will help in choosing the appropriate topic from a list from your guide or from scratch. With their experience, you will be able to narrow down to the proper topic.

Our Ph.D. experts are skilled and capable of choosing the right topic and basing in on the current need and research gap. Our experts are selected from universities that are top-ranked to ensure that we offer quality assistance. This ensures that they have the knowledge and capability for selecting a Ph.D. thesis topic that suits your research and interest. This is essential for giving you a smooth research process.

Our expertise will help learn about how to get a list of possible Ph.D. dissertation topics. From the list, you get to select the most appropriate topic that will ensure you achieve your desired goal.

In Just 4 Steps As Shown Below; Get Your Ph.d Thesis Topic


Areas we provide dissertation topics include:


Accounting History Biology Business Chemistry
Civics Engineering Law Sociology Finance
Education Geography Health Philosophy Humanities
Journalism Nursing Psychology Religious All Sciences

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Original content

Our experts are specialized and passionate about research. We also know the importance of an original paper. This is why we focus on identifying unique topics.

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Content that matches your requirements

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Quality content

Our team of professionals undertakes a rigorous quality check to ensure that you get an accurate result. This includes checking the work based on originality, subject matter, language, and given requirements. This helps you in producing a document with high-quality content.

Proper Formatting

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Good Biology Research Topics

200 Good Biology Research Topics For College & High School students

What is Biology ?

Biology is the study of living things (plants and animals) and their environment. In a nutshell, it is the subject that focuses on the real world. It has several branches such as zoology, botany etc. those who major in this subject end up being doctors, researchers, lecturers, professors etc. to excel in biology, you need to be patient, dedicated and hardworking.

Biology is a very necessary subject for life here on the planet as it is through it that cure for various diseases have been developed. Were it that no research on biology had been put in place, then we would currently be engulfed into a living nightmare.

Biology or rather the knowledge of biology is of great value to living things especially human beings. As the saying goes, half knowledge is always wasteful, students who have a passion for biology-related courses such as cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, botany etc. must at all cost have basic knowledge on biology.

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In Just 4 steps:

Students should join us in order to get a clear and complete knowledge on different topics of biology. Biology is a subject that requires serious research, students should, therefore, be given many assignments pertaining to the different topics that it entails.

So as to excel in biology, students need to fully dedicate themselves to finding the solutions to various biology problems.

They should study deep and wide.

This might at times be so difficult. Anyway, have no fear about it as is here to help you do your biology research and assignments.

We have highly skilled and well-experienced teachers from different places who will assist you in your assignments as well as developing your understanding of the subject hence enhancing your completion of assignments and homework. They will as well boost your practical presentation ability.

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List of Biology Research Topics

  • Respiratory System Homework Help
  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biochemistry
Civil Engineering Essay Topics

200 Civil Engineering Essay Topics, Outline and Examples

Do you have an essay related to civil engineering that you need help in writing, getting a topic or an example ? well, with more than 200 topics on board, get all your Civil Assignment essays written by experienced engineer writers at You will get a custom paper, well formatted based on your instructions. Engineers are here to work on any type of paper, any topic.

Generally, engineering is a discipline that entails the design, construction, and management of various materialistic things such as electrical goods, chemical-based supplies, monuments, buildings etc. Civil Engineering essay help, therefore, involves every sort of Civil Assignment that targets at examining an engineering student.

Civil Engineering Essay Help for all Students

It is a very involving area in which a great degree of know-how, hard work and creativity are mandatory. Given they work for the state, the main task done by civil engineers are; constructing, designing and managing.

An engineer in this field has to use his brain so as to come up with the needed structure. Civil engineers and Students have a duty to discuss with their customers or carryout Civil Engineering Homework about the project in question or seek help.

At the completion of the structure, a civil engineer has to provide proper management to it in order that is used in the right way.

The work of a civil engineer cuts across a large area of service and it should, for that matter, not be assumed that he only revolves around the construction of roads, dams, and buildings.

Nowadays civil engineers perform in nearly all fields that call for hard work and creativity e.g. mining, public health, maritime etc.

In that sense; there are a number of opportunities that a degree in civil engineering is prone to hence polishing the life of a civil engineer.

A degree in civil engineer comes with both honor in the society and huge income that is why we are providing Civil Engineering Essay Writing Help for all Students. Pursuing this course improves your mind hence making the students be more creative through services like these offering Civil Engineering Essay Help.

In the near past, civil engineers have been mandated in different areas to design techniques and strategies for managing various environmental challenges.

Who Can Help Me With My Civil Engineering Essay Online?

It has never been easy for students to complete civil engineering course and assignment with attractive grades. To attain these students have no choice but to fully commit themselves to task and work hard so that they can gather information pertaining to this field.

They have to study far and wide so as to learn more things and techniques. Students must concentrate on each and every task or civil engineering assignment given to them in order that they possess an accurate mastery of this course so as to avoid any future mistake for when it comes to civil engineering, any small error is enough to ruin everything.

Both theory and practice must be attended to with utmost focus. As can be well seen, this course for sure is demanding and for that students tend to somehow feel burdened by the assignments, homework and even practical.

It becomes therefore difficult for them to complete the assignments and homework right in time and at the same time have a clear understanding of the areas of study without ordering for civil engineering assignment help service. This kind of academic pressure to which students feel subjected to both depresses them as well as deteriorating their health.

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How It Works

In Just 4 steps:

Civil engineering has more to do with just gaining knowledge pertaining to the subject. Learners must be able to use the gained know how or knowledge and creatively apply it in the real life in order that we approve of its productivity.

Otherwise, all the knowledge is worthless.

Our teaching experts are, for that matter, dedicated to providing students with all the necessary knowledge and skills in a detailed manner to enhance their competency in this field.

In addition to civil engineering homework and assignment help. We also provide students with tutoring and homework help through our online teaching experts.

In summary, students are given assistance of any kind in this area in order that they not only hand in their work within the specified time period, but is also a substantial material capable of attracting good grades.

Biotechnology Essay Topics

200 Biotechnology Essay Topics And Sample Papers

Are you stuck with a Biotechnology essay? Do you need Biotechnology essay topic or a sample ? We have qualified Biotechnology PhD/ MA writers who are always ready to handle any biotechnology paper.

The technical know how or craft that arises from the study of living things and which is mostly applicable in agriculture, food science and medicine is referred to as biotechnology.

Nonetheless According to United Nations convention on biological diversity, biotechnology is defined as; any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives to make or modify products or processes for specific use.

The term biotechnology is frequently used to mean Genetic engineering know how or craft of the 21st Century, even though it cuts across a large area and a history of stages for improving biological organisms in line with man’s requirements, revisiting earlier upgrading of indigenous plants into high quality food crops by means of artificial selection and hybridization.

The driving force in any area of biotechnology is bio-engineering. Due to the emergence of new means and methods, crude biotechnology industries are able to modify their products as well as increasing productivity by gaining more skills and knowledge.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers or rather professional staff is here to give you the most appropriate biotechnology essay help in any kind of task you may be having.

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Social Science Research Topics

185+ New Social Science Research Topics With Great Ideas

Get Social Science research paper topics from a 185 list categories into 7 branches of social science. The list has been compiled well trained, highly qualified and experienced homework helpers to develop your understanding of this subject.

Our service includes both school help and college homework help in social science. Our main objective is to make you have a solid mastery of the subject that you are able to analyze all its aspects when you need to.

Tips: The field of academic  that focus on aspects of human society are referred to as social sciences. It is generally used to refer to various fields outside the natural sciences such as;

International relations and social work among other subjects are majorly concerned with the application but do not constitute social sciences.

Reference: Wikipedia

Social Science involves the study of society and the way people’s behavior affects our world. There is a belief that it is a wider area of study that cannot be simplified, therefore, it needs a much wider view to understand and comprehend in life’s application.

Get Social Science Assignment Help from  Online Social Studies Tutors

Just like in any other branch of science, social sciences evolve through the interplay of ideas and theories of academics and the evidence that supports or underpins them. Our qualified teachers  approaches this subject in different ways from collection to analysis  of responses from questionnaires and interviews. These make it very easy for you in report writing, giving and explaining to you case studies topics, research papers, and tests.

They actually provide you with the best material to perfect your understanding of the subjects. Both sociology and psychology are branches of social science that entails the study of mankind and his behavior hence they need to be clearly understood.  is here to offer you  Social Science Homework Help.

So many students have been helped by our social Science homework help and online tutoring service, most of which were in regular and online universities or online MBA programs.

We are also offering help on project related works and submit the task within the allocated time. If you need any kind of help in this field then mail us without delay.

Great English Essay Topics

154 Great English Essay Topics For College Students

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  2. Ann Hutchinson essay
  3. Moms essay
  4. Military essay
  5. Marijuana legalization essay
  6. Iraq war essay
  7. Internet regulation essay
  8. Iraq war vets essay
  9. Immigration essay
  10. Homeland security essay
  11. Bridges roads waterways essay
  12. Arming pilots essay
  13. al-qaida essay
  14. Airport security essay
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  18. Smoking bans essay
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  20. besity and weight loss essay
  21. Noise pollution essay
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