How To Write Coursework

How To Write Coursework In 10 Steps

Read to learn how to write good coursework step by step in a detailed guide written by our coursework writers in English with free examples.


  1. What is Coursework?
  2. Types of Coursework
  3. How to Write a Coursework?
  4. Choosing a Topic
  5. Plan Your Work
  6. Research & Data Collection
  7. Write Your Coursework
  8. Mistakes to Avoid
  9. Coursework Fresh Topics
  10. Coursework Help

What is a Coursework?

Coursework is a paper that demonstrates how to understand the course content. It is done in the form of an academic paper, a project, or a thesis. Mostly it is a requirement for a student to be considered successful in completing a course. Class instructors or other instructors normally assess the coursework.

Wring coursework is different from one field to another. For instance, geography coursework is different from English coursework. Geography coursework requires data collecting and reporting in answering a give geography question. On the other hand, English coursework requires addressing a title in an essay format.

How To Write A Coursework: Tips To Every Students

Before you start writing your coursework paper in any field. There are some serious rules that should be adhered to. These include;

  • Avoiding plagiarism: Plagiarism undermines academic integrity, it is the worst mistake that can be committed in writing coursework papers. It advisable always write from scratch. However, if you have to use other people words, ensure to cite them properly using the format instructed by your tutor. Besides, create a reference list at end and sign a declaration form of originality.
  • Ensuring that the paper has required word count: Seek clarification from your tutor in regard to the number of words or pages. He/she should clarify whether footnotes, appendix or the bibliography is part of the word count. Ordinary, outline, abstracts and title page are not counted.
  • Selecting relevant topic: Try to search and come up with a good topic for your coursework. A unique coursework idea will definitely earn you a good score
  • Write your draft and remember to avoid common mistakes such as spelling errors

Consider these rules before you start writing your coursework. So, how do you write a coursework?

The following section will provide tips on how to write a coursework.

Select a Good Coursework Topic

In order to write a good coursework, you must select a relevant topic. A topic that is part of your course. Sometimes your instructor may give you a topic. Other times you have to select one yourself. In this case, choose a topic that is part of your course.
Also, select an interesting topic. This will help you to enjoy writing. You will also be able to reach word count with a lot of ease.

The goal of your paper will guide you in selecting a topic. The topic should not be too common. This is because writing on a topic that many people have written on is senseless. Also, the topic should not be too under-researched. This is because you will have a hard time searching for sources.

It would be better if you can find the sources easily. In any case, the topic should be narrow enough and put in a clear manner. You may consider the input of your instructor on your topic. This may help improve it or narrow it further.

Plan Your Work

After selecting a good topic, it is time to plan your work. The first step is planning on how much time you have to write the paper. Your instructor will have given you a deadline. Your work here is planning on proper time management.

You should not wait until the last minute to write the paper. Last-minute rush is known for common writing mistakes that affect the final grade. Therefore, you need to spare enough time for writing your paper, making corrections, editing, and proofreading.

The secret is setting up your own timeframes that will ensure you are with the work before the instructor’s deadline.

Apart from time, you should plan the structure of your coursework. Look at the requirements of the coursework from your instructor. This will help decide which structure you should settle on and required content.

Your planning should also include;

  • Formulating research questions that will guide you through the research
  • Defining the scope of your coursework
  • Familiarizing with sources needed to complete your paper
  • Finding out where how to access credible information for the research work

Research & Data Collection

This step involves doing thorough research. Thorough research, in this case, is important to avoid shoddy work. Your work will be on collecting data from primary and secondary sources. Gather as much information as possible. Use different sources such as;

  • Books,
  • Experiments,
  • Journals,
  • Credible websites.

Remember to always determine if the source is credible, relevant, and accurate. Most importantly, the data should be useful in proving your thesis statement.

Some students skip this step. They instead rush into writing their paper. Doing so makes such students write mostly out of topic. They end up writing arguments that are not supportive of their topic.

Their coursework ends up being hard to read and comprehend. To be on the safe side, dedicate enough time to researching your topic. This is a sure way to write a quality paper.

Write Your Coursework Paper

This is another important phase in writing your paper. Consider these things when writing your coursework;

  • Use of subheadings to make the work reader-friendly
  • Use of transitions words to show the connectedness of your arguments
  • Avoid long sentences which make it hard to understand
  • Avoid too short sentences that don’t communicate your thought
  • Use accurate and clear words
  • Adhere to the word count
  • Include up to date, and credible citations

To write a quality coursework, do the writing in a conducive environment. Avoid distractions. This way, you have the greatest concentration needed for writing and thinking. Avoid external distractions such as social media and TV. Ensure the place is quiet enough.

Finalize Your Coursework Paper

To submit a top-notch paper, it is very important that you edit it. During this step, you ensure that word count is as required, and that you have used required paper structure. Then, you check for other mistakes such as plagiarism, punctuations errors, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors.

Even with modern software for checking plagiarism, And punctuation, it is important to consider manual editing. The software can overlook some mistakes. Remember to also confirm that you have included citations in the required format.

What You Should Avoid In Writing Your Coursework

  • Providing an unclear topic. This will make your writing very difficult.
  • Use of slang words such as ‘gonna’, ‘I ain’t’, and such words. Only use formal language.
  • Introducing new ideas when concluding your paper. The concluding part should only carry what has been discussed in the main body.
  • Fail to support your arguments. Always support your arguments with reliable evidence.
  • Failing to provide support materials. Always remember to attach an appendix the required support
  • materials.

20 Fresh and Interesting Topics To Consider For Your Coursework

Need Help With Writing Your Coursework? Get The Advice

Unlike writing research papers, dissertations or essays, coursework projects unique on their own. They are amalgamation of the the three mentioned above. Time spend by students on writing term papers is more than coursework, but writing coursework is more tedious than an ordinary essays-It is a combination of several essays. Nonetheless, this guide unearths hacks on how to write coursework.

If I were to write a coursework, I would adhere to the above rules and tips. This would ensure I write a good essay. In this case, you too should consider the tips to write a good coursework.

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