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Remove grammar and formatting mistakes in your paper with a professional English editing service online provider. At, we provide both copy editing and substantive editing in order to serve academic writing and publishing needs of research writers and students especially those with English as a second language.

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English Editing services are applicable to a student who has written an essay by themselves. But, still think that it would need some few more changes and some bit of polishing up by a professional or an expert, to be perfect.

By doing so, the student is increasing their chance of getting better grades. Once the client submits their essay to our English editing service, the writer will proceed to correct the mistakes in that particular essay while making some changes where need be.

This involves;

Proofreading along with editing for a flawless document

Your text is carefully edited and updated by language experts who are fluent speakers of English. Our editors have experience of a wide range of technical and scholarly fields and are trained to refine your unique form of text. We will ensure that your job is free from any mistakes in English (in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typography) and has an improved style, clarity, sentence structure, and coherence.

Confidential, safe, and secure

You will have sole ownership of copyright and credit for your edited articles. will never gather or exchange your knowledge, and your records will never be kept without your consent.

Fast, affordable, and always available to you

Our editing and proofreading services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can visit anytime our website and can contact with us for getting help anytime. We’ll feel pleasure to provide you the help.

Free revision of the edited text

In the unlikely case that you are not fully pleased with your edited document, we will automatically revise the document according to your specifications for free! Your editor will also answer your edited document questions or recheck previously edited text, for no extra charge.

Experience The Best English Editing Service From

  • We have hired experienced writers to steer up our editing services. These writers are professionals in this field thus can easily spot grammar or language mistakes that could have been made by you. Likewise, the previous writer who wrote the essay that could not be able to be identified easily. While the client opts to seek for good quality editing services, the costs are affordable for all. As a student instead of risking someone else to write an essay for you and then you are graded poorly. It’s preferable to write it yourself then submit it to an editing service for corrections at a nominal fee.
  • After our writers have thoroughly checked your work, they then proceed to make suggestions to the client on where to make the changes. Thus, making the essay to be perfect. Once the client has come to an agreement with the writer on whether to implement the changes or not. The latter then proceeds to see the work to its completion. Our editing services handle all sorts of academic and non-academic papers from research papers, essays, reports, to term papers.

A good example of a website which offers these English editing services is Who we are probably the only ones who keep the interests of the client at heart?

Moreover, we offer these services at very pocket-friendly rates. We have some of the most skilled writers who help enhance the client essays with respect to grammar, sentence structure, style, and flow among other respects.

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but why?

Editing for everyone

If you are a beginner or a well-published scholar, we will help you until you are successfully published. Our services cover all your work, academic manuscripts, abstracts, theses, books, letters; you will still have a wide variety of services to select from.

Best experts for you

EssayMojo allocation system matches the paper to the best-suited specialist. Our 10-point matching method reads your subject field, style expectations, and eight other criteria to submit your article to a cohort of experts with the best matching scores on your paper.

Your work is in your control

The service you offer is designed entirely according to your expectations and decisions. You have the freedom to choose your delivery schedule, expert, deadline and style. This way, you make the final decisions at any point of the service you get. You will have the option to consult with the specialist a range of times to ensure that you have the best edition of your paper.

Uniqueness in publishing

Our devoted global R&D team updates our technologies every day, incorporating insights from millions of lines of editing. Our technology allows us to work quicker, smarter and more effectively to learn faster and to grow faster so that you can publish more easily and with the highest standard.

Advantages Of Using EssayMojo English Editing Service

There are some advantages of hiring our English editing service online which include;

On time delivery

Suppose you have a document and you are busy somewhere or you cannot manage the time or if there is anything else regarding that, so you can hire our editing expert. We have the expert writers and proofreaders and editors as well who will provide you their services and will deliver your editing paper within the time and you will not get your paper late.

Quality content

We have experts in English to serve you with their experience. When you will hire our experts for the editing or proofreading of your paper, you will surely get the quality work. We do not compromise on the quality because this is the most important part in the paper which can help in getting good marks in the paper.

Good learning environment

If you want help in learning your English course, you will get the advantage that our professionals will provide you a good learning environment. They will help you in a way that you will not feel that you are learning from any teacher but you will feel that you are getting help from your friends.

Other Advantages Include;

  • High quality papers: As a client be guaranteed that once you order for our English editing service, there is no chance for errors as we will fix all. Our editors are very effective and efficient. We are committed to meet your requirements hence be assured as your edited paper will be of good quality.
  • Timely Delivery: As we offer English editing service, we ensure we deliver before the deadlines set by their clients. In order to give you a chance to go through.
  • We also do revisions until our clients are fully satisfied with their work.
  • We have a 24/7 Support Service. These ensure clients questions are answered promptly before they join our editing service in order to clear all your doubts as well as follow up closely on the progress of your work.
Avoiding Plagiarism

Case Study: Reported Cases & Avoiding Plagiarism

The case of plagiarism is very difficult to act in defense towards. A popular case that was difficult to defend was the one that happened in 2003. The case was related to a New York Times journalist who was suspected to have stolen and developed stories that almost brought down a popular magazine known all around the globe.

Jayson Blair was investigated and his case handled by well known legal advisers and the decision to unfold his career was made. Because of the embarrassment he brought to New York times, his Blair’s position as a journalist was scrapped.

This introduced us to the concept that journalist just like education is founded on the principle of trust, originality and honesty because when all these are broken the entire industry could be in a credibility crisis.

Very many times, experts have failed to agree on what constitutes plagiarism and what should not be considered as plagiarism. There is not pattern among experts to define plagiarism and the lack of a common pattern could be the reason why not only students are found to face plagiarism charges but also professional writers.

For instance, the famous case for Doris Kearns and Stephen Ambrose, well known historians who were found guilty of plagiarism even in the midst of using footnotes. Their case was linked to plagiarism because the sentences they used were closely similar to the source in which their work had borrowed from.

In as much as one gives credit to the original author of a source, there is a higher likelihood that your paper will still be found with instances of plagiarism.

What Are Scholars Doing on Plagiarism?

The lack of a universal pattern in defining plagiarism does not mean we cannot have a pattern for detecting plagiarism. Scholars interested in the study of plagiarism and how it can be avoided have seen a gap and are working to make sure the gap does not exist. The same scholars have developed a guide where plagiarism can be found to be intentional and when it is done unintentional.

However, the end result of both is that regardless of whether you commit the offense with knowledge or without knowledge, plagiarism in both cases is still the same. Other than relying on what researchers have done in the past, students are encouraged to make their professors their friends. In befriending your teachers, you can have the best people to ask any question with regard to plagiarism.

Academic institutions do not permit excuses with ignorance and will not accept any excuse as long as you are found to have committed the academic offense.

Before being caught, remember that it is better to prevent before you have it happen and design ways to cure it. The best way therefore to prevent instances of plagiarism is to learn while in school, make use of your professors and you can be sure to stay away from any plagiarism allegations.

How Avoid Plagiarism

Apart from making use of your professors, you can learn other ways in which plagiarism can be avoided.

  • Understanding The source: One way to avoid such allegations is to read and understand the source before you can begin to write. Once you are ready to write, make sure that your words are not similar to that of the original author. In rewriting another person’s words, it is advisable to change the sentence structure and probably the structure of the paper but the idea should remain the same.
  • Quoting. There are two ways in which quotes can be used. You can choose to use a direct quote from the author or rephrase the quote in your own words. In as much as you have the quote written in your own words, it is recommended that you give credit to the original author because the ideas in the quote are borrowed. Failure to do so will automatically land you into trouble with the law. Because people do not like to be misquoted, the rephrased quote must be understood well and written to match the main idea.
  • Citation. Citing means giving credit to the original author of the document. There are two ways in which one can cite;

Inside the text and creating a bibliography section- Citing inside the text is a way to show your readers that the words are borrowed while creating a reference section gives your audience a chance to click on a link that would lead them directly to the used source.

There are accepted formats, techniques and styles of citing and before writing your paper, you should consult with your instructor to find out which particular one will be used in your paper. Be aware that even when citing your paper could be found with plagiarism if you do not maintain proper standard of citing and referencing.

Avoiding plagiarism is not a hard task if you implement the ways mentioned above. If you follow the techniques above, we promise you that you will never come into contact with the law at the mention of stolen information.

Above all, always remember that anything that is not yours should be acknowledged and not copied at all.

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Free Research Papers Written

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Are you looking for plagiarism free research papers? Yes, you reach at the right place. We hare research papers, term papers in every subject. This website, is safe, secure and fast to buy 100% plagiarism free research papers from.. We have an in built plagiarism checker to ensure papers delivered are original, well formatted paper that adheres to your instruction. Choose our research paper writing service today and relax. Our writers will handle the rest.

100% Plagiarism Free Research Papers Service by Our Top Writers provides the writing services to their customers every time i.e. 24/7. You can visit our website any time and contact with our experts any time for writing your research paper. Our experts are scholars in their subjects and have deeply knowledge about the research and their subjects in which they have specialization. Moreover, they deliver the work which is very relatable and original. You will not need any worry about writing your research paper because we are always here to serve you with our expertise.

Writing a research paper is not done just for the purpose of writing but rather for showing exceptional combination of borrowed ideas within your own. As well as, incorporating sources from which your opinion has been borrowed. In as much as one needs to show his ideas, instructors expect learners to engage in thorough research in a process that is clear in bringing out their ideas. While these processes seem easy, there is always a form of uncertainty. Particularly, in the way students formulate their research papers.

I understand you might be wondering, how you make sure the ideas and arguments of others are incorporated in your topic. But, still be included in the sources where you borrowed from? It is very possible to combine your ideas and arguments of another author to form an original discussion. However, every time you use another person’s ideas and fail to acknowledge them. You are said to have committed an academic offense.

Regardless of whether you have changed the wordings from the original source, a citation is still needed. Citing as a way of giving credit to authors is necessary. Because, it is one of the ways one can avoid committing intellectual theft. To have a stronger ability to overcome the challenge of information theft, the information provided below could become a great resource when compiling a research paper that maintains originality.

Stages of Pre-writing The Original Research Paper

Prepare and plan well for your paper

Before engaging in any form of writing, it is vital that students learn how to prepare and make plans for their entire research. This stage is necessary for the study because it enables a researcher to clarify on what ideas and arguments he will be incorporating in his paper. The planning and preparation stage is equally crucial because it makes one narrow on the scope of study and beat all limitations. It also helps students in gaining the idea that how they can write their research papers in a best way that their research paper will publish.

Prepare an outline

After narrowing on your subject and planning and knowing what you will incorporate in your paper, the next crucial step is developing an outline. An outline basically contains the statements and details that will be discussed in-depth in your paper. An outline is a skeleton of your final paper and includes details arranged in order of facts. This is also a great step learners must follow if they wish to stay away from the harsh consequences of being found with plagiarism. When you will make an outline for your research paper, it will be very easy for you to write all the points in your research paper.

Sort out your notes

Like we have mentioned before, writing a paper involves a lot of researching. In order to have your work is done with professionalism, it is necessary that one notes down all the facts. Because the mistakes can be caught when you will check after writing the research paper so it is good to sort out the notes. Besides, details that they wish to borrow from other authors. This step is very crucial because it helps the writer indicate significant information that needs to be cited and references as the writing continues. The referencing and citation in this phase could help learners be sure to avoid any instances of plagiarism.

Explain on your notes

As you find other people’s ideas to work on, it cannot be doubted that personal ideas will keep cropping. While these ideas develop, do not forget to write them down to show an expansion of your ideas. This process will make your writing easier. In doing this well, you can choose to use different color pens to separate single points from notes addition. Hence, you can be sure to avoid plagiarism even if your research paper is checked through a plagiarism checker.

Seek counsel

Writing process is not an easy task especially if you are not a creative thinker. Not only have to follow all the above steps but a very significant step in your writing process should be talking to an adviser. As the matter of plagiarism is very sensitive in the research paper so that’s why you should get counseling from the experts. For any consultation regarding your research paper or if you have any questions regarding this, you can come to our website and can contact with our experts. We will help you regarding your research paper and in case if you want to order us to write your research paper, we will surely write your research paper. We have experts who have written many research papers earlier. Thus, information from our advisers could offer a lot of help. Regardless of what method of clarification was used as you joined college, be sure to seek counsel.

You can order us in just 4 steps:

The Writing Stage: Writing a 100% Original Research Paper

The pre-writing process is crucial but after it, there is the actual writing which is even more sensitive. In the writing phase, always remember to state your references. Acknowledging the writer does not mean that he does not have enough information. But, it means the words that follow the citation have been borrowed.

Every time you are stating a fact, using statistics or using quotation marks. Ensure to follow it with a citation. At the same time, in the event of uncertainty, it would be better to mention references. Uncertainty does not mean that the author depended on other people’s ideas. Rather, it means that the fact has been given by that particular writer. Stating references is the most appropriate way to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism can occur at any instance even when you choose to cite. To completely avoid accidental plagiarism, be sure to consult with your professor on the proper formats for citation and the particular one that applies to your paper. Also, when writing your research paper, be sure to give your audience the impression that you have the ability to present an organized paper with different opinions borrowed from a list of authors. But, still maintain the flow of your development.

For writing your research paper, you can order us and we will serve you by writing the research paper which will be guaranteed that it will be non-plagiarized.  Our experts will write the paper in their own wording and they will use their knowledge and will write the 100% unique research paper which was not written before by any person.

Benefits You Will Get From Research Paper Service

Many students, who enroll in universities in the Masters level and in PhD programs, have a larger workload of Research Papers. As in the Masters level program or PhD, almost all the work is of research and to write a research paper is a compulsory part to get the degree. If students are just doing part-time jobs, or if there are students who only want to get a degree and they don’t have time to write the research papers, they can hire our research paper writers online. Most importantly, Masters and PhD level students can get our services regarding their research papers and it will be fruitful for them.

Here are some advantages of getting help from our experts:

Plagiarism Free Research Paper

When you will choose us for your research paper writing, our writers are professionals in writing and they will definitely write the research paper with their own thoughts and on the knowledge base. We ensure you that they will write completely unique research paper and it will be passed from the plagiarism checker.

Relatable content

We have the specialists who are specialized in researching and in their subjects and can write the research papers with their deep knowledge and with their expertise. If you recruit our experts for your research paper, you are guaranteed to get professional jobs. We do not compromise on quality and this is the most critical aspect of the research paper and will help you in publishing your research paper.

Positive ratings of our Customers

We had given the services to our customers regarding the research papers, assignments, term papers etc. and our clients showed satisfaction with our work and gave us the positive response. This shows that our writers are really professionals who can write in a professional way and serve to our clients in a well way. You will also surely satisfy with our work when you will choose us for your research paper.

MLA Plagiarism Exercises

MLA Plagiarism Exercises : Write Original Assignment Papers

MLA Plagiarism Exercises

When borrowing the ideas of others, we must leave a record not for showing how the idea was encountered but so that the audience of our work should have a deeper experience with the text. One way of doing this is citing; citing is a way to add to the collective memory of humans. When we use other people’s ideas and fail to acknowledge them, it is said that we have not only kidnapped these ideas but also disrupted their collective memory. But we cannot avoid using other people’s ideas but we have to make sure we avoid failing to give credit. How shall we do this?

Before looking at the many ways in which we can avoid stealing or using other people’s ideas as though they are our own, it is very vital to have learners know that having a good grade comes from acquiring skills that show how these grades were acquired. It is also very crucial to have students research and write their ideas before they can have them on paper. reading through the source, internalizing it and having what you have understood written on paper could be very effective in making sure you submit work that is original.

Plagiarism avoidance

One simple rule to make sure that you prevent plagiarism is to always remember that; any composition you have not done personally must be cited inside the text and further incorporated in a reference section. For example, if a student is presented with an essay of ‘violence in media’, they can read through a variety of researches and probably wish to use a passage from Rhodes article of ‘Hollow claims about fantasy violence’. In using a passage from this source, students must include the name of the author and the year of publication at the end of the passage to show that these ideas are borrowed. There are so many ways to make sure that you cite properly;

  • The first option, use a direct quote and cite it. By using a source, one can be sure to avoid plagiarism by using a direct quote from the source and have it followed by the name of the author and the year of publication.
  • The second option, paraphrasing the quote. Other students prefer to use the same exact words in the quote and follow it with a citation. But another effective way to avoid plagiarism is by reading the quote, understand it and have it written in your own words and still followed by the name of the author and the year of publication.
  • Option three, explain the quote. In explaining the quote, one can make sure the citation comes before the real quote in full explanation and still have it followed by a citation.

There are so many reasons why students find it easy to submit copied work. One of the main reasons is being assigned something similar to what they can comfortably find on the internet. Another excuse student give for submitting plagiarized work is when they have a wrong attitude towards the course, lack the skills and time to engage in research. These excuses are some of the reasons why students find it easy to keep up with their peers. Students also have a busy schedule with more than one assignment from different courses to accomplish, still have extracurricular activities to engage in, meet with friends, have time for family and study for exams. Therefore the best way to respond to assignments is to plagiarize because they do not want to be left behind by their peers.

This happens because students are not taken through what is expected of them from the beginning of the semester. There are also not support systems in school to have them find learning fun. The many assignments have close deadlines and they cannot afford to procrastinate and so they find an easy way out by copying what they think is similar to what they have been asked to do. However, this situation can still be dealt with. One way of making assignments fun for students is by asking them to submit drafts of their final work and by doing so, the student will be able to take as much time as possible to engage in research. Another way to avoid plagiarized work is by taking students through how to avoid plagiarizing the works of others. Students should be taught how to cite when using other people’s ideas because most times plagiarism happens because students are not aware of how to cite properly.

Having students aware of the most common styles of citation can reduce the trend of plagiarism. It would also be very constructive if teachers show students how they can check for plagiarism on their own using internet software. Turnitin software is one example of an online checker that helps minimize the instance of plagiarism by running through the document highlighting the different areas that have been plagiarized. In addition, students can also be taught on the strategy of note taking which is beneficial in writing original assignments. Note taking together with the methods listed above could save students more time and have them understand clearly what is expected of them.