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What Is Social Science?

Science is defined as the procedural search for knowledge based on evidence that can be proved. Science is further divided into physical science, life science and social science. Social science is a sub-topic of science that focuses on society and all the components that make up society. Depending on what aspect of society is under scrutiny, Social science is further divided into various subjects such as history, geography, political science among others.

Social Science Assignment Help

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Social Science Assignment Question & Answer Samples


Students are required to formulate a case study on a specific diversity community in Australia. In this case study, the students will carefully analyse the needs  of the community, the history of the community, the challenges they face in accessing certain essential services and the opportunities that they can exploit to meet these essential services. This case study must also consider the unique skills and talents that are require to achieve these services and if the diversity community has such skills.

Specifically, The Case Study Is To Include:

  • An introduction that includes a brief narration of the community.
  • . Must capture the historical socio-political organisation of the community.
  • Must narrate the current situation in the community and the challenges they face.
  • Must also explain all the hindrances that prevent members of this community from accessing essential services and look at the intervention measures established to help them meet these services.
  • Must also analyse the necessary skills and talents required to access certain opportunities and if members of the community have these skills.



According to Hill et al., (2017 p-802), the Australian society is made up of different communities and different culture. This cultural diversity is therefore an integral part of the nation of Australia and is manifested in the different cultural institutions in the country. Hill et al., (2017 p-802) goes ahead to argue that what is considered the national culture of Australia is actually a sum of the different cultures of the diversity groups in the country. Basically, Australia can be looked at as a microcosm made up of the different diversity cultures from the numerous communities in the country (Armstrong et al., 2017 p-300). The importance of the concept of diversity in Australia is highly appreciated if you consider the individuals who are integrated to form the general population of Australia (Armstrong et al., 2017 p-300). Carey et al.,( 2017 p-265) notes that the Australian society consists of all the indigenous groups, the aboriginals, the white community, immigrants and other persons who ended up in Australia for various reasons including refugees. Carey et al., (2017 p-265) goes ahead to note that it is important for Australia as nation to put in place policies that not only recognise these different groups but also ensure that their co-existence is harmonious. This paper is going to focus on the cultural practices of the communities in “Torres Strait Islanders” and their history. Furthermore, we will analyse the challenges faced by this communities in meeting their day to day needs and how the community groups and government institutions can help to solve them.

History of Social Sciences

Prior to the development of science, all phenomena in society were attributed to God. The discipline of Social science became highly developed during the period known as the ‘age of enlightenment’. In this age, human beings became more curious and questioned if indeed God made all things happen. This curiosity led to the rapid development of social sciences as humans tried to explain different phenomena in society.

 Branches of Social Science

Social science is divided into various subjects. We are going to look at some of these subjects so that the student seeking social science assignment help can understand.


  1. History

History refers to the study of past events and how they relate to humans. This field also seeks to understand how we can learn from these events to create a better society. The branch of history studies things such as people, myths, legends and communities. In social science assignment help, history is divided into various branches for the purposes of analyses.

  • Military history: It focuses on wars and military activities
  • Political history: It focuses on political uprisings.
  • Social history:  This is very wide field that examines how people relate to one another and their immediate environment. Students are advised to seek social science assignment help at
  • Economic history: This field is also recommended for help at as it looks at the means of production in society and modes of exchange.
  • History of ideas:  This field is classified by our social science experts at the most dominant as it analyses how we think throughout history. The ideas that we come up with are important in development of society.

It is important for one to properly acknowledge their sources in writing social science assignment help. These sources can range from historical artefacts such as coins, sculptors and fossils to written materials such as books and paintings. Our experts consider oral interviews with persons who experienced a certain event are deemed as acceptable historical references.


  1. Economics

The subject of economics in social science focuses on how wealth in society is produced, distributed and consumed. This field is subdivided into macroeconomics and microeconomics.

  • Micro-economics:  This branch of economics identifies the household as the smallest unit in analysis. This field studies how an individual household affects demand and supply. Our social science experts at consider various factors that might affect an individual’s ability to demand and supply including the prices and costs of production.
  • Macro-economics:  This field of economics deals with economics as an aggregate of all the large scale factors affecting the economy and how change in these factors affects the economy. Some of the parameters studied in this field include inflation, fiscal policy and unemployment. Place you social science assignment with our experts at, for a comprehensive review of these parameters


  1. Political Science

The field of political science is focused on all the theories of governance and major political activities that are practiced by people in society. In handling Social science assignments, our experts appreciate that politics has to be divided into several smaller disciplines.

  • Political theory:  This theory seeks to define political phenomena like justice, rule of law and democracy.
  • Comparative politics:  This type of politics seeks to compare and contrast the different features of different political systems including capitalism and communism.
  • International relations:  This field of political science identifies diplomacy between different countries as an important intervention method in conflict resolution.
  • Public law and administration:  This field deals with all the different institutions and law enforcement agencies that consist of the administration of the state. Our social science experts at recognise this field as important in dealing with vices such as corruption.


  1. Sociology

According to our social science assignment help experts, sociology is the study of how individuals in a society relate to one another and their immediate environment. This field is different from anthropology as it deals with persons from one’s own society while anthropology studies persons from a different society. In studying the social behaviour of one’s society, our experts at advise one to consider recreational activities, religious activities and marriage traditions. In making realising their findings, students of sociology utilise various methods of study such as interviews to collect data.


  1. Anthropology

The term anthropology is derived from the word ‘Anthropos’ which means humans. The field of anthropology deals with the study of human societies that are foreign to us. In collecting data for their study, anthropologists utilise certain scientific methods. Anthropology is further divided into various fields including social anthropology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology and anthropological linguistics.

  1. Philosophy

Our social science assignment experts at define philosophy as the analysis of certain problems that affect people in society. Philosophy seeks to explain certain events that are considered as myths, legends, falsehoods and issues regarding supernatural beings. There are five branches of philosophy that are covered by our social science experts at,

  • Epistemology is the understanding of  knowledge systems
  • Logic appreciates the importance of  philosophical reasoning
  • Metaphysics is the analysis of human reality
  • Ethics is the field that seeks to differentiate right from wrong
  • Aesthetics seek to analyse the perception of beauty.

At, our experts have in-depth knowledge of all these fields in dealing with social science assignments.


  1. Archaeology

Our social science assignments help experts at; define archaeology as the study of the life of ancient humans prior to civilisation. There are various ages of archaeology such as the Old Stone Age, copper-bronze age and the agricultural age.


  1. Linguistics

Linguistic is mainly concerned with the different components of a language such as form, meaning and context. In analysing the field of linguistics, our social science experts at subdivide this field into three branches. The first is phonetics which is the study of speech, then phonology that analyses sounds and finally semantics that seeks to understand the meaning of words Students should place their social science assignments with our experts at for a detailed review of these fields.

  What Are The Problems Faced By Students Needing Social Science Assignment Help?

There are various challenge faced by social science students when undertaking their various assignments. Some of these challenges include;

  •  All the major subjects in social science are related to one another. This means that an assignment about anthropology might include several factors about economics. This might pose serious problems to students who may not understand the methodology of economics. However, our experts at are able to navigate through all the disciplines.
  • The complexity of some social science subjects such as economics makes it challenging for students to complete their assignments. Students are required to understand current financial positions and us them to predict future financial conditions. For those students who may find this subjects difficult, our experts at have vast knowledge in economics and will help you through your assignment.
  • Most of the assignments in social science require the students to give detailed explanations and clear illustrations about their ideas. However, with the limited time the students have to complete these assignments, they are unable to beat the deadline. The students therefore place their assignments at so as to deliver them on time.

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Programming Language Assignment Help

Programming language Assignment Help From Real Science Writers

Programming language refers to computer language written in form of codes that can be interpreted by a computer. In order for the computer to understand the commands given to it through this coded machine language, it utilises translators and interpreters. Students are therefore required to have understanding of all the concepts in coding when completing their programming language assignment. It is for this reason that students choose to contract our programming language assignment help experts at Our writers help the students complete their programming language assignments in both semantics and syntax forms. The two forms of programming language, syntax and semantics, are further divided into various classifications:

 Context-Free Syntax

The characters that are used to code this language are arranged in a sequence that enables them to be grouped into tokens. For detailed analysis of these language, talk to our experts at

Syntax Lexical

In this language, the sequence of the characters is grouped into phrases. For detailed review of these concepts, engage our experts at

Context-Sensitive Syntax

This programming language checks any factors that may hinder proper utilisation of compilation time among other functions. To further understand how this is done, place your assignment with our programming language assignment experts at

Dynamics Semantics

This programming language enables the processing of certified computer programs. At, our experts can help you expound on these concepts.

History Of Programming Language

Since the development of the first programming language in 1950, there has been a lot of progress by computer programmers in this field. To date, more than 500 programming languages have been developed with experts continuously looking to create more complex programming languages. Though various programming languages have been developed, computer programmers agree that the most influential programming language was the shortcode developed by John Mauchly in 1951. Despite not being able to run faster than the machine languages at the time, the shortcode was the first to integrate understandable mathematical formulae. The shortcode greatly influenced the development of the autocode in mid-1950’s which utilised compilers to automatically decode coded characters into computer language. To understand the progress made in programing language to date, engage our programming language experts at There have been various phases in the development of programming language after the invention of the autocode.

  • Functional programming was greatly enhanced when APA developed Array programming.
  • The structural procedure of programming was refined by ALGOL played an important role in improving the structure of writing programming language.
  • Simula was a machine language created to enable execution of object oriented programming.
  • In 1970, the C programing language was developed
  • In 1972, programmers made a great breakthrough when they developed Prolog which was the first language that utilised logic programming.

Our programming language assignment help experts can throw more light on the history of programming language.

Sample Question & Answer Of Programming Language Assignment Help


In the 1940’s the Plankalkül programming language was developed and since then many programming languages haves been made. Some of these languages have been specifically designed to solve problems that are unique to that computer. Such programs include those that are strongly-typed and those that are loosely typed. You are required to use this case study to;

  1. Develop objects that can support object oriented data formats.
  2. Show understanding of both dynamic and static coping mechanisms.
  3. Enable proper management of data by computer memory including those programs that may need to be recycled.
  4. Design the system in such a way that the functions are treated the same way as variables.
  5. Enable convenient access to Array slices.
  6. Enables the computer system to check if the data is correct.
  7. Enables built-in functionality and those computer functions with fewer features.
  8. Utilises processors in expanding source code



Since the development of the Plankalkül in 1940, it is not easy to find a programming language that is specifically designed to solve the problems in banking. Until the development of C and C++ in the 1980s, computer in the business environment utilised the Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL).


Objectives Of Programming Language

There are various goals that a programming language is meant to achieve.

  1. It enables users to be able to communicate with a computer.
  2. It determines how the various programs are designed.
  3. It guides the interrelation between the various components of programming language.
  4. To ensure that the programs are compatible with their various features.
  5. To enable development of various software and enable their execution in the computer.

Types Of Programming Languages

There are various types of programming languages. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the most commonly used languages.

C Language

This is a general-purpose computer language whose concepts are utilised in development of some of the advanced languages like JAVA and Python. To effectively use C, one has to ensure that the language is executed properly and all the software that are supported by the programming language are also functioning fully. To better understand how the C programming language works, place you programming language assignment with our experts at


This is also a general purpose programming language that utilises object-oriented tools to perform its functions. This programming language runs on the premise that a programming code is only developed once and then the developed code can be run on any computer system. This byte code compilation enables a JAVA program to successfully run in any machine that has Java Virtual Machine (JVM). For a comprehensive understanding of how JAVA works, engage our programming language assignment experts at


This is a programing language that combines both object-oriented and imperative features of a computer programming language. C++ is a compiled programming language and is utilised by computer desktops and computer servers among other software. To better understand the C++ language and how it has constantly evolved, visit our website at


This is an object-oriented programming language that is developed from C++ and is able to support complex programs such as Microsoft.Net. This feature helps this programming language be compatible with complex software and other complex websites. C# uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and other markup languages to implement additional features without having to rewrite the source code. However, the modest cost that C# charges for some of its premium services is what gives it an edge over the other programming languages. C# language is utilised by various large corporations like Seagate Software and Apex software as it is compatible with most of their features. Place your programming language assignment with us at for an in-depth analysis of C#.




This is a general purpose programming language designed to make simple the usage of programming language. This language uses codes that are fewer and easier to read compared to other programming languages like JAVA. Place your computer programming language assignment with us at to understand how python works.



The Structured Query Language (SQL) is considered to be the primary language for specialised programming. The SQL is mostly utilised in management of databases and relating data in different databases and processing a comparison report. Additionally, SQL has configurations that use various mathematical algorithms to define and process data. To better understand how this is done, place your programming language assignment with our experts at

Java Script

Java script is a also an object-oriented programming language that combines some imperative programming features. For Java script to be successfully implemented, the browser has to be manipulated while allowing the computer to interact with the script of the user. The script then transforms the details into documents. These concepts can be better explained by our programming language experts at

Different Levels Of Programming Languages

There are various levels in computer programming. According to our experts at, these levels play an important role in classification of computer programming languages.


  • This code is utilised to perform short-term functions by all the components of the CPU.
  • The main objective of developing these codes is to enable the computer process micro-programs.
  • These codes are mostly used in processors, especially, the CPU. However, they are also utilised in controllers of network interface and other digital signals.
  • Like most languages, micro-codes simply convert human instructions into machine language within a very short time.


  1. Machine Code
  • This is a sequence of instructions that are only processed by the CPU of a computer.
  • This code is determined by the type of the computer.
  • The most basic programming language in this code is the numeric machine code. It is mostly utilised by hardware components of a computer.
  • When software programs are directly processed by the numeric machine code, the calculations are always problem-centric. To further understand the numeric machine code, engage our programming language assignment experts at com.


  1. Assembly Language
  • This is a low-level programming language that is processed into machine language using an assembler.
  • This language should not be confused with other high level programming languages that utilise multiple systems.
  • In developing the assembly codes, this programming language utilise mnemonics.
  • Expressions and other operational tools have to be written for each instruction as each of these can only process one instruction at any given moment.
  • However, whenever it is required to execute huge instructions, the codes are expanded by macro assemblers.
  • The assemblers offer various important features that enable them to build programs and conducting repairs on programs. To better understand the various features of assembly language, place your programming language assignment with our experts at com.


  1. Low-Level Programming Language
  • A low-level programming language refers to both the assembly language and the machine codes and has very little comprehension of the instructions embedded in a computer design.
  • This language is not developed to engage software programs but to execute hardware
  • When using this language, interpreters are not utilised to convert the human instructions into machine language.
  • Low level programming languages run faster since they occupy insignificant memory space.
  • This language may be difficult to write as it uses complex details. Our experts at com can guide you on how to write this language.


  1. High-Level Programming Language
  • This programming language is much simpler to use as it strongly relates to the instructions embedded in the computer design.
  • In the place of compilers, this programming language utilises pseudo-codes to convert human instructions into machine language.
  • This language is mainly utilised to process complex data such as complex mathematical expressions, functions and other computer routines and subroutines.
  • Unlike low-level programming languages, this language ensures that the programs of the computer are efficiently executed. The execution of all these programs under high-level programming language can be best explained by our programming language experts at com


Difference Between High Level And Low Level Programming Language

  • High level programming languages have a strong abstraction with the computer design while low level languages have very little abstraction.
  • In converting human instructions to machine language, low level languages do not use interpreters while high level languages utilises complex compilers known as autocode
  • Low level languages are difficult to understand while their high level counterparts are easy to write.
  • Low level languages are simple and are therefore executed faster whereas their high level counterparts are complex and slow in execution.
  • Due to the difficulty in writing them, low level languages are difficult to correct whereas high level language are easy to modify as they use pseudo-codes.
  • Low level languages are used to execute hardware programs whereas their high level counterparts are reserved for software programs.


A translator is a term used to  generally refer to all the tools that translate human instructions typed into a computer into machine language that can be understood by the computer. There are three types of translators:

  • Assembler

It translates programs written in low level assembly language into machine language.

  • Compiler

It translates high level programming languages into machine languages.

  • Interpreters

This also translates high level programming languages into machine language.

Similarities Between Interpreters And Compilers

  1. They both translate high level programming languages into machine language for processing.
  2. They are both able to recognise mistakes and highlight them.
  3. They are both able to recognise which memory address to store the data and their respective machine language.

Difference Between Interpreters And Compilers

  • Compilers are able to translate the entire program after it has been fully written while interpreters can convert line by line while the program is being written.
  • Compilers translate each line once while interpreters translate the entire program several times during execution.
  • Compilers save the machine code for future reference even in the absence of the programming language while interpreters do not save the translated machine code.

Difficulties encountered by students when writing programming language

The concepts in programming language are complex and require in-depth understanding of the topics. This makes it difficult for students to complete their programming language assignments. This difficulty is enhanced when students want to directly understand the working of the programs without first seeking to understand the basic concepts of computer language. At, these problems are taken care of. Our experts have observed that most students start make mistakes in their studies  when they fail to  appreciate the difference between high-level programming languages to their low-level counterparts. In this regard, student may utilise the services of online programming language assignment experts. Our experts not only complete their assignments for them but also guide them each step of the way on how the assignment was done.

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